Venetia Communication media partner per la candidatura di Motta di Livenza Comune Europeo dello Sport 2023

La società di comunicazione di cui sono alla guida sosterrà l’ambizioso progetto assieme ad una cordata di aziende del comprensorio.

È uscito il primo articolo sull’attiva partecipazione di Venetia Communication alla candidatura ufficiale di Motta di Livenza a Comune Europeo dello Sport 2023.

Il Perché del progetto

Il nostro obiettivo va oltre il raggiungimento di questo importante titolo. Vogliamo valorizzare e centralizzare il polo sportivo d’eccellenza di Motta attraverso progetti innovativi e un elevato standard comunicativo. In questo modo genereremo una ricaduta pubblicitaria su tutto il territorio promuovendolo così anche sul piano turistico.


Il piano di sviluppo triennale

Questo progetto nasce anche dalla linea guida che ho voluto dare a Venetia Communication. Crediamo infatti che lo sport e l’attività fisica in generale siano fondamentali per garantire e migliorare il benessere psico-fisico di ognuno di noi. La ricerca della felicità è un elemento imprescindibile per la nostra filosofia ma anche per tutti noi. Per questo lo sport non può che assumere un ruolo di rilievo. In questo particolare momento storico ce ne stiamo accorgendo tutti.

Come realizzarlo?

Siamo già al lavoro per la produzione dello spot ufficiale, dell’intera comunicazione social e del portale web. Il sito sarà un canale sportivo di riferimento per tutti gli appassionati e gli sportivi di Motta di Livenza. Una piattaforma capace di diventare un importante occasione di marketing e visibilità per tutte le aziende che operano nel settore del fitness e dello sport. Contiamo infatti su un pubblico molto numeroso, solo la cittadina Mottense conta 23 associazioni sportive locali e più di 2500 atleti.

Mentre le riaperture di palestre, piscina e attività sportive slittano ancora, noi andiamo in controtendenza!


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Stefano Cigana

Venetia Communication media partner per...

La società di comunicazione sosterrà l’ambizioso progetto assieme ad una cordata di aziende del comprensorio
the priest serie TV

THE PRIEST: the production of the 1st international Italian-Thai TV series has started

At the end of the month will begin filming the teaser: Ray Liotta, the "good guy" is the star among the candidates for lead actor.

With this new year I have decided to add to my other activities an important return as a film producer with the TV series “The Priest”.

The decision is not at all casual. The year 2020 was a difficult year for the film world as well, proof of this is the fact that nothing was produced. This situation caused by the pandemic has increased the need for large streaming platforms like Netflix to have new and appealing content.

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the priest serie TV


Venetia Communication’s productions in the Bangkok office are starting again. At the end of the month will be shot the teaser for a new TV series, called “THE PRIEST”. Set in modern Thailand, across Bangkok and major cities and some islands, the series tells the story of an excommunicated priest. After becoming embroiled in a scandal, an early retirement deal gets him out of the Vatican….

The protagonist is actually a “dismissed” man of God. Violence, narcotics, corruption and prostitution will cause him to lose his sight. Among the candidates for the role is Ray Liotta, the star of “Goodfellas,” Martin Scorsese’s absolute cult film starring Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

Filming of “The Priest” will take place between Thailand, Vatican City and Italy.


I will have the pleasure to be producer of this exciting project together with Niccolò Bordin, aka Niccolò de la Fère. The director of the series is Joshua Dixon, post-production supervisor is Brynley Cadman, line producer & production manager are Andrew Millet and Arthur Bloon.

The production company Mbrella Films operates in Thailand and works with the best stunts and action designers in Asia. With figures from the team of Tony Jaa (Ong Bak) and Previz fighting designers from films such as Black Panter (Marvel). In the crew there is also the weapon specialist of “Extraction”, film with the well-known actor Chris Hemsworth.

Distribution of “The Priest” is secured by executive producer Daniel Zirilli, producer of more than 50 films and 250 music videos and documentaries.

Who will get international distribution? Netflix? Hulu? Itunes Movies? HOOQ? Amazon?

We’ll see.


The role of producer is not new to me. It was 2017 when the short film “Sulla Riva” was released, produced by Venetia Communication and directed by Niccolò de la Fère.

The film, set in the Venetian countryside at the end of the 18th century, is shot in the Venetian language of the time. The story is centered on the figure of an old farmer, who, having reached the last days of his life, tries to do one last good deed to redeem himself.

“The Priest” TV series and the reactivation of the Bangkok film location will be a new international push for the business model I have built. Investments and content will be increasingly directed on this path.


Stefano Cigana

cyberbullying is a crime


The phenomenon is increasing especially in lockdown times: do not fall into the trap of the keyboard lions.

Communication and the ways in which we interact with others are increasingly mediated by digital devices. This radical change is bringing with it several new social problems, including cyberbullying. This phenomenon, which has emerged in recent years from numerous news events, is constantly evolving as it follows the progress of communication technologies hand in hand, exploiting their potential. Precisely for this reason it is important to remember that cyberbullying is a crime.

Like bullying in its most common nature, cyberbullying is a form of bullying and oppression repeated over time, perpetrated by one person or group to the detriment of others considered more fragile. The main distinction from the classic one is that cyberbullying takes place and is implemented through the use of the web and digital systems. This obviously has huge repercussions in real life as well.

Cyberbullying is a crime: what does the law say?

On 18 May 2017 with law 71/2017, the Italian Parliament approved the “Provisions for the protection of minors for the prevention and contrast of the phenomenon of cyberbullying”. A new and awaited rule for the protection of minors to prevent and combat virtual bullying with mainly re-educational and training measures.

This law, in addition to establishing that cyberbullying is a crime, defines the central role of the School and the responsibilities of parents of minors. The behaviors to be adopted between the parties and all aspects are further clarified in the Guidelines for the prevention and fight against cyberbullying.

Thanks to law 71/17, a legal definition is introduced for the first time:

“Any form of pressure, aggression, harassment, blackmail, insult, denigration, defamation, identity theft, alteration, illicit acquisition, manipulation, illicit treatment of personal data to the detriment of minors, carried out electronically, as well as the dissemination of online content relating to one or more members of the minor’s family whose intentional and predominant purpose is to isolate a minor or a group of minors by placing serious abuse, malicious attack, or ridicule of them. ” (Art. 1- Paragraph 2).

What are the penal behaviors?

Young people who bully therefore commit crimes, in these cases the criminally relevant behaviors are:

  • beatings (art.581),
  • personal injury (Article 582),
  • insult (art.594),
  • defamation (Article 595),
  • private violence (Article 610),
  • threat (Article 612),
  • damage (Article 635).

In the most serious cases, a report to the police or judicial authorities is sufficient to trigger a criminal proceeding, in the other, together with the report, it is also necessary to initiate a complaint against the perpetrator of the crime.

Unfortunately, the most common mistake is to fall into the psychological trap of the bully by doing his game. Instead, we must not be afraid to report the abuses suffered to the police and competent authorities. This is the best way to stop such harmful conduct and incentivize other victims to do the same.

Il cyberbullismo è un reato

Cyberbullying is a crime: the social initiative “Odiare ti costa” is born to denounce hate speech

It is with this spirit that “Odiare Ti Costa” was born, an initiative of the association “Pensare Sociale” to support and help victims of hate on the web. In fact, on their website it is possible to report hate content, cases of defamation, cyberbullying, revenge porn, threats, violence, offenses to reputation and / or image of oneself or of others on the web.

The association is concretely committed to applying the “Code of Conduct to combat illegal hate speech online, signed between the European Commission and the main social platforms”.

Odiare Ti Costa responds to reports with a legal reading of each case submitted. Then proposing various actions that can be prosecuted and in the most serious events it promotes pilot actions to fight online bullying, even through legal channels. In addition to facilitating reporting and the removal of hate content, the association does a lot of dissemination and research on hate speech on the web.

Studio Legale Del Pinto

Studio Legale Del Pinto is also specialized on these thorny topics. Located in Pistoia and Florence, it mainly deals with civil and corporate law, and in a short time it has become a reference reality at local and regional level.


Stefano Cigana