ALL FOR FREE: the social scourge of the “good opportunity for both” partnership

So they all do: the "barter" logics behind rampant provincialism

I wish I had not had to write this article. I find myself compelled to do so to expose an increasingly rampant malpractice. A real social scourge that is difficult to eradicate because it is tremendously adept at hiding, masquerading with beautiful words such as “collaboration,” “synergy,” “win-win opportunity.” In reality the only goal is to cheat others, a true form of parasitism disguised as partnership. I am writing this article to help you, too, immediately identify the typical symptoms and behaviors, nipping in the bud any waste of time.


For as long as I have been involved in this kind of business, but exponentially since the founding in 2017 of the Bull Days brand, now the world’s largest community of Lamborghini car owners composed of top-clients selected over the years, I am confronted daily with this disturbing phenomenon. Dozens of messages from brokers, marketing managers, acquaintances of acquaintances looking for ways to crash the latest scheduled meeting for free (or so). Whether in Monte Carlo, Dubai or Italy, there is always this lowest common denominator. Initially they pretend to be seriously interested in forming a professional business relationship. At that point I become active in developing a customized proposal. Only later, when it comes down to it, do they reveal themselves for what they are.

They ignore the value of the brand

They all look for a way to access your customer base without recognizing the value behind it, human and business. A brand to become a brand needs a lot of investment, time and money. And when it becomes important, international, it has its own indisputable counter-value. Yet the ultimate goal of these individuals is often just to grossly insert themselves with some product to sell to your client portfolio. Then they tell you that both you and they make money from it, offer a merchandise exchange or commission. So should I sell off my brand and the network of relationships cultivated through sacrifice and years of work out of the goodness of my heart? No thanks.


Corporate policy is a concept completely ignored by these individuals. So are the main modes of advertising exploitation used throughout the world. They seem to have fallen into a black hole, seriously out of a cave. Case in point are some proposals I received regarding the Bull Days Web Series, a mini docu-series currently work in progress that will be released in 2025 on major streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Great. Several “reputable” companies offered to let me film their products that would be featured at Bull Days, effectively showing them worldwide in exchange for truly ridiculous offers. How is this possible? PRODUCT PLACEMENT was not invented the other day. We are all daily spectators of it. There seems to be no end to ignorance. Italy has taught me a lot in this regard. Particularly all that one must NOT do to be successful in the world. Although at first I thought it was a prerogative of small Italian companies, I am discovering that it is a virus that is widespread in international companies as well. A real plague that is spreading like wildfire. It is everyone’s responsibility to try to stop this phenomenon. By reeducating and advocating for an entrepreneurial culture worthy of the 21st century. Stefano Cigana