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K-MED®: lay down with the right one, to feel good night and day

K-MED® for Human & Pet: a revolutionary medical device perfect for regaining well-being

The experience of Brand Ambassador for the company KPET is getting under my skin, in the true sense of the word. The credit certainly doesn’t go to microchip aliens, but to a unique product called K-MED® HUMAN.

Simplifying it, a blanket: soft, welcoming, relaxing, healing, modern, innovative and with intelligent warmth. As an informed interlocutor and direct user, I speak knowingly of the first bio-physical painkiller, certified in Class 1 by the Ministry of Health. Completely Made in Italy. A revolutionary medical device, produced and signed by KPET, with efficacy tested on all mammals and able to reduce pain and inflammation up to 70%.

The nanobiomolecule KRYSTAL MED®, of which KPET is the exclusive owner, is the forerunner of my well-being. Unique in the world, it is one of the most important scientific discoveries of the last thirty years. A tetrahedral-ionic structure, able to interact with the nervous system of every mammal, at the level of phospholipid synaptic membranes. Restoring neural connections and effectively reducing pain and inflammation.

Practically, the infrared energies FIR (Far InfraRed) emitted by the human body are intercepted and returned, stimulating cellular functions, microcirculation and peripheral oxygenation.

K-MED is therefore able to improve micro-circulation, increase blood oxygenation and cellular efficiency. Effectively fighting inflammations (inflammatory and painful states) of the musculoskeletal system. Treating articular and extra-articular rheumatic affections. In addition to inflammatory states, also of post-traumatic origin.

The result of scientific research, K-MED® may prove to be the right way to go when you want to improve your life, being able to truly say “Bye bye pills!”

By obtaining with K-MED® a rapid resolution of chronic and intense pain derived from: arthritis, arthrosis, trauma, degenerative processes, water retention, cluster headache, inflammatory problems, menstrual pain, post-surgery, prolonged states of stress and sleep disorders.

I am noticing positive effects on the quality of my sleep and some stress support, in the activities in which I am professionally involved.

I confirm the persistence, even during the day, of the pleasant widespread sense of well-being. In the hours when I’m out and about for work. In the space I dedicate to my passion for sports in the gym and outdoors, as well as my other outdoor activities. This means that the medical-scientific technology of the K-MED device interacts with me even when I am not using it directly in contact with my body.

The absence of contraindications emerged during the clinical studies, approved by the National Research Council and the Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence, therefore makes K-MED ® an exceptional help for athletes and sportsmen who perform intense physical activity and for people in advanced age.

K-MED ® is also available for my pet, with the same benefits. An act of love due to animals in need of care and / or elderly.

The use of K-MED ® is very simple, a minimum time of 4H/NIGHT to benefit effectively, using it as a blanket. Or as a static support during the daily rest.

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Stefano Cigana

andrea colla imprenditore

Venetia Caput Mundi: the interview to the brilliant entrepreneur Andrea Colla

Andrea Colla is among the most rising Italian managers and executives on the national scene

Young, brilliant, bold and far-sighted, Andrea Colla has all the characteristics to leave a decisive mark. I thank him for having hosted me at the Jesolo Golf Club, in his wonderful Jesolo residence. It was an evening dedicated to the excellence of Made in Italy, Made in Veneto and Made in Monaco. I decided to inaugurate with him my column of interviews with top Italian and foreign entrepreneurs.

President of Coldiretti Venezia, Vice President of the Consorzio di Bonifica del Veneto Orientale, partner of “Vivai Colla”, the largest nursery-gardening company in our country. Andrea Colla is also the creator of the startup “San Marco Venezia 1204”, winner of the Italian Excellence Award, for the enhancement of the great Venetian food and wine heritage. He is also a manager within several Boards.


andrea colla imprenditore

As a first question, a brief introduction for our readers?

I was born in San Donà di Piave, on February 7, 1987, where I attended Galilei High School. Then I enrolled in the degree course in viticultural and oenological sciences and technologies, in the Conegliano branch of the Faculty of Agriculture-University of Padua. Here, together with some university colleagues, I founded the list “L’Ora del Merito”, with which I was elected within the administrative bodies of the University of Padua, as a student representative.

Since 2006, I began to work within the companies of my family, up to cover the role of Managing Partner and Legal Representative. In 2008 I founded “Spartani Universitari”, a student association aimed at organizing sports and cultural activities.

On March 12, 2012 I graduated as Doctor of Viticulture and Enology Sciences and Technologies. On March 21, 2012 I accept the candidacy for City Councillor of the City of Jesolo with the list Popolo Della Libertà (PDL). Supporting Valerio Zoggia (PDL) as Mayor of the City of Jesolo, elected for two consecutive terms.

In 2015 I was appointed president of the young members of Banca San Biagio del Veneto orientale. Today merged with Prealpi, becoming the largest BCC in Eastern Veneto.


In 2015, thanks to a trip to London with Immobiliare Colla, I met Nadia, the woman who became my wife the following year. I helped her with her suitcases and this taught me even more how much a small kind gesture, towards others, is able to give so much!

We got married in the Basilica of San Marco in Venice, on the day of the Redentore, celebrating at the Hotel Danieli, overlooking the basin of San Marco, illuminated by the spectacular fireworks. Becoming a father to Caterina, on June 5, 2017 and later to Marco Aurelio on February 4, 2019.

In February 2018 I was elected president of Coldiretti of San Donà di Piave and in March 2018 president of Coldiretti of Venice.

andrea colla coldiretti venezia

From there follow a series of positions pigments, such as: Chamber of Commerce of Venice Rovigo, in which I still reside in the Board of Directors. As well as in the Council, as the only representative of agriculture, for both territories; sitting also in the Board of Unioncamere del Veneto.

As well as in the Council and in the Council of Coldiretti Veneto, in the National Assembly of Coldiretti. He then joined the Board of Directors of the largest Agricultural Consortium in Italy, the “Consorzio Agrario del NordEst”. Finally being appointed Vice President of the Consortium of Reclamation of the Eastern Veneto.

In 2020 I created “San Marco Venezia 1204”, to enhance the excellence of the Serenissima within the portal “Piazza San Marco Venezia 1204”. Project soon online and for which a physical exhibition space is being developed. Together with some friends, the Polo Club of Venice was also born, to revive the image of the Serenissima in the world, through the sport of Kings.

In 2021, another important novelty is my co-option into the MiCo Heritage National Committee. In synergy with the national president of Assocastelli, Ivan Giuseppe Drogo Inglese, and the national president of Federestauro, Alberto Rui. To promote the architectural, artistic, cultural and historical heritage located along the Milan-Cortina itinerary, on the occasion of the 2026 Winter Olympic Games.

Where does this strong bond with the city of Venice and the Veneto region come from?

It stems from a love at first sight for the most beautiful street in the world, the Grand Canal and its wonderful Piazza San Marco. I am grateful to Venice because it allowed me to invite the girl I had met in London. She came to a carnival party at the Casino, for my birthday, staying together forever.

Venice is an open-air museum, a city of great beauty but also of enormous challenges, a mirror of the most urgent and current issues. What is missing for the capital of Veneto to increase its international appeal?

Venice is an international brand. Recognized by the presence of 100 Venetias in the Americas. Founded by emigrants, mostly Venetians, in search of fortune. Starting from “The Venetian” in Las Vegas, there are as many in the rest of the world. Passing through Japan, to arrive in China at “The Venetian” in Macao.

Now it’s up to us to make the real Venice bear fruit, and not be exploited by all the others. Therefore, create a direct commercial link, bringing the original products of Venice inside its copies. Surely it is important to make the city live and develop new events oriented to a quality tourism. Making even better known the historical part, as well as the hinterland. Until you get to our beautiful beaches, developing a slow tourism.


Venice is the spearhead of a region at the top of the economic and tourist country of Italy. The trends confirm Veneto as the most attractive destination in tourism, with +39% already attested (source CNR June 2021). How to exalt the primates and the excellences, including food and wine, of our territories? Thus increasing the value of Made in Italy.

The intent is to create new food and wine routes. Through which tourists can live an experience made of cities of art, sun bed, beach umbrella, sea and sand. United, however, to good food and good drink. Therefore, discovering also the lagoon and the hinterland made of countryside, valleys…

What initiatives and projects are you developing for Venice and the Veneto region?

I am developing the project “Piazza San Marco Venezia 1204”, an online and offline portal, through various supply chain agreements with: agricultural producers, large distribution companies and restaurateurs. The goal is that the consumer can enjoy a sustainable product, capable of activating the circular economy of our entire territory.

Protecting Italian and Veneto products is fundamental to preserve and enhance our image on a global scale. This is a complex and vital activity to guarantee quality, origin, genuineness and safety to consumers. How can this objective be achieved? And what are the strategies to encourage local companies to reach their goals?

We have adopted traceability within our companies, strongly requested by the Government. This is to be transparent to the consumer, guaranteeing environmental sustainability. We don’t inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it from our children.

For this reason, I believe that we must increasingly take care and be custodians of the land, starting with organic fertilization, in order to restore fertility to our soils, which are suffering from a worrying principle of desertification. Trying to minimize the use of herbicides, pesticides and plant protection products. Using new technologies and machinery 4.0, thus ensuring social sustainability.

There must be economic sustainability at the same time, so the right remuneration for the agricultural supply chain. Applying a simple principle: that of reciprocity. That is, what is imported into Italy, and into Europe from foreign countries, must comply with the same rules imposed to produce in Italy. In this way, unfair competition will be reduced to zero and consumers will be provided with a transparent criterion of choice. Based on quality, wholesomeness and food safety, before price politics.

andrea colla coldiretti venezia veneto

What battles are you taking on for the more than 5,000 members you represent?

Supply chain contracts through the agricultural consortia, water and land management through the reclamation consortia, enhancement of agricultural products with the protection consortia. Innovation and internationalization with the Chambers of Commerce. Confrontation with the unions in the relationship with our employees and with the institutions, such as the Ministry of Agriculture and others connected to it, for a law that allows investment in agriculture. For the P.S.R., Rural Development Program.

In favor of the entry of young people in the primary sector. On the new law for transparency and traceability. On trade agreements with third countries. As well as for the recognition of the role of the agricultural entrepreneur as manager of the territory.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing increasingly frequent exceptional weather phenomena. What strategies do you plan to activate to prevent and reduce the damage to the agricultural sector caused by climate change?

On the one hand we are working to bring the agricultural system to insure itself against the damages of bad weather, on the other hand we are implementing protection systems with anti-hail nets. Just as great is our commitment within the reclamation consortia of the Veneto region.

In order to make more and more efficient the structure that serves to bring irrigation to the fields, but also to secure the towns and to manage the water bombs, which are increasingly frequent in our beautiful country. Of course, an active dialogue with the Region and the State is always needed in order to have compensation.

andrea colla

Unity is strength. Do you think developing alliances between large agricultural companies and food industries is a way forward?

Yes, this is the future. Putting the entire supply chain around the same table in pursuit of common goals for product enhancement. Giving a fair redistribution within the three macro sectors: production, processing and distribution. A practical example of this is “Filiera Italia”, strongly supported by Coldiretti, alongside the largest Italian agri-food companies.

Adopting and developing cross-sector strategies has now become a winning methodology, which is also becoming established in Italy. What multi-sector projects could or should be created for the growth of our country?

One example above all is the creation of an entirely Italian fashion hub. Made with fabrics that come from certified Italian crops or with leather from sustainable Italian farms.

Projects for the future?

Starting from the valorization of Venice, the Metropolitan City with the most tourists in Italy. Having pearls, in addition to the historic center, such as: Cavallino-Treporti the oasis of campers, Jesolo for entertainment, Caorle for culture, Bibione of San Michele al Tagliamento, up to Chioggia and Sottomarina. Then creating the same structure for cities like Rome, Milan, Florence and other areas that can collect the best of local production.

Stefano Cigana

Savini Tartufi

Savini Tartufi: since 1920 discovering the diamond of the woods

The Tuscan brand Savini Tartufi is a Made in Italy excellence in the world of truffles

The history of the Tuscan brand Savini Tartufi, today a reference point in the world of truffles, begins with a passion that goes back a long way in time. We are in 1920, over a century ago, the young and talented hunter Zelindo, decided to embrace the life of a full-time truffle hunter. Since then, the lives of 4 generations have followed one another and intertwined around that precious fruit of the earth.

From the woods to the table. Experience, like an innate sense of smell honed over the years, is the inimitable ingredient that allows Savini to create products of the highest quality. In addition to being the main element that has allowed the brand to establish itself as an excellence of Made in Italy.

The secrets of truffles, since 1920

A modern company able to make the magic of ancient values coexist with the eyes of those who know the way of innovation. The strong point is a valuable product, the fruit of a land that is home to food and wine excellence.

Tuscany. One of the most important Italian regions for the production of truffles.

They are hidden here, in Forcoli (Pisa) near San Miniato, where Nature is still uncontaminated and luxuriant, as in an idyllic golden age. White Truffle, March truffle, Summer truffle, Tuber uncinatum, Prized truffle, Winter Truffle. The precious underground treasures of Savini Tartufi. Found by about 3500 trufflehunters and preserved following recipes and secrets handed down from generation to generation.

The high and leafy woods of Savini guard the delicious truffles, rare tuber-shaped gems. The magic happens among the roots and at the feet of ancient oaks, hazelnuts, poplars and other secular plants. Able, thanks to the energy infused by the rhythms of nature, to make unique products blossom in all seasons.

A primordial mixture, skilfully mixed by Mother Earth, then accepted and wisely perfected by the Tuscan company.


Truffle Experience: the magic from the wood to the table

Savini Tartufi also organizes many exclusive Truffle Experiences for lovers of wine and food tours. Magical experiences that include: epic truffle hunts, cooking classes, lunches and dinners based on fresh truffles, tastings of delicacies and selected local wines. As well as a visit to the Savini Museum.

Discovering the truffle, like a journey of exploration towards new frontiers or treasures of ancient civilizations. Immersed in the rarefied lights and iridescent colors of the forest, in the shade of natural roofs composed of multiform leaves. Experience the pleasure of discovery and the irresistible fascination triggered by wonder. The true sap that makes your eyes sparkle and your heart beat.

A symphony of scents, emotions and sensations. A journey of yesteryear built on the relationship that is generated between the quarryman and his faithful four-legged companion. An experience that finds its climax in the unveiling of this exceptional pearl of the woods.

Experiencing these exclusive and enchanting experiences at first hand also becomes an important tourism business tool. Being able to integrate Truffle Experiences into cross-sector projects and leisure initiatives is now a growing strategy with great appeal.

Visit the Savini Tartufi website

Stefano Cigana


L'Orangerie liqueur from Monaco

L’Orangerie: a piece of Monaco in a glass

L'Orangerie & "Monaco Spritz" confirm the charm of the Monegasque Principality and the great potential of the Monaco & Monte-Carlo brands

I had the pleasure of receiving, from my friend Karin Nordstrom, Business Development Manager of “Monte Carlo Société des Bains de Mer”, an unexpected gift. It arrived carefully sealed, the precious liqueur L’Orangerie, an invitation to taste the true Monegasque style. A drink symbol of Monaco, capable of merging the most ancient soul of the Principality with the most modern and avant-garde one. A product fruit of the local agricultural traditions, capable however of perfectly reflecting the contemporary and always fashionable charm of a unique territory.

L’Orangerie: Liqueur from Monaco

L’Orangerie is “the first premium orange liqueur from Monaco”. Handcrafted from the oranges that grow in this spectacular Principality, rare, unique and exclusive. The fruits are hand-picked and carefully selected in an area kissed by the sun and painted with the colors of the Côte d’Azur. Washed and peeled in the atelier, the oranges are then infused, according to a secretly guarded recipe to create the exclusive Monegasque liqueur.

L’Orangerie represents the authentic taste of Monaco. The glass bottles bottle and guard the international charm of the Principality. Ready to give itself only to those who know how to truly appreciate it. A true élixir, capable of encapsulating the essence of a dream location, celebrated throughout the world.

The prestigious Monegasque liqueur is made with the native and fragrant citrus aurantium, the bitter oranges that grow along the luxurious views of Monte-Carlo. Precious and natural fruits, untreated with pesticides and capable of elevating the picturesque into the delicious.

The best way to enjoy the Orangerie, as an aperitif, digestif, cocktail, is to enjoy it in Monaco! Hotel de Paris, Metropole Hotel, Yacht Club de Monaco, Wine Palace Monaco, Georges V Paris are the perfect places to enjoy it. Some of the locations of a long and prestigious list of excellent and princely establishments.




The Orangerie is at its best when it comes to cocktails. Hence the unmistakable taste experience of the “Monaco Spritz”. The symbolic drink of the Principality, created by Monaco’s best mixologists. This delicious drink is a signature cocktail, a jewel of the French Riviera, refreshing and easy to prepare.

The art de vivre the “French Riviera” in an unmistakable way. The luxury lifestyle dissolved and sealed in a precious casket, the scene of unique emotions lulled by the rhythm of the Mediterranean waves and palaces that challenge the sky. Postcard landscapes that have inspired great painters, writers and directors. The history of the Principality of Monaco told in a sip.


12cl Prosecco

3cl L’Orangerie

One orange peel

Ice cubes

Mix & Enjoy

An example to follow: signature drinks as a marketing strategy

The Monaco Spritz concept demonstrates the evocative power that a name can bring with it. Generating suggestions, visions, colors, shapes, scents and desires. This signature drink joins the top brands that hold high the prestige of the Principality and Monte-Carlo.

Real brands that are emblems of the cult of sport and exceptional luxury. An incomparable image that needs no introduction. Enormous media power. Names linked to events followed with passion and famous all over the world. A reference point for luxury and eco-sustainability, Monaco is one of the most popular destinations for the international jet-set.

All these values are inevitably reflected in the products that have the privilege of bearing their name and livery. Developing licensing strategies towards the Principality is the ideal way to reach high-profile targets and sectors.

The creation of an original cocktail can also become the winning choice to convey the vision of several brands in a single sip. Creating signature drinks is not just an activity for mixologists and bartenders, but a real marketing strategy with high engagement.

Thinking of contacting one’s network with a gift capable of involving knowledge, curiosity and senses means taking oneself into an authentic offline experience, one that is particularly rewarding.

Stefano Cigana

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