Arcaido by Stefano Cigana

ARCAIDO BY STEFANO CIGANA: Timekeeper fusion of Italian design and avant-garde Swiss mechanics

With the GMT Stefano Cigana, Arcaido officially opens the era of customizations

Arcaido creates high quality products resulting from 30 years of experience and passion in the world of watchmaking. The brand was born in the laboratories of the Balestra company, a family-owned goldsmith-crafts business founded in 1993. The long experience in the B2B segment and years of research focused on the latest trends, the best movements and the most innovative and performing materials have led to the birth of the brand Arcaido. With an entire department dedicated exclusively to customization: this is where Arcaido by Stefano Cigana comes to life.

The customer has in fact the possibility to completely customize the watch, from the leather strap to the details inside the dial. This custom made-to-order service allows you to modify every single component ad hoc and also to add your own signature on the dial. It does not provide a simple case but a real professional kit.


It is no longer enough to create products. In the society in which we live, the mass-produced object has become synonymous with homologation and sterility of mind. For this reason, co-branding, partnerships, licensing projects and other initiatives to create unique products that reflect the character and identity of the end customer are constantly increasing. Configuring custom manufactured goods and services is the new horizon to which you absolutely cannot turn your back.

It is thanks to this principle that the product transcends itself, becoming an individual and unique emotional experience. We are constantly told that each of us is unique and unrepeatable, so why shouldn’t it be the same for products? In particular for the most luxury and exclusive ones? In this panorama, it seems clear that industrial production must increasingly seek a symbiosis with artisan production. This is the way to success for a winning strategy capable of involving and becoming memorable.


The Arcaido model called Stefano Cigana 1977 is a watch equipped with a Swiss movement that bears my signature. It features a GMT movement, bronze case material and hands, shaded blue dial and pale blue bronze Kudu strap.

The fact that this prestigious company has dedicated a model to me is a source of great pride for me.


I think that the birth of this custom model is not accidental. I’m not the one to say it, it’s now become a widely shared and recognized fact at different latitudes: the constant and increasingly appreciated growth of the group’s communication activities is also affecting my personal branding. Creating synergies, events and prestigious and exclusive partnerships always focusing on the uniqueness of the experience, this is my signature. Authentic values oriented to the achievement of psycho-physical well-being and happiness.

Stefano Cigana

the priest serie TV

THE PRIEST: the production of the 1st international Italian-Thai TV series has started

At the end of the month will begin filming the teaser: Ray Liotta, the "good guy" is the star among the candidates for lead actor.

With this new year I have decided to add to my other activities an important return as a film producer with the TV series “The Priest”.

The decision is not at all casual. The year 2020 was a difficult year for the film world as well, proof of this is the fact that nothing was produced. This situation caused by the pandemic has increased the need for large streaming platforms like Netflix to have new and appealing content.

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the priest serie TV


Venetia Communication’s productions in the Bangkok office are starting again. At the end of the month will be shot the teaser for a new TV series, called “THE PRIEST”. Set in modern Thailand, across Bangkok and major cities and some islands, the series tells the story of an excommunicated priest. After becoming embroiled in a scandal, an early retirement deal gets him out of the Vatican….

The protagonist is actually a “dismissed” man of God. Violence, narcotics, corruption and prostitution will cause him to lose his sight. Among the candidates for the role is Ray Liotta, the star of “Goodfellas,” Martin Scorsese’s absolute cult film starring Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

Filming of “The Priest” will take place between Thailand, Vatican City and Italy.


I will have the pleasure to be producer of this exciting project together with Niccolò Bordin, aka Niccolò de la Fère. The director of the series is Joshua Dixon, post-production supervisor is Brynley Cadman, line producer & production manager are Andrew Millet and Arthur Bloon.

The production company Mbrella Films operates in Thailand and works with the best stunts and action designers in Asia. With figures from the team of Tony Jaa (Ong Bak) and Previz fighting designers from films such as Black Panter (Marvel). In the crew there is also the weapon specialist of “Extraction”, film with the well-known actor Chris Hemsworth.

Distribution of “The Priest” is secured by executive producer Daniel Zirilli, producer of more than 50 films and 250 music videos and documentaries.

Who will get international distribution? Netflix? Hulu? Itunes Movies? HOOQ? Amazon?

We’ll see.


The role of producer is not new to me. It was 2017 when the short film “Sulla Riva” was released, produced by Venetia Communication and directed by Niccolò de la Fère.

The film, set in the Venetian countryside at the end of the 18th century, is shot in the Venetian language of the time. The story is centered on the figure of an old farmer, who, having reached the last days of his life, tries to do one last good deed to redeem himself.

“The Priest” TV series and the reactivation of the Bangkok film location will be a new international push for the business model I have built. Investments and content will be increasingly directed on this path.


Stefano Cigana