THE LAMBO BOSS: They told me I couldn’t do it.

The book being released exclusively on AMAZON

This is not a book celebrating Lamborghini, it is a cross-section of contemporary, typically Italian society, where enterprising people are fought by any means.

Through this autobiographical narrative I will tell about the dreams, obstacles and triumphs that made me become “the Boss of the Lambo.” It all stemmed from my genuine and visceral passion for the cars of the bull and for the story of Ferruccio Lamborghini. A tenacious passion that had to come to terms with the lights and shadows of the world of supercars and beyond.

I will unveil backstories and uncomfortable truths shedding light on the broader hidden mechanisms that govern the “bel Paese”. Drawing a single conclusion: fighting the bad apples of obstructionism and envy is the only viable road to ensure the real freedom of individuals. Road I decided to take in lambo.

The book, translated into 20 languages, will be available exclusively on Amazon from January 31, 2024.

Copertina libro A4 def - ENG


After the book also ready series on digital terrestrial in 2024.


Bugatti Residences by Binghatti: “l’Art de Vivre” takes shape in historic event signed FENICE Monte-Carlo

Alongside Binghatti & Bugatti, FENICE MONTE-CARLO materializes in Monaco the iconic Emirati project that reimagined "the Art of Living" in the heart of Dubai

With the big event of the summer signed “Bugatti Residences by Binghatti“, Monaco-based business intelligence FENICE Monte-Carlo was able to exceed all expectations. The first meeting of the futuristic Binghatti & Bugatti project that took place on August 12-13-14 in the land that inspired it, the Principality of Monaco and the French Riviera, was able to achieve the highest manifestation of the original idea.

[Here is the previous article in which I discussed it]

“Bugatti Residences by Binghatti” is a real estate & lifestyle project, the result of a revolutionary collaboration between two visionary brands, Bugatti and Binghatti. A vision that aims for the highest excellence inspired by the beautiful atmosphere of Monaco and the French Riviera.

A project born from fluidity, inspired by indigenous nature, stimulated by the Art de Vivre of the French Riviera to capture the purest essence of the Côte d’Azur. Authentic demonstration of excellence to shape an engaging sculpture in iconic Dubai. A real estate idea that is a tribute to the Riviera’s flair, following a clear and decisive leitmotif: create the incomparable.

This is the ideology, the background, the conceptual fabric that FENICE Monte-Carlo has materialized in the perimeter of the legendary Principality. Making things happen, for all intents and purposes.


The birth of an icon: the hyper-tower is poised to become an architectural landmark, derived from the DNA of Bugatti and Binghatti. Inspired by the world’s most eminent structural masterpieces, Bugatti Residences by Binghatti is not just an addition to the Dubai skyline, but a new icon destined to stand the test of time.

“The hyperform” of Bugatti Residences is characterized by subtle contours and flowing lines. From every angle, the facade offers a new perspective, creating a visual mystique, an exquisite sculptural work that forms a spiritual sense of flow and movement.

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the shoreline and looking out onto your terrace to enjoy the enchanting view of your private beach.

The architectural form of this iconic real estate structure is thus inspired by the timeless and international appeal of the French Riviera, depicting L’Art de Vivre in a truly unique way.


Inspired by Bugatti’s iconic supercars, the hyper form is designed to embody the essence of the brand’s ingenious and visionary spirit, evoking Bugatti’s signature sense of exuberance and refinement.

The hyper form features high-end finishes, exquisite craftsmanship and the latest state-of-the-art smart home system derived from Bugatti’s DNA: always challenging the impossible.

The Monaco-Dubai-Italy-Panama asset is elevated

The “Bugatti Residences by Binghatti” event not only reconfirms the business asset between Monaco, Dubai, Italy and Panama, but elevates it to a higher level of prestige and style.

It is a tangible symbol of how the world can be connected in amazing ways, demonstrating that collaboration and shared vision can create works of extraordinary beauty and meaning.

This extraordinary collaboration between the realities of these regions exemplifies a unique link between different places, highlighting the importance of a global vision and a joint commitment to excellence. This synergy is not just a meeting of worlds, but an indelible mark on the history of luxury real estate.

FENICE DUBAI in the heart of the BRICS area

It is thanks to these important achievements that after FENICE Monte-Carlo, FENICE Dubai will also open. In the heart of the BRICS area, with already established business relations.

Indeed, the UAE’s recent historic inclusion in the BRICS bloc is a testament to the nation’s strengths in building positive international multilateral partnerships.

As a trusted economic and trading partner, the UAE has supported global peace, security and development efforts and will continue to drive change through events such as the upcoming COP28.

As a member of BRICS, I believe the UAE will lead resolutions to address unprecedented challenges that require collective efforts. With the aim of shaping the development of a new global economy.


Stefano Cigana


Bugatti Residence by Binghatti: Luxury Real Estate project on Dubai's next skyline icon takes shape

We are excited and honored to announce that the prestigious developer Muhammad BinGhatti has commissioned our team to develop the BUGATTI RESIDENCE events, a groundbreaking collaboration between two visionary brands, Bugatti e Binghatti. This exciting partnership will create an innovative real estate development in the heart of Dubai, inspired by the beautiful atmosphere of the French Riviera and the Principality of Monaco.

The exciting project was unveiled with great emphasis and glamour at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai on May 24, 2023, with the participation and support of two prominent figures: Mate Rimac, CEO of Bugatti Rimac, and Muhammad BinGhatti, CEO of Binghatti.

This initiative marks the beginning of a new era in the real estate world, combining Bugatti’s artistry and technological innovation with Binghatti’s unwavering passion and commitment to excellence.

The futuristic design of BUGATTI RESIDENCE reflects the elegance and style typical of the French Riviera, while the choice to have it born in Dubai adds a touch of unparalleled modernity and grandeur. The Principality of Monaco, with its reputation for luxury and sophistication, is the ideal setting to host the project, which promises to be the must-see event of summer 2023 on the French Riviera.

This extraordinary collaboration not only confirms our strategic communications model as an international benchmark for building the highest level of relationships, but also represents an important step forward by FENICE Principality of Monaco in the real estate sector.

Thanks to the trust and opportunity granted to us by Binghatti and Bugatti, we will be able to demonstrate once again our ability to create meaningful connections between prestigious brands surrounded by a profiled and exclusive clientele.a

BINGHATTI DEVELOPERS: the art of properties

Binghatti Developers is a real estate development company active throughout the UAE with an investment value of more than AED 10 billion in a portfolio of more than 40 projects and is currently operating in several areas in Dubai including Business Bay, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Al Jaddaf, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Village Circle, Liwan and Dubai Land Residence Complex, as well as a mega commercial project in Abu Dhabi covering an area of 1 million square feet and worth more than AED 500 million.

The company has bold expansion plans in the coming years, focusing particularly on growing its real estate portfolio in Dubai.

As an award-winning developer with a proven track record, Binghatti Developers has established itself as a pioneer in both real estate development and architecture. Binghatti Developers has acclaimed respected status in the real estate industry and is among Forbes’ top 100 real estate companies in the Middle East.

With an accolade of awards under its belt, Gulf Real Estate – Best Real Estate Off Plan Project, MENA Green Building Awards 2018 and 2017, Cityscape Awards 2018, Arabian Property Awards 2018 and 2017, and Government of Dubai – Best Real Estate Tycoon Awards, these are just some of the achievements Binghatti Developers has received over the years.

If comparable, it is no longer BUGATTI


BUGATTI needs no introduction. It has been at the top of the automotive industry for more than 110 years, creating the most powerful and luxurious cars in the world. Every car made since the company was founded by Ettore Bugatti in 1909 has been desired by collectors and praised for its comfort, design, technology and performance.

Bugatti a Monaco

BUGATTI: the pinnacle of performance and experience

Throughout its history, BUGATTI has had a series of ingenious custodians, each of whom has ushered in a new era with his or her own individual blend of art and engineering excellence. The legendary brand has records in its DNA: it created the first hypersport car, the first production model to exceed 1,000 hp and 400 mph. And also the first production vehicle to break the 300 mph barrier.


BUGATTI’s ethos of excellence in design and engineering extends far beyond the automotive world, with an inspiring range of BUGATTI products and experiences that bring the magic of Molsheim to enthusiasts around the world. Every product that bears the famous BUGATTI “Macaron” must uphold the BUGATTI brand values: Dedication, Excellence, Courage.

SAVE THE DATE: 12-13-14 AUGUST 2023

Toward the event of the summer, organized for Bugatti and Binghatti, in the enchanting setting of the Monegasque Principality and the iconic Monte Carlo Yacht Club.


Working with two iconic, renowned companies committed to creating extraordinary solutions is a unique opportunity for us. We are extremely proud to be an integral part of this exciting project. We look to the future with enthusiasm and determination, confident that BUGATTI RESIDENCE will represent a milestone in the luxury real estate landscape in Dubai and beyond.

We thank Muhammad BinGhatti and his entire team for the trust placed in us, and we are ready to exceed all expectations to turn this vision into reality. We are all working to give birth to a grand event capable of perfectly reflecting the charm that BUGATTI RESIDENCE, the next icon on the Dubai skyline, represents.

Keep following us for more updates on this top project that is already marking a new chapter in the history of luxury real estate.

Stefano Cigana

FENICE: Monaco’s leader in major events and luxury

FENICE Principality of Monaco: business intelligence company confirms and consolidates its international asset

FENICE Principality of Monaco has become one of the leading companies in business intelligence, particularly in the field of events and luxury. Founded in Italy in 1998, FENICE is now in the heart of the world’s most famous principality, a strategic flywheel from Monaco to the entire globe. The company has extensive experience in providing high-quality information and business solutions to its clients, ranging from luxury companies to major international events.

The company has developed a strong reputation for its ability to provide clients with accurate and timely information, thanks to its extensive network of contacts around the world. This has enabled FENICE to become a cross-sector leader in the international event and luxury industry.

In recent years, FENICE has attracted the attention of investors for its ability to consolidate the international luxury network. The company has been able to provide information on emerging trends in the luxury world and help its clients capitalize on these trends.

In addition, FENICE has been able to adapt quickly to changes in the market, offering customized business solutions to its clients. This has enabled the company to remain competitive and maintain its leading position in the industry.

With its extensive network of contacts around the world, FENICE is able to generate unique synergies, helping its partners capitalize on emerging trends in the luxury world. The company’s ability to adapt quickly to market changes makes it a forward-looking company of great value to its clients.


The achievements and growing worldwide appeal around the FENICE company is also thanks to its philosophy and credo. “The ability to make things happen” is the key to the success that the FENICE team is achieving.

Making things happen means knowing how to activate highly emotional communication strategies capable, thanks to high-profile networking activities, of amplifying brand awareness by giving great visibility in new product launches in the market.

Knowing how to cultivate and nurture a profitable ecosystem is key to establishing valuable synergies capable of shaping any project. Elevating it on a global scale through existing major media and business devices.

FENICE Principality of Monaco thus covers a strategic role in an operational domain with few competitors that can match its experience and vision.


Stefano Cigana


Why join and partner with the world's largest community of Lamborghini luxury car collectors?

Discover 10 very valid reasons to join the Bull Days Community. International network of business-people that now has more than 1,500 members in the global jet-set.

1. Unprecedented visibility:

Bull Days gives you the opportunity to reach a large community of business figures, representing a high-level and influential audience. The media impact generated by this event allows you to gain unprecedented notoriety for your brand.

2. Privileged access:

Bull Days gives you privileged access to exclusive events held in the capitals of luxury and beauty. You can attend star-studded galas, fairs, and events where you can interact directly with a high-profile clientele.

3. High-level networking:

Bull Days allows you to establish business relationships with other luxury companies and professionals. You can make valuable connections and initiate beneficial collaborations for your brand.

4. Marketing opportunities:

Bull Days offers numerous marketing opportunities to promote your brand. You will benefit from sponsorships, partnerships, and advertising campaigns that will allow you to reach an audience highly interested in the world of luxury.

5. Credibility and prestige:

Bull Days gives your brand an image of credibility and prestige. Participation in high-level events and association with an exclusive community of entrepreneurs increases the perception of value of your brand.

6. Market Expansion:

Bull Days offers you the opportunity to expand your market presence. With media exposure and connections created, you can reach new customers and open new markets for your business, including using licensig.

7. Synergies with other brands:

Bull Days allows you to create synergies with other brands in the luxury industry. You can collaborate with companies that are complementary to yours and create packages or special offers for network customers, thus increasing the overall value to consumers.

8. Unique experiences:

Bull Days organizes unique and unforgettable experiences for its members. You can offer your customers the opportunity to participate in exclusive events, special test drives or luxury vacations, thus creating an emotional and lasting bond with your brand.

9. Knowledge sharing:

Bull Days encourages knowledge exchange and learning among members. You will benefit from the experience and expertise of other participants, improving your entrepreneurial skills and gaining new ideas for developing your business, in exciting moments of pure passion.

10. Sponsorship opportunities:

If you are a company interested in sponsoring Bull Days, you will enjoy a number of exclusive benefits. Sponsorship will give you wide visibility and the chance to reach a high-level audience, strengthen your notoriety and increase business opportunities. JOIN US

FENICE: Monaco-Dubai-Italy-Miami axis flies

Young Monegasque business intelligence, after one year of development, opens doors to investors to consolidate international luxury network

Fenice, the landmark of Monaco’s strategic business, materializes after its first year of development. Established in early 2022 as a gateway to Monaco’s business, it will reach full operation in 2023 by consolidating the Monaco-Dubai-Italy-Miami axis. Fenice – Principality of Monaco reaps the fruits of a year made of innovative transnational projects, public relations of the highest level, enhancement of its strategic communication devices. The goal is and remains the same: to be a unique place for all kinds of business. An incredible container of 360° activities able to centralize under one name all disciplines, techniques, departments and sectors to develop synergies and cutting-edge business solutions. An ambitious vision possible thanks to the consolidated heritage made up not only of know-how but also of numerous related brands and active partnerships. [Discover the previous article on FENICE to learn more about the company’s vision]

THE ECOSYSTEM OF SHOW MAKING: from Monaco to all over the world

From its founding to the present day, the global network on which the company is based, already composed of luxury multinationals, institutions, managers, tycoons, entrepreneurs, top brands, and intercontinental organizations, has further expanded. In this first year of development, FENICE has nurtured its brands and devices while succeeding in achieving great results. Establishing a real “ecosystem” capable of generating show, translatable above all into planetary notoriety, relational value and business synergies. Perfect example of this, the various projects developed with different production companies, which have made the brands in the orbit of FENICE protagonists in the web series of the main streaming platforms, such as NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME.
The strength and uniqueness of FENICE is also this: to be able to project directly in front of a large global audience the most exciting stories of the men, women, brands (and animals n.d.r.) it crosses along its path. This is also the perspective to which the company looks, which has already laid important foundations in the business axis between the Monegasque principality, Italy, the United States, Latin America, the United Arab Emirates and Middle Eastern countries.

FENICE embodies the great responsibility of contributing to the entrepreneurial future of the Principality of Monaco, opening a new strand of opportunities for even the most demanding investors.

What if lockdown comes back?

What if the Lockdown came back? Imagine how many businesses would still be left standing?

The long shadow of the economic crisis that began in 2020, yet there are those who pretend nothing is happening

Just imagine if the Lockdown returned tomorrow morning. No jobs, closed businesses, no turnover. Just imagine how many businesses would still be willing to hang on and stand. Putting in lost funds again. I think none. They have all already forgotten what happened. We will come out better they said…. More than 390,000 businesses closed permanently in 2020 due to Covid and collapse of consumption. Over 43,000 small business closed in 2022. By the first half of 2023, 120,000 businesses could close. That was the estimate contained by the Confcommercio study office in the September Economic Outlook. 1 in 3 businesses are at risk of closure by the end of the year. Along the same lines, OECD data (also released in September 2022), world growth is expected to slow further in 2023 while inflation is expected to gradually ease.


Yet, incredibly, many are acting as if nothing is wrong. Forgetting that so many companies have not yet recovered from the 2020 annus horribilis. The Italian economy was brought to its knees by Covid and is now crippled by inflation, the energy and commodity crisis. Nevertheless, many figures at various levels act as if nothing has happened, as if we live in a new golden age where money is given to you. A fairy world where you work for free or where for two cases of wine I’ll put your product in a Netflix webseries [Check out the article where I talked about win-win partnerships]. A land of Cuccagna where we are all better and more generous where we bestow skills and time for free. And most importantly strictly meeting any deadline demands, right on cue! One really wonders what kind of world certain individuals think they live in. It just seems like a collective amnesia that does not take into account how the pandemic period has greatly damaged the economy and the social-psychological fabric. Taking the survival of businesses almost for granted. Stefano Cigana

ALL FOR FREE: the social scourge of the “good opportunity for both” partnership

So they all do: the "barter" logics behind rampant provincialism

I wish I had not had to write this article. I find myself compelled to do so to expose an increasingly rampant malpractice. A real social scourge that is difficult to eradicate because it is tremendously adept at hiding, masquerading with beautiful words such as “collaboration,” “synergy,” “win-win opportunity.” In reality the only goal is to cheat others, a true form of parasitism disguised as partnership. I am writing this article to help you, too, immediately identify the typical symptoms and behaviors, nipping in the bud any waste of time.


For as long as I have been involved in this kind of business, but exponentially since the founding in 2017 of the Bull Days brand, now the world’s largest community of Lamborghini car owners composed of top-clients selected over the years, I am confronted daily with this disturbing phenomenon. Dozens of messages from brokers, marketing managers, acquaintances of acquaintances looking for ways to crash the latest scheduled meeting for free (or so). Whether in Monte Carlo, Dubai or Italy, there is always this lowest common denominator. Initially they pretend to be seriously interested in forming a professional business relationship. At that point I become active in developing a customized proposal. Only later, when it comes down to it, do they reveal themselves for what they are.

They ignore the value of the brand

They all look for a way to access your customer base without recognizing the value behind it, human and business. A brand to become a brand needs a lot of investment, time and money. And when it becomes important, international, it has its own indisputable counter-value. Yet the ultimate goal of these individuals is often just to grossly insert themselves with some product to sell to your client portfolio. Then they tell you that both you and they make money from it, offer a merchandise exchange or commission. So should I sell off my brand and the network of relationships cultivated through sacrifice and years of work out of the goodness of my heart? No thanks.


Corporate policy is a concept completely ignored by these individuals. So are the main modes of advertising exploitation used throughout the world. They seem to have fallen into a black hole, seriously out of a cave. Case in point are some proposals I received regarding the Bull Days Web Series, a mini docu-series currently work in progress that will be released in 2025 on major streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Great. Several “reputable” companies offered to let me film their products that would be featured at Bull Days, effectively showing them worldwide in exchange for truly ridiculous offers. How is this possible? PRODUCT PLACEMENT was not invented the other day. We are all daily spectators of it. There seems to be no end to ignorance. Italy has taught me a lot in this regard. Particularly all that one must NOT do to be successful in the world. Although at first I thought it was a prerogative of small Italian companies, I am discovering that it is a virus that is widespread in international companies as well. A real plague that is spreading like wildfire. It is everyone’s responsibility to try to stop this phenomenon. By reeducating and advocating for an entrepreneurial culture worthy of the 21st century. Stefano Cigana

Gunther, the world’s richest dog, buys Nicolas Cage’s private island in the Bahamas

Following the worldwide success of Gunther’s Millions on Netflix, the Gunther Trust’s projects and investments continue: in fact, the webseries concludes with a coming soon by Prof. Mian and Carla to one of Gunther’s formerly owned properties in the Bahamas. The island called Leaf Cay, a private island owned by Nicolas Cage, in addition to diversifying Gunther’s resources, will become an animal welfare center. What does this have to do with me? Obviously I will be in charge of all communication activities. See you on Netflix.

An incredible story broadcast on Netflix

Netflix’s new series, Gunther’s Millions, is unlike any other. Its singular subject matter keeps viewers glued to the screen as they wonder, “Can it get any crazier than this?” And it does.

Images of crowds of fans, world press, celebrity relationships, mega-yachts, supercars, “free love” nightclubs, cult bands, soccer teams, pop star Madonna’s Miami mansion, and, most intriguingly, a 30-year research project on happiness flow by.

Surprisingly, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because Gunther’s story is by no means over.

Gunther’s Millions: sequel kicks off with island in the Bahamas

With the purchase of Nicolas Cage’s paradisiacal island, Mian and the Gunther Trust intend to continue scientific research on happiness, social experiments, and initiatives for the welfare of people and animals, as well as to contribute to the diversification of Gunther’s estate.

What many people don’t know is that as the Gunther Group’s communications consultant, I was the one who presented the island’s strategic plan directly to the professor two years ago. The one that is now turning into reality.

As the custodian of Gunther and his legacy, Dr. Mian in addition to the island in the Bahamas, has now thrown himself headlong into the development of an unprecedented NFT collection that follows the wave of the series, titling it precisely “Gunther’s Rich Dog Collection.”

But the new projects do not end there. In fact, I have received the green light for investments in sports. Motta di Livenza right now would have many opportunities in this regard. I have also recently had proposals to take over sports clubs in the Livenza area. But I honestly think that local management is not yet ready for the entry of big capital.


Stefano Cigana


Directing "Bull Days The Legend": the special technical partner edition of "LAMBORGHINI - The man behind the legend," already the 2nd movie on Apple TV USA

The biographical film titled “LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend” has already climbed the U.S. podium as the 2nd most viewed film on the Apple TV platform. A prestigious achievement also possible thanks to the show fueled by Bull Days on the most important day: the World Premiere at Alice nella Città, a section of the Rome Film Festival. Here we walked the Red Carpet alongside Hollywood stars. The special edition named for the occasion “Bull Days The Legend” was able to brand the world premiere of the film dedicated to Ferruccio Lamborghini with its unmistakable style. The iconic story was written and directed by Oscar winner Bobby Moresco, produced by Andrea Iervolino, Monika Bacardi and Lambo Film, in executive by ILBE and Notorious Pictures. Featuring an international cast: Frank Grillo, Mira Sorvino, Gabriel Byrne, Hannah Van Der Westhuy; as well as Italian actors and talent such as Romano Reggiani, Lorenzo Viganò, rapper Clementino, Giovanni Antonacci (son of Biagio Antonacci), Fortunato Cerlino, Francesca Tizzano and Matteo Leone.

The beginning of it all: meeting master Tony Renis

How did it all come about? The first contact I had was with Tony Renis. He immediately confessed to me how great it would be to have a vintage Lamborghini outside the Rome Film Festival for the world premiere of the film “Lamborghini – The man behind the legend.” Bring just one car? I thought, it’s Bull Days or nothing. That’s where the idea of catapulting the film off the screen and organizing the tour around Rome came from. In fact, when I made my proposal to bring the film to life on the streets, it was immediately endorsed by conveying great charge and enthusiasm to everyone.
Meeting Tony Renis was therefore instrumental [as I recounted in the article preceding the event]. Amazing to be in front of a milestone in music history. I would say that in various character aspects we are very similar, and he confirmed that as well. There was an empathy, an immediate chemistry. So much so that I told him, sympathetically, that if the path continues to be this at his age I will be maybe like him. When you are very similar, there is no middle ground. With Tony Renis it was immediately white smoke. It was also the same with the ILBE staff; there was great understanding right away, given past experiences in film production. Andrea Iervolino, Monika Bacardi and the cast, on the other hand, I had the privilege of getting to know them directly on premiere night, loading them one by one into the Bull Days community lambo.

Behind the scenes of a show that made history

Clearly the event was the emotional climax, but the real emotional whirlwind began the moment they said yes to me. This is where Bull Days The Legend began in effect. In just 15 fiery days we organized the unimaginable. The difficult part was that for this special edition we had to bring the historic cars that best represented Ferruccio’s era. After all, what would have been the point of bringing modern ones? But convincing a collector who displays the car practically in his living room, a real museum piece worth millions of euros, to load it onto a car transporter and run it on the sanpietrini of Rome was not easy at all.
Insomnia was a lot. The gathering process started from Udine crossing Italy to Rome. While all this was happening we planned press offices, communications, hospitality and the whole security part. Coordinating with the Rome Police Headquarters to develop the city roadshow in the middle of the city (and on Sunday night with the Roma-Napoli game going on). At that stage I was consumed with tension. I knew we had made it when the State Police Lamborghini drove off, acting as our convoy leader.

They passed the baton of directing to me

After that we arrived at the pickup point where we met the actors and producers. When the production team saw the Lamborghini lineup arrive, they were speechless. That’s when they passed the directing baton to me, Bobby Moresco said, “Great work!” The great strength of Bull Days is this, to be able to create unique things. Parading by seeing St. Peter’s with about 5,000 people waiting for us was indescribable. Like being an actor in the movie without having a part. It was all “good the first” and we didn’t miss a beat.

The film “LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend” takes to the streets

We managed to take the story off the screen, creating a real reality show of the film “LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend”. I felt a bit like Christof on Truman Show, doing the directing not from the moon but from planet Earth with all the issues involved. Like when at the end of the night a small battery drop wouldn’t restart a Miura. It was still a car from the 1960s-that’s how we all in tuxedos started pushing it until it started. It was quite a movie-like skit! The end credits of an absolutely memorable evening.
lamborghini-the-man-behind-the-legend-world-premiere-roma (8)

I like to imagine that Ferruccio Lamborghini guided me from above

To experience so closely and firsthand such a tribute to the legendary Ferruccio Lamborghini was for me the completion of a journey that began as a child. To find myself today being one of the pillars of this event has been something so full that it is difficult to define. In your opinion, what more can I ask for?
With this film was celebrated not only the founder of a brand that produced sports cars, but the man who changed my and Italy’s imagination. In fact, those expecting a film with cars and engines will be surprised. As the title suggests, the film is very introspective and personally helped me discover more about the impetus inside Ferruccio. Making me also discover the figure of Tonino. Really understanding so many things that in the perceivable normality of the news cannot be fully comprehended.

A new milestone for Bull Days

After seven years in the business, to see the brand I created and shaped recognized as the technical partner of the world premiere of this incredible cult-movie is something indescribable. We have written a new chapter, a new level. To walk the red carpet with Hollywood stars is not something that happens every day. Our community has truly passed an evolutionary step. Reaching a pivotal point that we will find in Bull Days between now and 2025.
Bull Days‘ contribution to the success of the film was that it succeeded in conveying the spirit and passion for the bull brand and the story of Ferruccio Lamborghini around the world. By succeeding in bringing it closer to the public, bringing it to all intents and purposes to the streets. Giving new light to an epic that perhaps the collective imagination had not fully understood. Stefano Cigana