The limited edition of the Lamborghini Aventador S signed by the stylist Yamamoto is born

To celebrate the new partnership with the Japanese designer's brand, the Casa del Toro gives life to a new special version of the iconic supercar

After the exclusive Lounge in New York, Automobili Lamborghini is also opening one in Tokyo to celebrate the new partnership with the brand of world-famous fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. Inside is an Aventador S signed by the Japanese professional who has redesigned it from a stylistic point of view. Shapes and colors combine to transform the livery of the Aventador into an abstract painting. White, gray, red and black blend in geometric shapes while white lettering adorns the sides, roof, seats and dashboard, creating a true collector’s item. This is how the limited edition signed Yamamoto was born.

New Lamborghini Lounge in Tokyo

The new Lamborghini Lounge is structured on three floors and is designed as a multifunctional space, although it is mainly geared towards owners and VIPs, it prepares to open its doors to the public to give life to special initiatives and activities such as exhibitions and art shows. The Ad Personam Studio in Tokyo was created to be a point of reference dedicated to customers who wish to customize their own models of the Bull.

The limited edition Yamamoto is born: the union between Italian craftsmanship and Japanese culture

Automobili Lamborghini Head of Design Mitja Borkert stated that: “It was a thrill to be able to work with Yohji Yamamoto, world fashion icon, who immediately understood the value of the DNA of Lamborghini design. From our collaboration, this exceptional design work was born for Aventador S which, presented today for the first time, celebrates the union between Italian craftsmanship and Japanese culture “.

The response of the Japanese designer was not long in coming: “With their inimitable design, Lamborghini super sports cars are instantly recognizable, more than any other car brand: a single glance is enough. I am proud to see this collaboration realized, which emphasizes the uniqueness, timeless charm and passion that characterize both brands “.

This operation is further confirmation of the effectiveness of the partnerships between luxury, fashion and automotive brands. The Yamamoto limited edition is the perfect example of how this fusion can create a unique work of art.

Find out more about the limited edition signed by the Japanese designer >


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cyberbullying is a crime


The phenomenon is increasing especially in lockdown times: do not fall into the trap of the keyboard lions.

Communication and the ways in which we interact with others are increasingly mediated by digital devices. This radical change is bringing with it several new social problems, including cyberbullying. This phenomenon, which has emerged in recent years from numerous news events, is constantly evolving as it follows the progress of communication technologies hand in hand, exploiting their potential. Precisely for this reason it is important to remember that cyberbullying is a crime.

Like bullying in its most common nature, cyberbullying is a form of bullying and oppression repeated over time, perpetrated by one person or group to the detriment of others considered more fragile. The main distinction from the classic one is that cyberbullying takes place and is implemented through the use of the web and digital systems. This obviously has huge repercussions in real life as well.

Cyberbullying is a crime: what does the law say?

On 18 May 2017 with law 71/2017, the Italian Parliament approved the “Provisions for the protection of minors for the prevention and contrast of the phenomenon of cyberbullying”. A new and awaited rule for the protection of minors to prevent and combat virtual bullying with mainly re-educational and training measures.

This law, in addition to establishing that cyberbullying is a crime, defines the central role of the School and the responsibilities of parents of minors. The behaviors to be adopted between the parties and all aspects are further clarified in the Guidelines for the prevention and fight against cyberbullying.

Thanks to law 71/17, a legal definition is introduced for the first time:

“Any form of pressure, aggression, harassment, blackmail, insult, denigration, defamation, identity theft, alteration, illicit acquisition, manipulation, illicit treatment of personal data to the detriment of minors, carried out electronically, as well as the dissemination of online content relating to one or more members of the minor’s family whose intentional and predominant purpose is to isolate a minor or a group of minors by placing serious abuse, malicious attack, or ridicule of them. ” (Art. 1- Paragraph 2).

What are the penal behaviors?

Young people who bully therefore commit crimes, in these cases the criminally relevant behaviors are:

  • beatings (art.581),
  • personal injury (Article 582),
  • insult (art.594),
  • defamation (Article 595),
  • private violence (Article 610),
  • threat (Article 612),
  • damage (Article 635).

In the most serious cases, a report to the police or judicial authorities is sufficient to trigger a criminal proceeding, in the other, together with the report, it is also necessary to initiate a complaint against the perpetrator of the crime.

Unfortunately, the most common mistake is to fall into the psychological trap of the bully by doing his game. Instead, we must not be afraid to report the abuses suffered to the police and competent authorities. This is the best way to stop such harmful conduct and incentivize other victims to do the same.

Il cyberbullismo è un reato

Cyberbullying is a crime: the social initiative “Odiare ti costa” is born to denounce hate speech

It is with this spirit that “Odiare Ti Costa” was born, an initiative of the association “Pensare Sociale” to support and help victims of hate on the web. In fact, on their website it is possible to report hate content, cases of defamation, cyberbullying, revenge porn, threats, violence, offenses to reputation and / or image of oneself or of others on the web.

The association is concretely committed to applying the “Code of Conduct to combat illegal hate speech online, signed between the European Commission and the main social platforms”.

Odiare Ti Costa responds to reports with a legal reading of each case submitted. Then proposing various actions that can be prosecuted and in the most serious events it promotes pilot actions to fight online bullying, even through legal channels. In addition to facilitating reporting and the removal of hate content, the association does a lot of dissemination and research on hate speech on the web.

Studio Legale Del Pinto

Studio Legale Del Pinto is also specialized on these thorny topics. Located in Pistoia and Florence, it mainly deals with civil and corporate law, and in a short time it has become a reference reality at local and regional level.


Stefano Cigana

Gucci collection and tourist destinations


GUCCI RESORT COLLECTION: The collection inspired by tourist destinations. The fashion house has acquired the license of the Monte Carlo brand.

Gucci gives life to a new collection inspired by the most famous tourist destinations around the world. Wonderful places and cities such as Monte Carlo, Cannes, Capri, Mykonos, Porto Cervo and Marbella are transformed into a mix of colors and details that animate a unique line of accessories and shopping bags. Each model of the Gucci collection inspired by tourist destinations is stamped with the name of the location it represents.

In those dedicated to the Monegasque Principality the name emerges thanks to the gold-colored metallic font drawn on a colored leather patch. Embroidered red, white and blue stripes and G combine perfectly with the yellow leather profiles, it is also equipped with a double handle and a detachable shoulder strap, which can be stored inside the bag.

Visit the website to discover the Gucci collection inspired by world famous tourist destinations >

Gucci and co-branding: some illustrious precedents

But this is not the first time that the well-known Italian fashion house, founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, amazes with original co-branding. For example, when he announced the collaboration with director H. Korine and the launch of the limited edition of 50 Spectacles “Gucci by Harmony Korine”, exclusively for Art Basel Miami Beach 2019. Or when on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unity of Italy, the idea for the creation of “Fiat 500 by Gucci” was born. With the car model redesigned and elected in 2009 Design Car of the Year.

The birth of the Gucci collection inspired by tourist destinations confirms the trend. Co-branding and licensing have now established themselves as new trends in the international fashion system and beyond, capable of creating anticipation and interest for customers, collectors and re-sellers. The mix of the values ​​of the two brands turns out to be an extremely effective communication and marketing strategy.

The new Gucci collection by “Monte-Carlo” confirms once again how the French Riviera and its international events have always been synonymous with fashion, luxury and worldliness. Linking prestigious tourist locations with an equally important brand will certainly prove to be a winning choice. In fact, licensing has become the ideal strategic tool adopted by many companies to penetrate new territories and markets. But it is also the perfect medium to create something new and with great appeal.


The term licensing refers to the marketing of licenses between the owner of the rights (licensor) and the licensee, who obtains the right to use a specific patent, a trademark, a certain know-how or any element essential to be able to produce or market a product or service.

It can therefore cover a wide range of activities or elements. A logo or company name, a production process or the product itself, technologies or methods of manufacture, specific ingredients or raw materials, etc. A fundamental prerequisite for being able to sign a licensing agreement is that there is an undisputed originality of the product or service in question.


A licensing agreement provides that the licensee, by virtue of the right to use a specific license, pays a royalty based on the amount of sales obtained. In addition, the licensee also has the option of paying, at the time of signing the agreement between the two parties, a deposit or a concession right, ie the so-called licensing fee.


We at Venetia Communication are well aware of the potential of these strategies, with an official mandate from Monaco Brands, we offer luxury companies this type of licensing operations. The company mission is to develop the appeal and reputation of the Principality of Monaco by enhancing its countless trump cards and bringing together all the economic, tourist and cultural players of Monte-Carlo.


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vela experience: Swan


My meeting with Leonardo Ferragamo, president of Nautor's Swan, creator of the event and of the Marina di Scarlino

From 13 to 17 October, the Swan One Design Worlds took place at the Marina di Scarlino, or the one-design World Championship of the  Nautor’s Swan shipyard, fulcrum of the vela experience. This prestigious event is much more than a simple regatta. It is a real world parade of Swans as all the best of the Finnish shipyard’s production is concentrated in the Tuscan port.

The Swan One Design Worlds are the first world championships dedicated to the One Design classes. With around 26 boats from 10 nations, divided into the ClubSwan 50, Swan 45 and ClubSwan 36 categories. This luxury regatta is one of the two events that gave birth to the Swan Experience; which in fact also included a one-yard Boat Show where the splendid Swan 78, Swan 65, Swan 54 and Swan 48 were exhibited.

Vela experience: Swan

Participating in a regatta of this level was a unique experience. I had the privilege of being able to live up close and to get on board one of the most beautiful and elegant boats for navigation in the Mediterranean Sea, the Swan 115 “Solleone”, a majestic dream sailing yacht of 115 feet.

Describing the feelings experienced in words is not at all easy. At the same time I felt like a small dot in the middle of the sea but also a member of a crew capable of mastering the delicate power of the Solleone. I immersed myself with my body and mind in the silent blue to fully listen to the sweet and thunderous sound of the wind that gave life to the Nautor swan sail. Gliding elegantly among the waves and experiencing the comfort and high performance of the Finnish shipyard’s models helped me to truly understand what triggers the love for sailing.

Find out more about the Swan vela experience >

The Marina di Scarlino: a vela paradise

The epicenter of this vela experience signed by Swan was the Marina di Scarlino, one of the safest and most protected tourist ports in the Mediterranean. It’s located between the fabulous Maremma area and the Tuscan archipelago, just a few miles from the beautiful Elba Island. There are 580 berths from 10 to 36 meters, up to 4 meters of draft and another 380 for boats up to 12 meters located along the adjacent canal harbor.

This location, surrounded by numerous scenic, cultural, artistic and eno-gastronomic beauties, is a sailors’ paradise. The nearby hills of the natural parks create a mild microclimate and sea and wind conditions that are perfect in every season.

Leonardo Ferragamo

I sincerely thank Leonardo Ferragamo, the Italian entrepreneur in love with sailing at the head of Nautor’s Swan and the entire Boat Show for the great hospitality. The Finnish shipyard, which he acquired together with other investors in 1998, boasts more than half a century of history and experience in building high performance sailing yachts. The Finnish brand is admired and recognized around the globe for the perfect combination of style, quality, performance and great reliability.

Swan Experience partners

Among the partners of the Swan Experience there is also Automobili Lamborghini, present throughout the event with the possibility of carrying out test drives. Other important partners were present: Aon, Banor, Sease, Ferrari Trento, Disaronno, North Sails, Quantum Sails, Garmin, Slow Food Presidium, Michela Nicoli, Bottega Conticelli, Uyn, Rigoni d’Asiago.


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Stefano Cigana Bull Days

Stefano Cigana: “The Bull Days? It is the Lamborghini owners’ experience par excellence that comes from a child’s dream! “

On 20 October 2020 I was interviewed by Alessandro Colombo. With him I had the pleasure of talking about Bull Days, all the details, developments and characteristics of the event. How it was born and what it has become today for Lamborghini owners and for luxury brands around the world.

Here you can read the entire interview on Motori di Lusso.


Stefano Cigana

Stefano Cigana: “The Bull Days? It is the owners' experience ...

Bull Days in a track version


My dream: to realize the Bull Days also during the Super Trofeo races.

A Bull Days in a track version? On Sunday 11 October I concluded my first experience during the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europa races at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit. The emotions I experienced from the starting grid to the pits and all my life around the paddock have already left their mark, further strengthening my sense of belonging to the Sant’Agata brand.

The Squadra Corse department of Automobili Lamborghini is the branch of the Sant’Agata Bolognese company dedicated to motorsport, which was created with the aim of giving maximum support to Automobili Lamborghini sporting customers. This famous and exciting company division, with which I had the pleasure of working, designs and manufactures the cars that compete in the most prestigious GT championships around the world.

Passion, performance and innovation come together perfectly in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, the fastest single-make championship in the world, organized by the Squadra Corse.

A Bull Days in a track version?

Experiencing such a prestigious competition up close gave me a new awareness. Touch the adrenaline rising from the ground, the euphoria that became almost solid, the noise of the engines turn into symphony. All trampling on the same asphalt as the Formula 1 and Moto GP champions convinced me of one thing. Making those who drive a Lamborghini only on the street feel the same sensations could become my new dream.

Since its foundation in 2017, Bull Days, an event dedicated to Lamborghini owners, has always been an exclusive roadshow that has crossed unique and prestigious locations between historic cities and unspoiled landscapes. Crossing and stationing in the shadow of the tower of Pisa, the Piazza del Campo in Siena, the Casino of Montecarlo and other symbolic lifestyle scenarios.

What I’m wondering now is whether a track version of Bull Days can be born, an event capable of taking the Lamborghini brand experience to another level. Drive your Lamborghini along the same track as the most iconic car races, from 24 Hours to Formula 1, hear the echo of motorsport legends and rediscover the passion for speed. All this can be a new and never seen type of Bull Days.

This dream is not so far away, in fact I will continue to follow the Racing Team in the next stage of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, which will be at the Belgian circuit of Spa-Francorchamps at the end of October.

My special thanks go to Mauro Casadei (Squadra Corse – Automobili Lamborghini) for perceiving my attitude to create synergies like this.

We’ll see.



Stefano Cigana

Marilyn Monroe


Who is Lorenzo Riva, the entrepreneur who acquired the license to use the Marilyn Monroe brand.

Platinum blonde hair, lunar white skin, red lips and melancholy black eyeliner for a feline look. This is the unmistakable signature look of the timeless Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe. The American diva in addition to being considered among the most beautiful women ever, was also a singer, model and iconic actress in the world of cinema. Marilyn, a symbol of immortal style, is still a reference point in the beauty sector. This is why the Marilyn Monroe cosmetics line was born.

Marilyn Monroe cosmetics line: Lorenzo Riva’s operation

An Italian entrepreneur has in fact decided to make this dream affordable for everyone. Lorenzo Riva, founder and CEO of the cosmetic brand LR Wonder, has acquired the license for use for Italy and in the make-up field, of the Marylin Monroe brand. Which has been part of the management portfolio of the American investment company since 2019 BlackRock.

A very important operation that confirms and further elevates the growth that LR Wonder Company began in 2012. Since then the Milanese company has amazed everyone with skincare products with viper venom, snail slime, vegetable placenta, and 24-karat gold or caviar, immediately becoming in vogue among the stars.

Lorenzo Riva, who in addition to being an entrepreneur is also a collector of Hollywood cinema memorabilia, was inspired by Marilyn’s phrase “We are all stars and we deserve to shine”. Making it the slogan of the new collection.

The make-up line dedicated to the diva will be based on a few but iconic pieces. It is also dermatologically tested; free from mineral oils, sls, sles and parabens; tested for nickel, lead, chromium, mercury; with vegan content, not tested on animals and 100% made in Italy.

The power of licensing

This license aims to strengthen LR Wonder in the beauty world to create a real all-round entrepreneurial reality in the cosmetics sector. The goal is to reach 16 million euros in turnover by 2022 through the values ​​and ideals that the Marilyn Monroe brand carries with it.

Licensing has now become a very important and strategic tool for making a brand obtain results that would otherwise be difficult to imagine.

I am very happy and proud to be able to share common visions with an entrepreneur like Lorenzo Riva and to find myself on the same line in projects of this type. Venetia Communication will be among the media partners of this project promoting its every evolution.


Stefano Cigana


Marilyn Monroe cosmetics line
Helicopters and locations: new luxury tourism


MonacAir is the new official partner of Venetia Communication: a great team effort to redesign the flight experiences between the Principality of Monaco and Italy.

When all over the world, day after day, international events of any kind were canceled, Bull Days Montecarlo began. We can now say that the first event of the new world has proved to be an incredible driving force for business synergies between Italy and the Principality of Monaco. This is where the idea of ​​developing a real Montecarlo-Italy luxury line was born, involving several important brands on several levels. Helicopters and unique locations for the new luxury tourism.

The Principality of Monaco has 100% embraced our business model. 5 years of incredibly intense work, but which today gratify every sleepless night spent thinking of not making it. Redesigning the communication of a city based on a global model of interaction between major brands and prestigious offers. The aim? Generating a strong sense of belonging, with the consequent happiness of the consumer. Bull Days was the experimental laboratory on which I built the model. And the resulting results amply demonstrate my thesis. The world needs creativity. The new Renaissance is the common goal.

Helicopters and locations: the new luxury tourism

It is no coincidence that after the Monegasque event we caught the attention of many prestigious brands. One of these is MonacAir, which has now become our new official partner for the development of new and exclusive helicopter flight experiences between the Principality of Monaco and Italy.

The strategic communication project starts from the need to elevate and communicate a brand through numerous and authoritative co-branding operations. A unique and exclusive experience capable of uniting different territories and opening the doors to future collaborations. A helicopter ride is the ideal time to let go of your thoughts and worries on the ground and enjoy the view from the sky, the perfect opportunity to see everything from another point of view. The Montecarlo-Italy line also becomes a great tourist novelty reserved for those who want to visit and discover the charm of the Principality of Monaco and the most beautiful Italian regions.

The key of the business model

From all this it emerges that going beyond a single-company vision is essential to constantly develop one’s business and make an ever-wider reference target happy. One of the keys to success of this business model is precisely that of starting from a “mother” brand to establish a vast horizontal network capable of reaching more companies, markets, territories and people.


Stefano Cigana