Beginning my way as a JCEM mentor, the Young Economic Chamber of Monaco

Monaco Mentoring Initiative: I will share with young Monegasque entrepreneurs my vision of business

My journey as a JCEM mentor, the Young Economic Chamber of Monaco, has officially begun. It is a great satisfaction and a source of pride to be able to actively participate in the prestigious project “Monaco Mentoring Initiative“.  Thanks to which I will share my knowledge and professional experience with young entrepreneurs in the Principality of Monaco.

The line is drawn. Over the next 6 months, I will be working alongside a young entrepreneur in the digital communication sector.

JCEM, Junior Economic Chamber of Monaco since 1963

JCEM is a Monegasque organization founded in 1963 to bring together the best of the Principality’s youth under one name. Its mission is to develop Monaco’s economic attractiveness in the world, acting as a channel of reference for leaders and entrepreneurs. By developing members’ skills in business management or directly in the exercise of their profession, it contributes to the progress and prestige of the country.

PH. Philippe Fitte

Representatives of the Young Economic Chamber play an active role in civil society. In fact, they are present in the: Monaco Economic Board (MEB); Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC); and Strategic Attractiveness Council (SCA).

JCEM is also affiliated with the Junior Chamber International (JCI). A global federation of 200,000 active young citizens, ages 18 to 40, in nearly 5,000 communities in more than 112 countries around the world. JCI has a presence in the UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, the International Chamber of Commerce, CARE International and AIESEC.

JCEM’s constitutional values, which I fully share, are: commitment as an attitude of proactivity, innovation as a spirit of adaptation, the importance of teamwork and volunteerism, all-round training and the typical Monegasque international vision.

The Mentoring Project

Thanks to the Monaco Mentoring project, an initiative aimed at enhancing relationships and sharing experience, you will be able to enter this exciting universe.

A unique mentoring program for the professional and personal career development of young Monegasque talents. The focus is on: Leadership, personal growth, emotional intelligence, business management, networking, team building, start-ups, business development, management and much more.

With the aim of making connections, growing and learning skills, getting out of the comfort zone and seizing opportunities at the right time.

Being a JCEM Mentor

Being certified as a mentor within the prestigious Young Economic Chamber of Monaco is of great value to me. First of all, it is the further confirmation that the vision was the right one, from the first time I set foot in the Principality until we started the device Bull Days Monte-Carlo.

A singular recognition of the work done in synergy with Monegasque realities, managers and entrepreneurs. As well as absolute evidence of the strength of relationships. A belief that I have always held personally and professionally, together with the awareness of how fundamental training in the field is.

Being a JCEM mentor is indeed an important responsibility, which translates into shaping the future of Monaco.


Stefano Cigana

SPOILER: the return of the best Bull Days ever!

Bull Days Monte Carlo loading... verso la Top Player delle esperienze luxury-oriented

Bull Days Monte Carlo 2022 has all the credentials to be the best Bull Days “on the road” ever. It’s not a gamble, on the contrary… maybe I’m being modest. The edition to be held on June 24-25-26 will cross the borders drawn in 2020 with an unprecedented media echo. Sensational opportunities have arisen. Super exclusive moments, legendary presences, collateral events to make anyone envious.

I’m writing directly from the Principality of Monaco, where in these days I’m defining the program of the event. I feel a bit like a goldsmith intent on chiseling, finishing and embellishing the most beautiful jewel of all. The key points are already in black and white, the roadshow is under construction and, as per tradition, it will be truly spectacular!

HIGHLIGHT MOMENTS: sailing, art, haute couture, perfumes and…

Cutting the ribbon of the Monte Carlo 2022 Edition, which will be staged between Monaco, Grasse and San Remo, will be a unique historical event. The triumphant entrance of the iconic 92′ class ketch New Zealand Endeavour at the Yacht Club de Monaco, with the hoisted sail “Bull Days Inclusive Sailing Cup“. An exceptional crew was on board.

But that’s another story (which I’ll tell you about soon). However, it will be a baton handover in perfect #LikeNobodyElse style.

The community Lambo’s will then return to the pedestal at the Place du Casino in Monte Carlo. While bull members will enter with a reserved visit to the Casino and to the prestigious Opera House of Monte Carlo, elite location that for the occasion will be opened in a completely private way.

The essence of the senses

Another treat will be a private visit to the ancient Galimard Perfumery in Grasse, guided directly by members of the noble Roux-Galimard family. Atelier of 1747 where it will be possible to create your own perfume!

A true return to the past immersed in the ancient French village between the Alpes-Maritimes, authentic capital of the world perfumery, in the wake of the senses. Its medieval center, nestled in the famous Côte d’Azur, enjoys the Provencal atmosphere, fantastic views and blooms that are the reason for the history of these last four hundred years.

A chronicle of perfumer successes which began with Catherine de’ Medici and which has in Ernest Beaux one of its most celebrated parfumeurs. Creator of the eternal Chanel N°5 which inflamed the souls of the whole world with a couple of legendary drops on the divine Marilyn Monroe.

The grand finale in Sanremo

The City of Flowers, Sanremo, along the Italian Riviera of the same name, a symbol of the elite tourism of the nobility of the 19th century, will open on the last day to the Bull Days community among Art Nouveau buildings and villas.

The grand finale will feature the fashion boutique The Mall Sanremo. Here the supercars will parade among the best brands of haute couture and among amazing works of art specially installed.

These are just some of the pieces of a unique mosaic. A quick preview already able to make us imagine the atmosphere by simply closing our eyes.

Bull Days has configured itself as a 360° and absolutely unpredictable player in the world of luxury. The next Monte Carlo edition is the perfect example. From Italy to France passing through Monaco.


Stefano Cigana


BULL DAYS MONTE CARLO à 24-25-26 june 2022

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