Venetia Communication media partner per la candidatura di Motta di Livenza Comune Europeo dello Sport 2023

La società di comunicazione di cui sono alla guida sosterrà l’ambizioso progetto assieme ad una cordata di aziende del comprensorio.

È uscito il primo articolo sull’attiva partecipazione di Venetia Communication alla candidatura ufficiale di Motta di Livenza a Comune Europeo dello Sport 2023.

Il Perché del progetto

Il nostro obiettivo va oltre il raggiungimento di questo importante titolo. Vogliamo valorizzare e centralizzare il polo sportivo d’eccellenza di Motta attraverso progetti innovativi e un elevato standard comunicativo. In questo modo genereremo una ricaduta pubblicitaria su tutto il territorio promuovendolo così anche sul piano turistico.


Il piano di sviluppo triennale

Questo progetto nasce anche dalla linea guida che ho voluto dare a Venetia Communication. Crediamo infatti che lo sport e l’attività fisica in generale siano fondamentali per garantire e migliorare il benessere psico-fisico di ognuno di noi. La ricerca della felicità è un elemento imprescindibile per la nostra filosofia ma anche per tutti noi. Per questo lo sport non può che assumere un ruolo di rilievo. In questo particolare momento storico ce ne stiamo accorgendo tutti.

Come realizzarlo?

Siamo già al lavoro per la produzione dello spot ufficiale, dell’intera comunicazione social e del portale web. Il sito sarà un canale sportivo di riferimento per tutti gli appassionati e gli sportivi di Motta di Livenza. Una piattaforma capace di diventare un importante occasione di marketing e visibilità per tutte le aziende che operano nel settore del fitness e dello sport. Contiamo infatti su un pubblico molto numeroso, solo la cittadina Mottense conta 23 associazioni sportive locali e più di 2500 atleti.

Mentre le riaperture di palestre, piscina e attività sportive slittano ancora, noi andiamo in controtendenza!


Qui puoi leggere tutto l’articolo su Prima Treviso >


Stefano Cigana

Venetia Communication media partner per...

La società di comunicazione sosterrà l’ambizioso progetto assieme ad una cordata di aziende del comprensorio

Bull Days & Novaris: una partnership per esperienze di volo esclusive

Novaris Helicopter è official partner del Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded

NOVARIS  Helicopter è sponsor ufficiale del Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded.
Il fantastico elicottero AGUSTA AW109, bimotore leggero, potrà essere prenotato e reso protagonista di meravigliosi voli panoramici sulle suggestive terre toscane.
La flotta degli elicotteri AGUSTA AW10, progettati per operare in tutte le condizioni climatiche e ambientali, è disponibile per servizi aerei, quali: tour enogastronomici, VIP transfert, Helitaxi, riprese e fotografia aerea.
L’evento sarà teatro di un meraviglioso ed esclusivo volo panoramico con un elicottero Novaris progettato per operare in tutte le condizioni climatiche e ambientali.
Ringrazio Novaris Helicopter per le esperienze di volo uniche che renderanno il Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded un evento inarrivabile.
Welcome on board!
maurizio mian modello gunther

Maurizio Mian, the pursuit of happiness and the 400 million euros of the dog Gunther. My first six months at work, in top secret mode, alongside the famous pharmacologist from Pisa.

Owner of one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in the world, for thirty years he has dedicated his life to the elaboration of a winning social model. And time is proving him right.

Can one choose to dedicate one’s life to the social elaboration of a winning model? Absolutely yes, as Maurizio Mian, a brilliant pharmacologist and scion of the Gentili family, has demonstrated over the last twenty-seven years. One day he decided to leave the world of the pharmaceutical industry, to which he seemed genetically destined, in order to carry out a large-scale project that sees wellbeing as its ultimate goal. All starting from an assumption as ambitious as it is interesting: knowing how to achieve true well-being would help the whole world to live better.

The scientific approach of his personal training has meant that he applied the same methodological rigor in the development of the entire project, designed to unravel over a long period of time and going to verify the validity of the theoretical assumption in the field.

Taking into account one element. If the ideology of achieving well-being is the fixed point of the model, without an adequate media visibility it risks to remain ineffective, regardless of the validity of the results obtained in the field through the proposed experimental models.

It is no coincidence that Maurizio Mian often uses to cite, as a media example of success linked to an ideology, the Beatles. The same comparison, used a few years ago, by Steve Jobs, who in an interview available on YouTube said: “my model in Business is the Beatles.”

maurizio mian modello gunther

“Dear Stefano, don’t take me too seriously.”

I met Maurizio Mian for the first time in the summer, in Pisa. He brought us together with our mutual friend Alessandro Trolese, whom I knew from the Lamborghini event organized together in 2019. I was just back from the Bull Days in Monte Carlo and obviously at dinner I didn’t talk about anything else.

The best part started when the professor started telling me about his project. About the German Shepherd Billionaire Gunther, about Pisa Calcio, about Happiness. About the villa purchased by Madonna and that of Stallone. I didn’t understand anything anymore, I was thrilled. Inside I was thinking, “I finally found someone more out of his mind than me, fucking professor, I adore you!”

“I’m sending you all the projects and files,” he said, “give us a look but, dear Stefano, don’t take me too seriously.”

He couldn’t have said anything worse to me, because of course I did exactly the opposite. And Maurizio had probably already understood that.

maurizio mian modello gunther

I studied the model day and night, trying to understand all its facets.

To study and elaborate the theoretical model of a new ethics of well-being, going to create, according to strict scientific criteria, even the characters destined to put its principles into everyday life. The simplest alternative, or the shortcut, if you will, could provide for the recruitment of a person already famous, with a following, who would become promoter of the model. But how can we separate the data related to the fame of the character from the one more intimately connected to the ideology?

Therefore, in order to avoid that a person became only the “manifesto” of the idea, and not its embodiment, it was decided to start from scratch, creating the conditions, based on the theoretical model, to grow an entity (human, animal or object, single or multiple) that was in a “real state of well-being.”

Unveiling the theoretical framework after some practical demonstrations in the field, from which feedback was drawn not always completely satisfactory and exhaustive. But always through the search for media notoriety, which has as its lowest common denominator the birth of the “Gunther system”.

A system that provides for an innovative sexual dynamic between the components, which starts from the principle that pleasure produces greater pleasure. The latter is ideally located at the center of an equilateral triangle whose vertices are represented by sex, money and beauty.

Obviously, beauty alone is a pre-requisite, but it must be correctly inserted into a “rich” system, so that it can guarantee evolution, without being limited to survival. A beauty that can be put at the service of greater economic well-being, in a perspective of freedom of choice and total absence of family ties.

The group of five people, three females and two males, together with the dog Gunther, comes to the search in a voluntary and spontaneous way, has an economic base to start the search for success without pressure, but should not be confused. Strong stuff.

cane gunther


Having dug the foundations, the time has come to lay the first stone. We are in 1990, the year in which the Leaning Tower of Pisa (city of Maurizio Mian) is closed for security reasons, Nelson Mandela is freed after 28 years in prison, East and West Germany unite their economies, and Mikhail Gorbačëv is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

A year that, on a smaller scale, saw the birth of the Gunther Group; a group made up of personalities from the most diverse professional sectors, united by their love for animals and interest in all their problems. And in order to make the voice of the new group heard clearly, the first action chosen was symbolically the production of a record.

Released on the PolyGram record label, and produced by Maurizio Mian himself, “Wild Dog – Hymn to Joy”, a record dedicated to those who still have ideals, to those who love life and joy. And dedicated to Gunther, a splendid ten-year-old German shepherd who has a story to tell.

We read on the cover of the vinyl: “About six years ago Gunther was struck by pemphigus, a rare and terrible chronic disease that would lead him to death in a short time. His owner Antonella had him examined by the best veterinarians and dermatologists and Gunther was cured. Unfortunately, however, the prescribed therapy also includes the administration of high doses of cortisone and, as often happens in these cases, Gunther suffers the serious side effects and after a short time is struck by osteoporosis, a disease that little by little makes his bones more and more fragile.

Mian’s decisive intuition

Again for Gunther some veterinarians pronounce the death sentence. Gunther, however, is a dog with many friends. One of these is Maurizio Mian, a clinical pharmacologist by profession. Surely it is only thanks to his intervention that Gunther is alive today. In fact, the German shepherd met Maurizio Mian just when the latter had just returned to Italy after a period of study in England with Prof. J.A. Kanis, president of the European Osteoporosis Foundation.

During his stay abroad this young clinical pharmacologist had identified in a class of drugs (the diphosphonates) the elements capable of fighting osteoporosis. Maurizio then thought of trying to use these drugs to heal Gunther. Abroad, in fact, osteoporosis was already being successfully treated using diphosphonates. After just a few weeks, the treatment began to have its effect.

“So this record was born, dedicated not only to animals, but also to all young people who love freedom and joy. For this reason, a cheerful, catchy melody was chosen, which gives the listener an immediate feeling of lightness.

maurizio mian modello gunther

The dog Gunther and the heritage of 400 million Euros

While the last notes of “Wild dog” are still being sung (in February 1991 the group also performed on “Superclassifica Show” on Canale 5), the studies of behavioral biology by Maurizio Mian begin to give their first results and it is necessary to bring them on the first pages of the newspapers.

A story was born that still today, twenty-seven years later, is constantly cited in Italian and foreign media. The story tells of the dog Gunther who, healed from his dermatological disease, in 1992, inherited the entire fortune of the German countess Carlotta Von Liebenstein; a staggering figure, about 137 billion lire.

Not a dog of noble origins, but an animal adopted during the stay in Tuscany that attracts the attention of the German noblewoman by virtue of its name, the same as her son who recently died in a car accident. A son who loved soccer and played in Werder Bremen. Carlotta Von Liebenstein falls in love with the story of the dog narrated in the record “Wild dog” and, as soon as she has the chance to meet him in person, she decides to make him her heir.

The model studied by Professor Mian will make our group one of the most capitalized communications companies in the world

Mian: “Cigana, so what do you think?”

Me: “Penso che ti xè el scarpèr co e scarpe sbusàe”

(I think you are the shoemaker with the broken shoes, in Venetian language).


Since then I have never stopped working on the happiness project together with Dr. Mian. After this folkloric exclamation the understanding between the professor and I was born and we agreed on what was missing. The Gunther project is inherently communication and without it it cannot truly be realized. In these first six months, we began to lay the groundwork for renewing the image of the model and carefully studied its social application.

But this is only the beginning. The important task of the group will be to produce content and coordinate from a real control room the scientific model of happiness in the capitals and most famous international locations in the world: Dubai, Miami, Monte-Carlo, Bahamas, Maldives, Bangkok, New York, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi…

Happy viewing to all!


To the next articles the development of the project.

Stefano Cigana

Is envy a typical Italian disease?

"When an Italian sees a luxury car pass by his first impulse is not to have one too, but to slash its tires."

In my opinion, this sentence by Indro Montanelli is very emblematic and, alas, summarizes the relationship between the average Italian and wealth. This attitude is a great ballast for our country. But does envy triumph only in Italy?


Unfortunately, it is a sentiment present at every level, but where does it come from? From a perceived unequal comparison, the envious person wishes to have what others have and that in his opinion he will never be able to obtain. But envy has different nuances, there is the angry or impulsive one that is mixed with ignorance, the passive one that thanks to indifference builds walls instead of bridges. But also the one of those who, after having moved away from a particular project for countless reasons, change completely and begin to secretly defame the past project in which they were involved.

I often wonder about the sense of always attacking in a negative way what others are doing, without taking the time to look at things in depth. This is where it all begins, most people stop at the surface of the facts, at first impressions, and “from the gut” feel entitled to attack and demolish everything. This attitude is often mistaken for freedom of thought, but in reality it is something completely different, if not actually antithetical.


Is envy a typically Italian feeling or is it widely spread all over the world in the same way and without national distinctions?

The Northeast, where I grew up, has led me to reason decisively towards the first option. Envy is intrinsic to society, a plague that aims not at individual and then collective growth, but rather at maintaining the status quo.

One of the greatest contradictions of men concerns the difficulty of honestly appreciating the virtues of others without feeling annoyed. This is not true envy, but the so-called tall poppy syndrome.

The tall poppy syndrome describes the hatred generated toward people who manage to stand out in a particular field or industry. This hatred is not really a form of envy, but is related to the fact that the success of others highlights their limitations.

Elbert Hubbard said : “There is a much rarer and finer thing than talent, and that is the ability to recognize the talent of others.”

That’s why this syndrome is called the “tall poppy” syndrome: according to logic, you have to cut the flowers that grow more than the others so as not to disfigure the lower ones.

I realized this well when I worked in nightclubs, where discrediting the individual who had the top club was the practice to try to demolish him, even on a personal level.

Not to mention what happened when I bought my first supercar….

Stefano Cigana

Bull Days Luxury Experience


A projection until 2023 for the Bull Days Luxury Experience: among dream locations, historical and modern Lamborghinis, helicopters, yachts and brands of the luxury world.

Since its foundation and the first editions, Bull Days has been able to mark a constant escalation. Today, with the BULL DAYS LUXURY EXPERIENCE, this climax is ready to reach a level never seen before. Vision, courage, ambition, these are the elements that led us to the planning of the next editions in the most prestigious locations and appreciated by the world’s jet set.


From 2021 to 2023, from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, from Miami to California, from S. Moritz to South Africa and many other dream places. And all with a single common denominator: man as the measure of all things. With this further evolution, Bull Days and the luxury experience have now become one and the same thing.

A philosophy that goes beyond the concept of an event, luxury is not a foregone conclusion oriented towards accumulation, but rather a way of approaching life by privileging quality and the highest essence of things.

Discover the concept of the Bull Days Luxury Experience in the dedicated article >



The three 2021 editions will touch the renowned Venetian Coast, from Caorle to Jesolo, and then move to the beauty of Tuscany, Florence, Chianti, Val d’Orcia.

At the end of the year, on the other hand, Bull Days Dubai is scheduled, and it is the iconic metropolis of the United Arab Emirates, a sumptuous tourist destination capable of bewitching even the most high-spirited spirits, which will be the fulcrum of a unique luxury experience.

Crystalline and uncontaminated sea, shopping, exclusive hotels and legendary skyscrapers, all colored by the exciting colors of the desert.


Miami, Monte-Carlo, England and two winter editions in Saint Moritz and Cortina d’Ampezzo, this is the program for 2022. Next year we will be able to export the event to the States, starting, not by chance, from Miami in Florida. A true international mecca not only for Lamborghini collectors and enthusiasts but also for supercar owners in general. A city famous worldwide for its breathtaking beaches, tropical climate, sparkling lifestyle and nightlife.

After Miami, the Bull Days will return to Monte-Carlo, this time with the aim of organizing it on dates close to the F1 Grand Prix at the end of May. But the return to the Old Continent does not end here. In fact, we are also planning an edition in England with the possibility of crossing and experiencing London and the unmistakable landscapes of Great Britain.

Between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 there will also be two winter editions that will be held in the snowy mountains of Switzerland and Italy.


Planning for the year 2023 will feature these territories: South Africa, Saint-Tropez, Pebble Beach in California and a tour between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The large group of Lamborghini owners will travel through the colors and contrasts, deserts, mountains and oceans that make up a unique nation in the world: South Africa.

A multicultural mix of wilderness and international cities, Bull Days will also land on the African continent. After this shock of strong emotions will come the edition in Saint-Tropez, a small but enchanting fashionable seaside resort with an undisputed charm, among sailing boats and luxury yachts.

The third edition of the year will return to the U.S.A. but this time on the opposite side of the American continent. Pebble Beach in California will be the main point of interest, a city that every August becomes the center of the automotive universe.

The last scheduled edition will instead be a fabulous and exciting tour of the Arab Emirates, from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Famous locations where tradition and modernity, millenary panoramas and ultra-contemporary architecture give rhythm to a history under the banner of luxury.


With this perspective, it is now obvious to everyone the scope that Bull Days has reached. All this shows that my vision was the right one. To have thought of something that would touch the souls of Lamborghini owners and collectors all over the world is not only the result of my personal passion, but above all a “feeling” of life that unites us all in the same way.

Self-made personality, entrepreneurial character, emotions and common ambitions are the leitmotif able to put everyone in agreement and give life to the Bull Days group, which has decided to move in total independence.

Stefano Cigana