The dream of signing a series of artworks dedicated to the Principality of Monaco

"80 Grande Vitesse": the debut of a replicated collection on officially licensed Monte Carlo High-end products.

I’m pleased to present the first in a series of works, officially dedicated to the Principality of Monaco and bearing my signature, entitled “80 Grande Vitesse.” The original is located in Monaco, and was created to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Grand Prix.

The “80 Grande Vitesse” is more than just a licensing operation. It is a sensory experience that blends tradition, innovation and art in a single numbered, certified and signed bottle. The original was created to interpret the emotional legacy and prestige of the Grand Prix, embodying the very essence of the Principality of Monaco, which has always been able to influence the collective imagination.

The multiples will be replicated on a very select series of collectibles that we have been working on for more than two years with the FENICE team. The first company that married this project from the beginning are DISTILLERIE TOSOLINI, securing worldwide exclusivity by celebrating their 80th anniversary (like the grand prix) with a limited series of 300 pieces that have gone down a storm among collectors.

Monte Carlo is synonymous with excellence, elegance and prestige. Its representation in this work of art gives the distillate an aura of authenticity and a direct connection to a world of luxury and glamour. This is not only a fine distillate, but a symbol of a sophisticated and fascinating lifestyle.

Finally, I would like to emphasize how this collaboration is a shining example of how art can merge with business to create something truly extraordinary. In addition to being a high-quality product, the “80 Grande Vitesse” is a tribute to history, culture and the very essence of luxury, celebrated through an authentic liquid work of art.

Moreover, it is important to highlight that this operation stands out as a perfect example of art licensing. An innovative project capable of rising above all standards thanks to the exclusive charm and history of the Principality. The combination of the art inherent in the “80 Grande Vitesse” and the prestige of Monegasque licensing creates a unique and fascinating experience that captures the imagination.


Prova d'autore
Prova d'autore

Veneto Creative District: the epicenter that projects young talent from Veneto into the world

FENICE's Italian division focuses on creativity and talent increasingly in demand in Middle Eastern markets, where it is already established

Over the years, FENICE, a strategic communications firm headquartered in Monte Carlo with branches in Dubai, Panama and Italy, has been constantly redefining the boundaries of innovation in the field of business & branding strategies and beyond.

In 2023, FENICE made an important and transformative decision: it decided to renovate its original department established in Italy in 1998 in Motta di Livenza, province of Treviso. This metamorphosis led to the transformation of “Venetia Communication” into “Fenice Italia“, integrating the Italian office as the sole production hub for the international Fenice brand.

This choice is not accidental: Italian creativity, but particularly that of the Veneto region, totally shifts the needle of the scales for this aspect throughout the FENICE group.

From Venetia Communication to Fenice Italy

The rebranding is a sign of profound transformation. Fenice Italia is now positioned as a true creative district, a talent hub where Italian and international creativity converge to give life to strategic communication projects destined to shine in global markets.

The evolution from a local entity to a global creative district is fueled by the desire to export and preserve Italian and Veneto’s creative wealth outside the geographic boundaries of the peninsula to key international destinations. The Middle East emerges as one of the areas of greatest interest for FENICE, a region in constant economic and cultural growth that enthusiastically welcomes innovation and creativity

The decision to integrate the original Italian location is therefore part of a broader strategy to export Italian creativity and talent to global locations where they are best valued and understood. The goal is to create a lasting impact by amplifying the skills and experience accumulated over the years to the highest levels.

A Creative District oriented to the Middle East market

The shift in perspective is a clear response to the growing demand for creativity and strategic communication services in the Middle East. FENICE’s “Veneto Creative District” has already become a key player in this region, where the fusion of tradition and modernity creates fertile ground for creative expression.

A creative business model that has already gathered important results, in real estate and beyond, with realities such as: Binghatti Developers, Bugatti, Jacob & Co, Trillionaire Residences.

FENICE has thus consolidated itself not only as a provider of strategic communication services, but as a catalyst of ideas and innovations, actively contributing to the growth and diversification of the markets in which it operates.

VENETO CREATIVE DISTRICT: a bridge between nations and leading markets

FENICE’s creative district is not just a place of production, but a true bridge between territories and cultures. The group is thus fostering synergy between local and international talents, creating an environment that celebrates constant innovation and stimulates the creation of unique and relevant content for the Middle East and Monaco markets.

Never forgetting that creativity is the true engine of human progress. While ambition and talent are the indispensable ingredients to power it.


Bugatti Residence by Binghatti: Luxury Real Estate project on Dubai's next skyline icon takes shape

We are excited and honored to announce that the prestigious developer Muhammad BinGhatti has commissioned our team to develop the BUGATTI RESIDENCE events, a groundbreaking collaboration between two visionary brands, Bugatti e Binghatti. This exciting partnership will create an innovative real estate development in the heart of Dubai, inspired by the beautiful atmosphere of the French Riviera and the Principality of Monaco.

The exciting project was unveiled with great emphasis and glamour at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai on May 24, 2023, with the participation and support of two prominent figures: Mate Rimac, CEO of Bugatti Rimac, and Muhammad BinGhatti, CEO of Binghatti.

This initiative marks the beginning of a new era in the real estate world, combining Bugatti’s artistry and technological innovation with Binghatti’s unwavering passion and commitment to excellence.

The futuristic design of BUGATTI RESIDENCE reflects the elegance and style typical of the French Riviera, while the choice to have it born in Dubai adds a touch of unparalleled modernity and grandeur. The Principality of Monaco, with its reputation for luxury and sophistication, is the ideal setting to host the project, which promises to be the must-see event of summer 2023 on the French Riviera.

This extraordinary collaboration not only confirms our strategic communications model as an international benchmark for building the highest level of relationships, but also represents an important step forward by FENICE Principality of Monaco in the real estate sector.

Thanks to the trust and opportunity granted to us by Binghatti and Bugatti, we will be able to demonstrate once again our ability to create meaningful connections between prestigious brands surrounded by a profiled and exclusive clientele.a

BINGHATTI DEVELOPERS: the art of properties

Binghatti Developers is a real estate development company active throughout the UAE with an investment value of more than AED 10 billion in a portfolio of more than 40 projects and is currently operating in several areas in Dubai including Business Bay, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Al Jaddaf, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Village Circle, Liwan and Dubai Land Residence Complex, as well as a mega commercial project in Abu Dhabi covering an area of 1 million square feet and worth more than AED 500 million.

The company has bold expansion plans in the coming years, focusing particularly on growing its real estate portfolio in Dubai.

As an award-winning developer with a proven track record, Binghatti Developers has established itself as a pioneer in both real estate development and architecture. Binghatti Developers has acclaimed respected status in the real estate industry and is among Forbes’ top 100 real estate companies in the Middle East.

With an accolade of awards under its belt, Gulf Real Estate – Best Real Estate Off Plan Project, MENA Green Building Awards 2018 and 2017, Cityscape Awards 2018, Arabian Property Awards 2018 and 2017, and Government of Dubai – Best Real Estate Tycoon Awards, these are just some of the achievements Binghatti Developers has received over the years.

If comparable, it is no longer BUGATTI


BUGATTI needs no introduction. It has been at the top of the automotive industry for more than 110 years, creating the most powerful and luxurious cars in the world. Every car made since the company was founded by Ettore Bugatti in 1909 has been desired by collectors and praised for its comfort, design, technology and performance.

Bugatti a Monaco

BUGATTI: the pinnacle of performance and experience

Throughout its history, BUGATTI has had a series of ingenious custodians, each of whom has ushered in a new era with his or her own individual blend of art and engineering excellence. The legendary brand has records in its DNA: it created the first hypersport car, the first production model to exceed 1,000 hp and 400 mph. And also the first production vehicle to break the 300 mph barrier.


BUGATTI’s ethos of excellence in design and engineering extends far beyond the automotive world, with an inspiring range of BUGATTI products and experiences that bring the magic of Molsheim to enthusiasts around the world. Every product that bears the famous BUGATTI “Macaron” must uphold the BUGATTI brand values: Dedication, Excellence, Courage.

SAVE THE DATE: 12-13-14 AUGUST 2023

Toward the event of the summer, organized for Bugatti and Binghatti, in the enchanting setting of the Monegasque Principality and the iconic Monte Carlo Yacht Club.


Working with two iconic, renowned companies committed to creating extraordinary solutions is a unique opportunity for us. We are extremely proud to be an integral part of this exciting project. We look to the future with enthusiasm and determination, confident that BUGATTI RESIDENCE will represent a milestone in the luxury real estate landscape in Dubai and beyond.

We thank Muhammad BinGhatti and his entire team for the trust placed in us, and we are ready to exceed all expectations to turn this vision into reality. We are all working to give birth to a grand event capable of perfectly reflecting the charm that BUGATTI RESIDENCE, the next icon on the Dubai skyline, represents.

Keep following us for more updates on this top project that is already marking a new chapter in the history of luxury real estate.

Stefano Cigana

FENICE: Monaco’s leader in major events and luxury

FENICE Principality of Monaco: business intelligence company confirms and consolidates its international asset

FENICE Principality of Monaco has become one of the leading companies in business intelligence, particularly in the field of events and luxury. Founded in Italy in 1998, FENICE is now in the heart of the world’s most famous principality, a strategic flywheel from Monaco to the entire globe. The company has extensive experience in providing high-quality information and business solutions to its clients, ranging from luxury companies to major international events.

The company has developed a strong reputation for its ability to provide clients with accurate and timely information, thanks to its extensive network of contacts around the world. This has enabled FENICE to become a cross-sector leader in the international event and luxury industry.

In recent years, FENICE has attracted the attention of investors for its ability to consolidate the international luxury network. The company has been able to provide information on emerging trends in the luxury world and help its clients capitalize on these trends.

In addition, FENICE has been able to adapt quickly to changes in the market, offering customized business solutions to its clients. This has enabled the company to remain competitive and maintain its leading position in the industry.

With its extensive network of contacts around the world, FENICE is able to generate unique synergies, helping its partners capitalize on emerging trends in the luxury world. The company’s ability to adapt quickly to market changes makes it a forward-looking company of great value to its clients.


The achievements and growing worldwide appeal around the FENICE company is also thanks to its philosophy and credo. “The ability to make things happen” is the key to the success that the FENICE team is achieving.

Making things happen means knowing how to activate highly emotional communication strategies capable, thanks to high-profile networking activities, of amplifying brand awareness by giving great visibility in new product launches in the market.

Knowing how to cultivate and nurture a profitable ecosystem is key to establishing valuable synergies capable of shaping any project. Elevating it on a global scale through existing major media and business devices.

FENICE Principality of Monaco thus covers a strategic role in an operational domain with few competitors that can match its experience and vision.


Stefano Cigana

Gunther, the world’s richest dog, buys Nicolas Cage’s private island in the Bahamas

Following the worldwide success of Gunther’s Millions on Netflix, the Gunther Trust’s projects and investments continue: in fact, the webseries concludes with a coming soon by Prof. Mian and Carla to one of Gunther’s formerly owned properties in the Bahamas. The island called Leaf Cay, a private island owned by Nicolas Cage, in addition to diversifying Gunther’s resources, will become an animal welfare center. What does this have to do with me? Obviously I will be in charge of all communication activities. See you on Netflix.

An incredible story broadcast on Netflix

Netflix’s new series, Gunther’s Millions, is unlike any other. Its singular subject matter keeps viewers glued to the screen as they wonder, “Can it get any crazier than this?” And it does.

Images of crowds of fans, world press, celebrity relationships, mega-yachts, supercars, “free love” nightclubs, cult bands, soccer teams, pop star Madonna’s Miami mansion, and, most intriguingly, a 30-year research project on happiness flow by.

Surprisingly, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because Gunther’s story is by no means over.

Gunther’s Millions: sequel kicks off with island in the Bahamas

With the purchase of Nicolas Cage’s paradisiacal island, Mian and the Gunther Trust intend to continue scientific research on happiness, social experiments, and initiatives for the welfare of people and animals, as well as to contribute to the diversification of Gunther’s estate.

What many people don’t know is that as the Gunther Group’s communications consultant, I was the one who presented the island’s strategic plan directly to the professor two years ago. The one that is now turning into reality.

As the custodian of Gunther and his legacy, Dr. Mian in addition to the island in the Bahamas, has now thrown himself headlong into the development of an unprecedented NFT collection that follows the wave of the series, titling it precisely “Gunther’s Rich Dog Collection.”

But the new projects do not end there. In fact, I have received the green light for investments in sports. Motta di Livenza right now would have many opportunities in this regard. I have also recently had proposals to take over sports clubs in the Livenza area. But I honestly think that local management is not yet ready for the entry of big capital.


Stefano Cigana

STRIKE BULL DAYS: approvato il piano di sviluppo per il potenziamento della divisione ENJOYRENT

Fondi d’investimento sostengono il marchio Bull Days EnjoyRent con 30 new entry di supercar Lamborghini e nuovi Bull Box in location europee. Un ingente restyling strutturale con proiezione al mercato americano nel 2026

Dopo l’annuncio ufficiale del 3 febbraio, con il quale nasceva di fatto un nuovo modello di business applicato al settore supercar rental & driving experience, si delinea oggi un altro traguardo. Il format in questione è nominato “ENJOYRENT”, dalla fusione dei concetti di “enjoyment” e “rent”. Grazie alla qualità dei servizi e del lavoro svolto, diversi fonti d’investimento hanno deciso di sostenere concretamente il marchio Bull Days. Supportando e potenziando la sua innovativa divisione rental.

Il piano di sviluppo approvato prevede innanzitutto l’acquisto di 30 nuovi modelli che entreranno da subito nell’arena Bull Days. A seguito dell’apertura e dei già notevoli regimi operativi del “Bull Box” di Monte Carlo, vero e proprio centro nevralgico nel Principato, verrà effettuata anche una seconda inaugurazione a Cannes. Con l’ambiziosa prospettiva di poter aprire successivamente altri Bull Box nelle principali città e metropoli europee.

Bull Days EnjoyRent diventa quindi a tutti gli effetti una struttura che si inserisce da protagonista nel mondo del luxury rental e nelle esperienze esclusive, in modo del tutto originale. Una delle sue particolarità, motivo di grande entusiasmo e appeal, è infatti la natura non-convenzionale delle vetture in vetrina.

Non canoniche supercar ma una vera e propria stirpe di belve a quattro ruote, ognuna con la propria anima e il rispettivo nome d’arte. Questa la chiave del successo internazionale della divisione rental by Bull Days. Insieme ad altri numerosi punti di forza, come ad esempio il rapporto qualità-prezzo e le cauzioni più basse del mercato.


Sveliamo ora in anteprima i modelli che entreranno nell’arena EnjoyRent. È previsto l’arrivo di una Lamborghini Tecnica color arancio xanto matt, l’ultimo e conclusivo esemplare della gamma Huracán. Accompagnata da altre serie speciali Aventador Roadster, per chi oltre ad amare la monoscocca in carbonio e la potenza del suo V12, ha un feeling innato con la velocità.

Ovviamente abbiamo pensato anche agli spiriti più off-road, amanti di libertà assoluta e avventura allo stato puro, con l’ingresso di configurazioni Urus senza precedenti.

Le new entry si uniranno così all’unica Lamborghini Huracán STO a noleggio in tutta Europa e alle altre fameliche luxury cars già nel ring.

Trasformare la passione in una struttura efficiente e innovativa

La proiezione è davvero entusiasmante. Bull Days EnjoyRent sta diventando il dispositivo privilegiato per trasmettere ad un pubblico sempre maggiore i valori della passione per il marchio del toro. Uno strumento creativo capace di attirare l’interesse degli appassionati per un futuro acquisto direttamente alla Casa Madre di Sant’Agata Bolognese.

L’EnjoyRent si configura quindi come un service all’avanguardia replicabile e dal grande potenziale imprenditoriale, commerciale e comunicativo. Ogni servizio è studiato nei minimi dettagli per rendere sempre più accessibile e diffuso capillarmente il brand Bull Days con la sua divisione luxury rental.



Stefano Cigana

Sceicchi arabi investono sul Litorale Adriatico: focus su Caorle e Lignano

Magnati Sauditi ed Emiri vagliano investimenti sul Litorale adriatico veneto-friulano. L’incarico ufficiale è già sul nostro tavolo

La crisi economica dilagata negli ultimi due anni ha creato un autentico blackout generale per il quale nessuno aveva ricette pronte. Chi, come me e il mio staff, ha saputo resistere con determinazione, inizia ora a togliersi qualche soddisfazione in più. In un biennio che ha visto nella forza delle relazioni e nella qualità del lavoro svolto le ragioni di importanti successi comunque raggiunti.

Tuttavia la luce in fondo al tunnel comincia a scorgersi solo ora. In questi giorni percepisco finalmente il cambiamento, c’è fibrillazione. Spero che si stia veramente per chiudere questo difficilissimo periodo per gli imprenditori e per tutti. Davvero un biennio nero, in un’escalation di aziende, eventi e opportunità andate in fumo. Perché fatturati, entrate e bilanci purtroppo non crescono da soli.

Ciononostante, pur leccandomi le ferite, io sono qui a raccontarvelo.

Anzi, sono i risultati a parlare per me.

Il grande lavoro e i progetti internazionali sviluppati in questi due anni, sono l’ulteriore conferma che la mia visione era quella giusta, a dispetto di chi mi etichettava come “uno che vuol fare il fenomeno”. Non a caso tanti mi si sono messi di traverso, perché avrei dovuto affondare con loro mentre la nave si inabissava…

Il link Monaco-Dubai-Medio Oriente

Mentre le menti piccole lottavano tra di loro, il mio legame con il Principato di Monaco si è consolidato ulteriormente. Una condivisone totale d’intenti basata prima di tutto su meritocrazia e lungimiranza.

È proprio grazie al network di relazioni con top brands e realtà influenti nell’orbita dei circuiti monegaschi che si è costruito un “ponte” con il Medio Oriente. I territori interessati sono infatti gli Emirati Arabi Uniti, con Dubai e Abu Dhabi capofila, l’Arabia Saudita e il Bahrein.

I miei amici emiri e sauditi non hanno nascosto i loro apprezzamenti per le attività luxury-oriented recentemente attivate, come ad esempio il Bull Days Serenissima. Mi hanno seguito con pari interesse ed entusiasmo a Monaco, in Toscana e lungo il Litorale Veneto-Friulano e incredibilmente si sono innamorati della mia terra natale: il Veneto.

Il Board di Sceicchi punta su hotel, ristoranti e lotti edificabili

In particolare la loro attenzione si è focalizzata su Caorle, la “Small Venice”, oltre che sulla vicina Lignano Sabbiadoro: territori carichi di fascino che hanno saputo catturare il loro interesse. Succede così che gli sceicchi arabi abbiano deciso di investire sul Litorale Adriatico e da questo traguardo, ma soprattutto punto di partenza notevole, il passo successivo è stato incaricarmi ufficialmente alla gestione dei loro investimenti personali in Italia

Con il compito di selezionare possibili opportunità in ottica turistico-immobiliare. Il board di magnati arabi è alla ricerca di strutture alberghiere, resort, ristoranti e lotti edificabili.

Il punto della situazione

Attualmente stiamo riunendo opportunità da discutere assieme al board di investimento arabo. Un processo di selezione che porterà a breve i ricchi emiri e sauditi ad esplorare direttamente focus mirati del Litorale Adriatico.

In questa fase darò sicuramente la precedenza alle partnership con The One e International Beach Hotel, sinergie attivate nel dispositivo Bull Days. Oltreché con aziende annoverabili nel contesto della comunicazione high-level, su questo non si transige perché si tratta di un criterio sempre più determinante.

Un quadro di business considerevole reso tale dalle realtà che hanno creduto nell’edizione “Bull Days Serenissima 2021”.

Per questo rinnovo i miei ringraziamenti a tutti loro e in particolare a Giuseppe Boatto, cioè chi ha avuto il merito di cogliere subito le grandi potenzialità presenti e future del fenomeno Bull Days per il suo territorio e ben oltre.


Stefano Cigana

Chiara Ferragni: on the table the offer of the billionaire dog Gunther

Gunther calls Chiara Ferragni: I explain why I proposed to the $1,000,000,000 trust to aim for this destination

The hype around the shocking news of the dog Gunther selling Madonna’s villa in Miami for over 30 million dollars was cooling down. From the super-plus-value cashed by the billionaire German shepherd, to the social reaction of the “Material Girl” herself. News that has made the rounds in the biggest newspapers in the world: from the New York Times to the Washington Post. It all seemed to be over… nothing could be more wrong.

When I saw that Chiara Ferragni was actually putting 66% of her company Fenice Srl up for sale, I didn’t think twice about it. Back down? Never. In just a few moments, I saw a well-defined design materialize in front of me. It would be a perfect partnership, I thought, I must immediately call Maurizio.

As was to be expected, he backed me up. I can therefore announce that the Gunther Group, with its capital that is close to one billion dollars, is strongly interested in taking over the majority of Fenice, becoming the “growth capital” that Chiara Ferragni is looking for. The offer will arrive soon on the table of the Italian entrepreneur.

Click and read the first article ever about it >

Influencer? No, Gunther.

As pointed out by Il Sole 24 Ore and other newspapers, Fenice Srl (formerly Serendipity) despite a turnover of 1.19 million, records losses for about 3.4 million. The influencer’s company is, therefore, more like a start-up, a reality that, at this moment, actually needs a serious and far-sighted financier.

Who better than the Gunther Group? An ultra-capitalized international trust that has all the characteristics for Phoenix to be reborn from its ashes. The immense economic-financial availability of the richest dog in the world, in addition to his important role capable of truly shifting the balance in the circles that count, are elements that would interest everyone.

Moreover, Chiara Ferragni would find an ally with a solid know-how in the world of luxury-oriented licenses. The entrepreneur has already amply demonstrated her perfect understanding of the potential of licenses. It’s not by chance that many of her revenues come from royalties.

The entrance of the Gunther Group with a new corporate structure would also mean opening the doors to potential licensing operations with prestigious realities such as the Principality of Monaco, from where I’m writing to you.

The trust is, in fact, established in big cities that are undisputed icons of lifestyle such as Miami, Dubai, Monte Carlo and the paradisiacal Bahamas.

Beyond the concept of marketing

In this case I would like to remind you that Gunther is unique, there are no VIPs, celebrities or influencers who care. He is a decidedly unconventional star, his mere presence at exclusive appointments becomes a crazy media magnet.

Communication with Gunther is thus orchestrated on an emotional seismograph where the peaks reach staggering results. We are on another level. And Venetia Communication is the only communication company that can boast a close bond with the richest dog in the world.

Now can you imagine him alongside Italy’s most famous influencer?

Stefano Cigana


Pop star Madonna on Gunther: “When you find out a dog is selling your old house for 3 times the amount you sold it for!”

The world is buzzing with the news that Gunther VI, the richest dog in the world, is selling the former villa of pop star Madonna for 32 million dollars! All the spotlights are focused on the incredible story of the German shepherd who sleeps in the same room that was of the ” Material Girl “.

The American star shared the news in her Instagram stories… irony certainly doesn’t lack!

The marvelous 1.2 acre estate, overlooking the enchanting Biscayne Bay, in the most exclusive Miami, has been for the last 20 years the kingdom of the Gunther dynasty. A 6-generation dog lineage that inherited the million-dollar fortune of German Countess Karlotta Liebenstein. A patrimony that gave birth to the Gunther Group, an international trust that pampers the four-legged heir in super-luxury and invests its assets.

These events are involving me personally!

Did you miss the previous episodes?

Click and read the last article on the sensational boom of Gunther VI with the sale of the villa in Miami and my full immersion in the project.

Here instead is the first 6 months of co-working with Maurizio Mian, the whole story of the Happiness project and the German shepherd Gunther.

Seeing that a project in which we actively participate is shared by a pop music icon like Madonna is confirmation that we are on the right track of contemporary communication.

A real media bombshell

Stefano Cigana

The millionaire dog Gunther, Maurizio Mian and Madonna’s former villa: shockwave in Miami

The millionaire dog Gunther, Maurizio Mian and Madonna's ex villa in Miami

The world’s richest dog, Gunther VI, is selling his Miami mansion for $32 million. A stunning location, former property of pop star Madonna. No it’s not a bluff, it’s all true!

The pharmacologist friend Maurizio Mian and his Gunther Group, an international trust that takes care of the dog’s assets of about 500 million, have triggered a real media boom with the news of the real estate sale. The news, reported by Forbes, the Washington Post and other major publications, once again puts the spotlight on Gunther and what he represents: the scientific model of happiness.

[Find out here what the Gunther project is along with the first 6 months of co-working with Dr. Mian].

Living these events firsthand, actively developing communication is for me a source of enormous pride, gratitude and determination. An authentic full immersion in the world of Gunther.

Gunther VI sells his Miami mansion for $32 million

The enchanting and majestic Miami estate, previously purchased by star Madonna for $7.5 million, is now for sale for a whopping $32 million by its current owner: German shepherd Gunther VI.

The mansion, acquired by our four-legged friend in 2000, overlooks Biscayne Bay and is just a few miles from Miami Beach and Brickell. A unique 1.2 acre (0.5 hectare) property. Built in 1928, it is located in an ultra-luxury neighborhood, just think that it is located on the same street where Sylvester Stallone lived.

The private residence, with its obvious Mediterranean style, boasts luxurious interiors of an impressive 8,400 square feet with nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It is also the only home in the exclusive enclave to feature a dock. An iconic home from which to admire a stunning landscape.

Artfully designed gardens, water features, palm trees, stone pathways and a swimming pool with a deck with Italian charm. A Made in Italy atmosphere that continues even in the majestic rooms inside.

Gunther: a half-billion-dollar German shepherd

A real kingdom for Gunther VI. As evidenced by the portrait in the living room of his ancestor Gunther IV. A lineage of six generations that now goes back 40 years. As I have already had the opportunity to describe in detail in the dedicated article, Gunther is the richest dog in the world, today worth half a billion dollars.

In 1992 he inherited the fortune of the German countess Karlotta Liebenstein. The noble and wealthy owner had no children but loved her animals very much, thus leaving her enormous patrimony to her dog, Gunther III.  A trust that has since grown further through real estate investments and strategic ventures.

The Gunther Group team, in addition to taking the utmost care of the heir dog, decides how to commit his trust. A wealth invested in real estate, publishing, sports teams, discos, scientific research, strategic communications and much more.

Full immersion in the happiness project

Living these moments from the inside, contributing to the creation of strategic communication to make the model known on a global scale. This is one of the main objectives of the project “Total Happiness” that concern me directly, a real scientific formula to achieve happiness understood as the purpose of life. A theoretical and experimental model devoted to psycho-physical well-being, based on the main principles developed by Professor Mian.

The very recent clamor caused by the news of the Villa in Miami is a clear example of the great potential and media-social impact that the project has.

It is a privilege for me to be able to dialogue, study and work alongside Maurizio. I would also like to thank Forbes, The Washington Post and all the newspapers that have given space to the news.

Want to know more? Write me on WhatsApp.

Stefano Cigana