Gucci collection and tourist destinations


GUCCI RESORT COLLECTION: The collection inspired by tourist destinations. The fashion house has acquired the license of the Monte Carlo brand.

Gucci gives life to a new collection inspired by the most famous tourist destinations around the world. Wonderful places and cities such as Monte Carlo, Cannes, Capri, Mykonos, Porto Cervo and Marbella are transformed into a mix of colors and details that animate a unique line of accessories and shopping bags. Each model of the Gucci collection inspired by tourist destinations is stamped with the name of the location it represents.

In those dedicated to the Monegasque Principality the name emerges thanks to the gold-colored metallic font drawn on a colored leather patch. Embroidered red, white and blue stripes and G combine perfectly with the yellow leather profiles, it is also equipped with a double handle and a detachable shoulder strap, which can be stored inside the bag.

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Gucci and co-branding: some illustrious precedents

But this is not the first time that the well-known Italian fashion house, founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, amazes with original co-branding. For example, when he announced the collaboration with director H. Korine and the launch of the limited edition of 50 Spectacles “Gucci by Harmony Korine”, exclusively for Art Basel Miami Beach 2019. Or when on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unity of Italy, the idea for the creation of “Fiat 500 by Gucci” was born. With the car model redesigned and elected in 2009 Design Car of the Year.

The birth of the Gucci collection inspired by tourist destinations confirms the trend. Co-branding and licensing have now established themselves as new trends in the international fashion system and beyond, capable of creating anticipation and interest for customers, collectors and re-sellers. The mix of the values ​​of the two brands turns out to be an extremely effective communication and marketing strategy.

The new Gucci collection by “Monte-Carlo” confirms once again how the French Riviera and its international events have always been synonymous with fashion, luxury and worldliness. Linking prestigious tourist locations with an equally important brand will certainly prove to be a winning choice. In fact, licensing has become the ideal strategic tool adopted by many companies to penetrate new territories and markets. But it is also the perfect medium to create something new and with great appeal.


The term licensing refers to the marketing of licenses between the owner of the rights (licensor) and the licensee, who obtains the right to use a specific patent, a trademark, a certain know-how or any element essential to be able to produce or market a product or service.

It can therefore cover a wide range of activities or elements. A logo or company name, a production process or the product itself, technologies or methods of manufacture, specific ingredients or raw materials, etc. A fundamental prerequisite for being able to sign a licensing agreement is that there is an undisputed originality of the product or service in question.


A licensing agreement provides that the licensee, by virtue of the right to use a specific license, pays a royalty based on the amount of sales obtained. In addition, the licensee also has the option of paying, at the time of signing the agreement between the two parties, a deposit or a concession right, ie the so-called licensing fee.


We at Venetia Communication are well aware of the potential of these strategies, with an official mandate from Monaco Brands, we offer luxury companies this type of licensing operations. The company mission is to develop the appeal and reputation of the Principality of Monaco by enhancing its countless trump cards and bringing together all the economic, tourist and cultural players of Monte-Carlo.


Stefano Cigana