Licensing exploit: enhancing the Monaco and Monte Carlo brands in the world

The prestigious "Monaco" and "Monte Carlo" licenses as a perfect model of successful licensing

In 2019, I presented to the Government of the Principality of Monaco a strategic communication model aimed at the commercial enhancement of Monte Carlo in the world. Faced with the innovative matrix of the format and the profound prospects for development, the government company that protects the Monegasque image rights deemed it appropriate to become co-owner of the project.

On the basis of this proposal, which I accepted without delay, we started the activities. Thus activating a decidedly avant-garde licensing operation. In a very short time, and above all in the midst of a pandemic, we managed to create a solid system capable of generating relationships.

All the ideas matured from this model, subsequently transformed into commercial synergies, have been welcomed in a privileged way. This position has been further enhanced by signing the native products with the official license of the Principality of Monaco.

Venetia Communication takes care of shaping these projects, allowing the BRAND PRINCIPALITY OF MONACO to extend internationally to the nth degree.

I forgot! The model in question is known to most as “Bull Days Monte Carlo“.

FENICE Principality of Monaco


Let’s take a step back, however. Licensing is the commercialization of licenses between the licensor (the owner of the rights) and the licensee (the one who obtains the right of use). The latter will pay a royalty, called a licensing fee, based on the amount of sales.

This important business tool is applicable to: patents, trademarks, logos, know-how, concepts, production processes, ingredients, raw materials and other elements. The magic ingredient is the realization of unique products and services with great appeal.

Licensing is therefore configured as a trend in great growth, as well as best practice to create trends and penetrate new territories, markets and audiences.

It is clear that the benefits for companies and brands are many!

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CASE HISTORY #1: Ital E-bike for Automobili Lamborghini

Officially using the license Automobili Lamborghini, Ital E-bike has managed to forge a unique and inimitable product. E-bike Lamborghini is the most advanced and innovative electric bicycle on the market.

The new era in the world of e-bikes has begun here. A revolution in performance and technology. An exclusive bike, a mirror of the highest quality, extreme functionality and unparalleled durability. Indelible image of elegance and magnetic charm, in the finishes and in the design, a clear reflection of the legendary lines signed by the iconic car manufacturer.

CASE HISTORY #2: Champagne Carbon for Bugatti

Another licensing operation is the one between Champagne Carbon and Bugatti. A partnership expressed in a heart-stopping fusion. A toast between two brands that share much more than a homeland: the French region of Grand Est.

Pioneering, perfectionism, audacity, excellence: the keywords that drive Bugatti pistons and Carbon grapes. This is where “ƎB.01” was born, an iconic champagne to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the hypercar manufacturer. Emblem of a series of limited edition champagnes, able to make you fall in love even before you put your lips on the glass.

FENICE Principality of Monaco

Monaco & Monte Carlo signed

Signing a product with the noble name of the Principality of Monaco is the surplus for any winning strategy. Checkmate.

The result is to directly enjoy the appeal, princely heritage and world-famous values that Monaco represents. An authentic paradise in miniature, set like a precious jewel among the rocks and sand of the Côte d’Azur.

Always a coveted and beloved location of the international jet-set. An exceptional place celebrated by artists, writers, directors, stars and iconic figures of all ages. Elegant and exclusive luxury, haute couture, cinema, star system, yachting, real estate, art, cult of sport and green sensibility.

CASE HISTORY #3 : the Bull Days Monte Carlo device

Bull Days Monte Carlo is therefore much more than a motorsport & luxury event. More than an edition of Bull Days. It is an authentic brand, an autonomous brand able to enhance and extend internationally the name and the charm of the Principality of Monaco and its famous district.

Bull Days Monte Carlo is a brand with official license of the Principality. In co-ownership between Venetia Communication and the Monegasque company that protects and manages the licenses.

We can say with absolute certainty that the 1st edition Bull Days Monte Carlo has proved to be a real source of synergies business & relationship. An innovative model based on relationships able to multiply, in the short to medium term, visions, ideas and ambitious cross-sectoral projects.

An exclusive happening, an absolute and daring phenomenon. An event that has made history as the 1st automotive event to be held in the new Place du Casino and the only one of its kind during 2020.

Today Bull Days Monte Carlo is a future-oriented brand with the aim of enhancing Monaco and Monte Carlo in the world.

Stefano Cigana


Pop star Madonna on Gunther: “When you find out a dog is selling your old house for 3 times the amount you sold it for!”

The world is buzzing with the news that Gunther VI, the richest dog in the world, is selling the former villa of pop star Madonna for 32 million dollars! All the spotlights are focused on the incredible story of the German shepherd who sleeps in the same room that was of the ” Material Girl “.

The American star shared the news in her Instagram stories… irony certainly doesn’t lack!

The marvelous 1.2 acre estate, overlooking the enchanting Biscayne Bay, in the most exclusive Miami, has been for the last 20 years the kingdom of the Gunther dynasty. A 6-generation dog lineage that inherited the million-dollar fortune of German Countess Karlotta Liebenstein. A patrimony that gave birth to the Gunther Group, an international trust that pampers the four-legged heir in super-luxury and invests its assets.

These events are involving me personally!

Did you miss the previous episodes?

Click and read the last article on the sensational boom of Gunther VI with the sale of the villa in Miami and my full immersion in the project.

Here instead is the first 6 months of co-working with Maurizio Mian, the whole story of the Happiness project and the German shepherd Gunther.

Seeing that a project in which we actively participate is shared by a pop music icon like Madonna is confirmation that we are on the right track of contemporary communication.

A real media bombshell

Stefano Cigana

The millionaire dog Gunther, Maurizio Mian and Madonna’s former villa: shockwave in Miami

The millionaire dog Gunther, Maurizio Mian and Madonna's ex villa in Miami

The world’s richest dog, Gunther VI, is selling his Miami mansion for $32 million. A stunning location, former property of pop star Madonna. No it’s not a bluff, it’s all true!

The pharmacologist friend Maurizio Mian and his Gunther Group, an international trust that takes care of the dog’s assets of about 500 million, have triggered a real media boom with the news of the real estate sale. The news, reported by Forbes, the Washington Post and other major publications, once again puts the spotlight on Gunther and what he represents: the scientific model of happiness.

[Find out here what the Gunther project is along with the first 6 months of co-working with Dr. Mian].

Living these events firsthand, actively developing communication is for me a source of enormous pride, gratitude and determination. An authentic full immersion in the world of Gunther.

Gunther VI sells his Miami mansion for $32 million

The enchanting and majestic Miami estate, previously purchased by star Madonna for $7.5 million, is now for sale for a whopping $32 million by its current owner: German shepherd Gunther VI.

The mansion, acquired by our four-legged friend in 2000, overlooks Biscayne Bay and is just a few miles from Miami Beach and Brickell. A unique 1.2 acre (0.5 hectare) property. Built in 1928, it is located in an ultra-luxury neighborhood, just think that it is located on the same street where Sylvester Stallone lived.

The private residence, with its obvious Mediterranean style, boasts luxurious interiors of an impressive 8,400 square feet with nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It is also the only home in the exclusive enclave to feature a dock. An iconic home from which to admire a stunning landscape.

Artfully designed gardens, water features, palm trees, stone pathways and a swimming pool with a deck with Italian charm. A Made in Italy atmosphere that continues even in the majestic rooms inside.

Gunther: a half-billion-dollar German shepherd

A real kingdom for Gunther VI. As evidenced by the portrait in the living room of his ancestor Gunther IV. A lineage of six generations that now goes back 40 years. As I have already had the opportunity to describe in detail in the dedicated article, Gunther is the richest dog in the world, today worth half a billion dollars.

In 1992 he inherited the fortune of the German countess Karlotta Liebenstein. The noble and wealthy owner had no children but loved her animals very much, thus leaving her enormous patrimony to her dog, Gunther III.  A trust that has since grown further through real estate investments and strategic ventures.

The Gunther Group team, in addition to taking the utmost care of the heir dog, decides how to commit his trust. A wealth invested in real estate, publishing, sports teams, discos, scientific research, strategic communications and much more.

Full immersion in the happiness project

Living these moments from the inside, contributing to the creation of strategic communication to make the model known on a global scale. This is one of the main objectives of the project “Total Happiness” that concern me directly, a real scientific formula to achieve happiness understood as the purpose of life. A theoretical and experimental model devoted to psycho-physical well-being, based on the main principles developed by Professor Mian.

The very recent clamor caused by the news of the Villa in Miami is a clear example of the great potential and media-social impact that the project has.

It is a privilege for me to be able to dialogue, study and work alongside Maurizio. I would also like to thank Forbes, The Washington Post and all the newspapers that have given space to the news.

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Stefano Cigana