Venetia Communication is the communication company I founded in 1998. The Venetia team strongly believes in the need to produce quality content and this is often translated into a storytelling with a strong emotional value. According to Venetia and CEO Cigana, the client must feel accompanied in the realization of a strategic plan that is not limited to clever graphics but is able to convey its authenticity. Video, Photos, Design and Soundtracks are produced with the most advanced technologies. Projects are used mainly on the Web, but also in traditional media. Venetia is the ancient name of Venice, the most beautiful and unique city in the world, the origin of the company’s name.

Venetia Communication is an international brand, based on multitasking skills and luxury-oriented experiences. The How To of communication characterizes the expert approach of Venetia. Stories of branding, corporate heritage and people dedicated to the best expression of skills and professionalism, receive here all the time they deserve. To create the right amount of awareness inside and outside the company that relies on the creative team. Creating and knowing how to launch strategic Luxury-format is the core mission. Concentrating synergies of competences on brand values with concrete ideas, made to measure for contemporary reality.