Gunther, the world’s richest dog, buys Nicolas Cage’s private island in the Bahamas

Following the worldwide success of Gunther’s Millions on Netflix, the Gunther Trust’s projects and investments continue: in fact, the webseries concludes with a coming soon by Prof. Mian and Carla to one of Gunther’s formerly owned properties in the Bahamas. The island called Leaf Cay, a private island owned by Nicolas Cage, in addition to diversifying Gunther’s resources, will become an animal welfare center. What does this have to do with me? Obviously I will be in charge of all communication activities. See you on Netflix.

An incredible story broadcast on Netflix

Netflix’s new series, Gunther’s Millions, is unlike any other. Its singular subject matter keeps viewers glued to the screen as they wonder, “Can it get any crazier than this?” And it does.

Images of crowds of fans, world press, celebrity relationships, mega-yachts, supercars, “free love” nightclubs, cult bands, soccer teams, pop star Madonna’s Miami mansion, and, most intriguingly, a 30-year research project on happiness flow by.

Surprisingly, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because Gunther’s story is by no means over.

Gunther’s Millions: sequel kicks off with island in the Bahamas

With the purchase of Nicolas Cage’s paradisiacal island, Mian and the Gunther Trust intend to continue scientific research on happiness, social experiments, and initiatives for the welfare of people and animals, as well as to contribute to the diversification of Gunther’s estate.

What many people don’t know is that as the Gunther Group’s communications consultant, I was the one who presented the island’s strategic plan directly to the professor two years ago. The one that is now turning into reality.

As the custodian of Gunther and his legacy, Dr. Mian in addition to the island in the Bahamas, has now thrown himself headlong into the development of an unprecedented NFT collection that follows the wave of the series, titling it precisely “Gunther’s Rich Dog Collection.”

But the new projects do not end there. In fact, I have received the green light for investments in sports. Motta di Livenza right now would have many opportunities in this regard. I have also recently had proposals to take over sports clubs in the Livenza area. But I honestly think that local management is not yet ready for the entry of big capital.


Stefano Cigana

Chiara Ferragni: on the table the offer of the billionaire dog Gunther

Gunther calls Chiara Ferragni: I explain why I proposed to the $1,000,000,000 trust to aim for this destination

The hype around the shocking news of the dog Gunther selling Madonna’s villa in Miami for over 30 million dollars was cooling down. From the super-plus-value cashed by the billionaire German shepherd, to the social reaction of the “Material Girl” herself. News that has made the rounds in the biggest newspapers in the world: from the New York Times to the Washington Post. It all seemed to be over… nothing could be more wrong.

When I saw that Chiara Ferragni was actually putting 66% of her company Fenice Srl up for sale, I didn’t think twice about it. Back down? Never. In just a few moments, I saw a well-defined design materialize in front of me. It would be a perfect partnership, I thought, I must immediately call Maurizio.

As was to be expected, he backed me up. I can therefore announce that the Gunther Group, with its capital that is close to one billion dollars, is strongly interested in taking over the majority of Fenice, becoming the “growth capital” that Chiara Ferragni is looking for. The offer will arrive soon on the table of the Italian entrepreneur.

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Influencer? No, Gunther.

As pointed out by Il Sole 24 Ore and other newspapers, Fenice Srl (formerly Serendipity) despite a turnover of 1.19 million, records losses for about 3.4 million. The influencer’s company is, therefore, more like a start-up, a reality that, at this moment, actually needs a serious and far-sighted financier.

Who better than the Gunther Group? An ultra-capitalized international trust that has all the characteristics for Phoenix to be reborn from its ashes. The immense economic-financial availability of the richest dog in the world, in addition to his important role capable of truly shifting the balance in the circles that count, are elements that would interest everyone.

Moreover, Chiara Ferragni would find an ally with a solid know-how in the world of luxury-oriented licenses. The entrepreneur has already amply demonstrated her perfect understanding of the potential of licenses. It’s not by chance that many of her revenues come from royalties.

The entrance of the Gunther Group with a new corporate structure would also mean opening the doors to potential licensing operations with prestigious realities such as the Principality of Monaco, from where I’m writing to you.

The trust is, in fact, established in big cities that are undisputed icons of lifestyle such as Miami, Dubai, Monte Carlo and the paradisiacal Bahamas.

Beyond the concept of marketing

In this case I would like to remind you that Gunther is unique, there are no VIPs, celebrities or influencers who care. He is a decidedly unconventional star, his mere presence at exclusive appointments becomes a crazy media magnet.

Communication with Gunther is thus orchestrated on an emotional seismograph where the peaks reach staggering results. We are on another level. And Venetia Communication is the only communication company that can boast a close bond with the richest dog in the world.

Now can you imagine him alongside Italy’s most famous influencer?

Stefano Cigana


Pop star Madonna on Gunther: “When you find out a dog is selling your old house for 3 times the amount you sold it for!”

The world is buzzing with the news that Gunther VI, the richest dog in the world, is selling the former villa of pop star Madonna for 32 million dollars! All the spotlights are focused on the incredible story of the German shepherd who sleeps in the same room that was of the ” Material Girl “.

The American star shared the news in her Instagram stories… irony certainly doesn’t lack!

The marvelous 1.2 acre estate, overlooking the enchanting Biscayne Bay, in the most exclusive Miami, has been for the last 20 years the kingdom of the Gunther dynasty. A 6-generation dog lineage that inherited the million-dollar fortune of German Countess Karlotta Liebenstein. A patrimony that gave birth to the Gunther Group, an international trust that pampers the four-legged heir in super-luxury and invests its assets.

These events are involving me personally!

Did you miss the previous episodes?

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Here instead is the first 6 months of co-working with Maurizio Mian, the whole story of the Happiness project and the German shepherd Gunther.

Seeing that a project in which we actively participate is shared by a pop music icon like Madonna is confirmation that we are on the right track of contemporary communication.

A real media bombshell

Stefano Cigana

The millionaire dog Gunther, Maurizio Mian and Madonna’s former villa: shockwave in Miami

The millionaire dog Gunther, Maurizio Mian and Madonna's ex villa in Miami

The world’s richest dog, Gunther VI, is selling his Miami mansion for $32 million. A stunning location, former property of pop star Madonna. No it’s not a bluff, it’s all true!

The pharmacologist friend Maurizio Mian and his Gunther Group, an international trust that takes care of the dog’s assets of about 500 million, have triggered a real media boom with the news of the real estate sale. The news, reported by Forbes, the Washington Post and other major publications, once again puts the spotlight on Gunther and what he represents: the scientific model of happiness.

[Find out here what the Gunther project is along with the first 6 months of co-working with Dr. Mian].

Living these events firsthand, actively developing communication is for me a source of enormous pride, gratitude and determination. An authentic full immersion in the world of Gunther.

Gunther VI sells his Miami mansion for $32 million

The enchanting and majestic Miami estate, previously purchased by star Madonna for $7.5 million, is now for sale for a whopping $32 million by its current owner: German shepherd Gunther VI.

The mansion, acquired by our four-legged friend in 2000, overlooks Biscayne Bay and is just a few miles from Miami Beach and Brickell. A unique 1.2 acre (0.5 hectare) property. Built in 1928, it is located in an ultra-luxury neighborhood, just think that it is located on the same street where Sylvester Stallone lived.

The private residence, with its obvious Mediterranean style, boasts luxurious interiors of an impressive 8,400 square feet with nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It is also the only home in the exclusive enclave to feature a dock. An iconic home from which to admire a stunning landscape.

Artfully designed gardens, water features, palm trees, stone pathways and a swimming pool with a deck with Italian charm. A Made in Italy atmosphere that continues even in the majestic rooms inside.

Gunther: a half-billion-dollar German shepherd

A real kingdom for Gunther VI. As evidenced by the portrait in the living room of his ancestor Gunther IV. A lineage of six generations that now goes back 40 years. As I have already had the opportunity to describe in detail in the dedicated article, Gunther is the richest dog in the world, today worth half a billion dollars.

In 1992 he inherited the fortune of the German countess Karlotta Liebenstein. The noble and wealthy owner had no children but loved her animals very much, thus leaving her enormous patrimony to her dog, Gunther III.  A trust that has since grown further through real estate investments and strategic ventures.

The Gunther Group team, in addition to taking the utmost care of the heir dog, decides how to commit his trust. A wealth invested in real estate, publishing, sports teams, discos, scientific research, strategic communications and much more.

Full immersion in the happiness project

Living these moments from the inside, contributing to the creation of strategic communication to make the model known on a global scale. This is one of the main objectives of the project “Total Happiness” that concern me directly, a real scientific formula to achieve happiness understood as the purpose of life. A theoretical and experimental model devoted to psycho-physical well-being, based on the main principles developed by Professor Mian.

The very recent clamor caused by the news of the Villa in Miami is a clear example of the great potential and media-social impact that the project has.

It is a privilege for me to be able to dialogue, study and work alongside Maurizio. I would also like to thank Forbes, The Washington Post and all the newspapers that have given space to the news.

Want to know more? Write me on WhatsApp.

Stefano Cigana

stefano cigana & kpet

K-MED®: lay down with the right one, to feel good night and day

K-MED® for Human & Pet: a revolutionary medical device perfect for regaining well-being

The experience of Brand Ambassador for the company KPET is getting under my skin, in the true sense of the word. The credit certainly doesn’t go to microchip aliens, but to a unique product called K-MED® HUMAN.

Simplifying it, a blanket: soft, welcoming, relaxing, healing, modern, innovative and with intelligent warmth. As an informed interlocutor and direct user, I speak knowingly of the first bio-physical painkiller, certified in Class 1 by the Ministry of Health. Completely Made in Italy. A revolutionary medical device, produced and signed by KPET, with efficacy tested on all mammals and able to reduce pain and inflammation up to 70%.

The nanobiomolecule KRYSTAL MED®, of which KPET is the exclusive owner, is the forerunner of my well-being. Unique in the world, it is one of the most important scientific discoveries of the last thirty years. A tetrahedral-ionic structure, able to interact with the nervous system of every mammal, at the level of phospholipid synaptic membranes. Restoring neural connections and effectively reducing pain and inflammation.

Practically, the infrared energies FIR (Far InfraRed) emitted by the human body are intercepted and returned, stimulating cellular functions, microcirculation and peripheral oxygenation.

K-MED is therefore able to improve micro-circulation, increase blood oxygenation and cellular efficiency. Effectively fighting inflammations (inflammatory and painful states) of the musculoskeletal system. Treating articular and extra-articular rheumatic affections. In addition to inflammatory states, also of post-traumatic origin.

The result of scientific research, K-MED® may prove to be the right way to go when you want to improve your life, being able to truly say “Bye bye pills!”

By obtaining with K-MED® a rapid resolution of chronic and intense pain derived from: arthritis, arthrosis, trauma, degenerative processes, water retention, cluster headache, inflammatory problems, menstrual pain, post-surgery, prolonged states of stress and sleep disorders.

I am noticing positive effects on the quality of my sleep and some stress support, in the activities in which I am professionally involved.

I confirm the persistence, even during the day, of the pleasant widespread sense of well-being. In the hours when I’m out and about for work. In the space I dedicate to my passion for sports in the gym and outdoors, as well as my other outdoor activities. This means that the medical-scientific technology of the K-MED device interacts with me even when I am not using it directly in contact with my body.

The absence of contraindications emerged during the clinical studies, approved by the National Research Council and the Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence, therefore makes K-MED ® an exceptional help for athletes and sportsmen who perform intense physical activity and for people in advanced age.

K-MED ® is also available for my pet, with the same benefits. An act of love due to animals in need of care and / or elderly.

The use of K-MED ® is very simple, a minimum time of 4H/NIGHT to benefit effectively, using it as a blanket. Or as a static support during the daily rest.

Discover all the formats on

Stefano Cigana

I LOVE PETS: Stefano Cigana becomes Kpet Brand Ambassador

The partnership with KPET & KMED was born from the unlimited love for our animal friends.

“Stefano Cigana” has become a brand that reflects my values and my personality. The unconditional love for four-legged friends, and animals in general, has always been an essential element of my being. A natural feeling, definitely pet-friendly, which has become a real philosophy of life. The new partnership with the start-up that is revolutionizing pet care is based on this common vision and pet-oriented attitude. In fact, I am proud to announce that I have been appointed Brand Ambassador of Kpet.

“The noblest sentiment in the world is selfless love for all living creatures”

We are mammals, we are animal creatures too. Unfortunately, we often forget that. Probably being a species devoted to the domain of reason and artificiality is not a great fortune. For centuries we thought we were the center of the universe. Believing that our language and our rationality were the main ways, the keystone to open all locks. Now we discover that this is not the case at all! On the contrary, this naive anthropocentric arrogance is directing us towards a worrying future, for us and for the entire planet Earth.

The other living beings are also endowed with their own specific form of language and pluriform intelligence. Unable to translate all their verses and behaviors, they who do not speak our language, understand our heart. It is as if we are connected to an infinite and invisible score, a diffuse energy, the breath of life. A gentle voice that everyone should listen to.

stefano cigana & kpet

Animals tiptoe into our busy lives. They don’t take long to sit faithfully by our side. They gently manage to win our hearts. When we stop for a moment to reflect, we realize, quite simply, that they fill our lives.

For this reason, I firmly believe that spending the time at our disposal without ever having loved an animal is a big mistake. An unjustified renunciation, a tremendous deprivation of light for our soul.

The four-legged friends give us happiness, carefree. They accompany us, like brothers, in the challenges of life. They always make us feel, in their own way, to be present and close. Having a pet is a daily give and take. It is living a unique friendship, rare elsewhere. Truly.

Taking care of a pet is something that changes your life. Able to create emotions forever in our memories. For me, loving animals is not a slogan, it is a way of life, a natural feeling, an innate attitude and a moral duty.

I have always denounced and fought against violence towards animals. Against real horrible and mean gestures, dictated by idiocy, boredom and inner emptiness. Beastly” actions of which only humans can be guilty.

stefano cigana & kpet

Co-branding Stefano Cigana & Kpet

I immediately shared the philosophy of the Kpet brand. With whom I have the pleasure of collaborating to make the luxury experiences I develop all over the world increasingly pet-friendly. The pet specialist company wants to embody the essence of the revolution. The brand mission is to digitize the process of searching, booking and paying for any Petcare service, providing an easy key to access the web, within an environment entirely dedicated to Pets. KPET develops high-tech tools with which to take care of your animal friends.

We therefore join forces with the aim of creating a solid and fruitful co-branding. The presence of the start-up, as a partner at Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded, is just the first step of a long journey. A great way to get to know each other and provide innovative services, tools, devices and products for the four-legged friends of luxury car owners.

As Brand Ambassador of Kpet I will continue to raise awareness and support the passion for animals through interdisciplinary and future-oriented projects and initiatives. These include the Stefano Cigana & Kpet capsule, which we are developing to raise the level of innovation in the Petcare world even higher.

I will also be the testimonial for KMED, a blanket that is the first biophysical painkiller certified by the Ministry of Health in class 1. The product signed Kpet is a revolutionary medical device, effective on all mammals and able to reduce pain and inflammation up to 70%.

Available in different sizes, both in Human and Pet version, it is the result of years of scientific research and perfectly in line with the philosophy of well-being that KPET promotes in all its activities.

Stefano Cigana