Let me explain with examples what High Poppy Syndrome is.

I explain with examples what is the High Poppy Syndrome: between fanciful hypothesis and social pathology

What is “Tall Poppy Syndrome“? It is a particular form of envy that consists in the difficulty of being able to genuinely appreciate the successes of others without feeling annoyed. That annoyance that then evolves, each at his own pace, into strategies to demolish the opponent. An opponent who may also be a “friend”!

In fact, it is well known that we prune the flowers that grow more than their neighbors, so as not to disfigure the lower ones. Hence the name of the “tall poppy”.

The syndrome expresses the aversion generated by individuals who manage to stand out in a particular field. This feeling is not really a form of envy, it is more of an emotional reaction to the success of others that inevitably highlights their limitations.

Criticize, discredit, slander. These are the routine weapons of those affected by this bad habit! [Find out more in the dedicated article].

From 2017 to today, we have worked to create an event that has achieved the goal of bringing together a group of entrepreneurs and businessmen united by being all owners of a Lamborghini car.

A community that, by living its passion for the Tori di Sant’Agata on a daily basis, has managed to strengthen the image of the territories it has crossed, the human relationships it has created, the companies and people it has involved. A true luxury experience with a high emotional impact capable of making everyone happy: owners, enthusiasts, children and the simply curious.

It’s as if…

upon reaching this milestone, some subjects more or less directly linked to the Mother Company had decided to wage war on me!

As the event you create reaches the international stage, it expands its community and successfully establishes itself worldwide. It becomes a true lifestyle phenomenon capable of attracting top brands and influential figures.

It’s as if…

at that very moment, an internal group joined forces to sow the famous “discord”, clumsily attempting to replicate the format.

It’s as if

those individuals who had initially collaborated to give birth to the first Bull Days, began phoning everyone to say they were no longer going to Bull Days, feeling dispossessed.

It’s as if…

of the friends I’ve already written an article about, actually stood by me with the intent of helping to cut the poppy.

Of course, these are just examples to better explain the Tall Poppy Syndrome through the activities that everyone knows me for. The impressive thing is that in certain environments these things really happen. Very often those who are victims, out of fear, do not even talk about it.

It then becomes an attitude that tends to oppress the individual. A premeditated conduct put in place in order to cancel what has become the enemy. Those who have the misfortune to come into contact with those who adopt such behavior, inevitably become victims.

An anti-meritocratic mechanism is thus triggered, harmful not only to the health of the individual but also to that of businesses.

But fortunately large companies like Lamborghini have a Code of Ethics and managers who are very attentive to the fundamentals of this important moral instrument, thus preventing such actions from taking hold.

Unfortunately, these devious dynamics constitute, elsewhere, a real social model based on envy. An attitude of provincialism that inhabits small minds.

My thanks go to all the people I have mentioned directly and not. To all those I have met in this wonderful journey towards the fifth anniversary.

Stefano Cigana

With Fabio Lamborghini: a friendship ignited by my passion for Lambo cars

Fabio Lamborghini: "This is the first time someone else has told me the story of the Lamborghini family."

I met Fabio Lamborghini at Top Marques in 2015. There the spark of a true friendship was ignited, founded on the common passion for the Tori di Sant’Agata. A gentleman with an undisputed stylistic flair, an authentic symbol of successful entrepreneurship rooted in family values. An important story that lives again in the innovative brand that bears his signature: FL Fuoriserie.


I was at Top Marques, illuminated by the rays of the sun, the reflections of the waters and the supercars of the Principality of Monaco. It was the first time I was developing a communication project in the prestigious Côte d’Azur. At that moment, my gaze was drawn to a very special Lamborghini-branded tractor. Almost an unexpected presence in that context.

It was the first example of a limited series of five to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ferruccio Lamborghini. In front of it was a man, with visible oratorical skills, who was narrating the history and technical characteristics of that vehicle and what it represented.

So I decided to approach him and listen. I told him that I, too, knew that this particular tractor was originally from Cento di Ferrara, just like its legendary founder.

At that point I realized who that man really was: he was Fabio Lamborghini, the grandson of the legendary Ferruccio.


Before long, we ended up talking about the entire epic of the iconic Toro brand, from farm vehicles to daring super sports cars.

Noting my expertise and great passion, Fabio exclaimed, “This is the first time someone else has told me the story of the Lamborghini family.” The best compliment he could have paid me.

Today, years later, I’m convinced that fate got in the way of that meeting.


Fabio Lamborghini, besides being for me a great entrepreneur, is first of all a great friend. A man who represents the most authentic values of the four-wheeled bull: passion, skill, knowledge, commitment, respect and sacrifice.

The moral pillars and typical characteristics of the owner of Lamborghini. At the base always the tenacity in the work and the attitude to enjoy the beauties of life.

Fabio has been a guest at all editions of Bull Days. From the first one between Veneto and Friuli up to the following roadshows between territories and iconic cities, such as: Siena, Pisa, the Carnic Alps, Florence and Venice. He has become a ritual presence in what has become a worldwide phenomenon, synonymous with luxury cars & experiences.

FL FUORISERIE: the style signed by Fabio Lamborghini

FL Fuoriserie is a brand of new conception that represents the refined elegance and revolutionary style of its inspirer, with an unmistakable charm.

Its products are a model of high Italian excellence and are distinguished by exclusivity, uniqueness and high perceived quality. Combining the intrinsic values of Italian tradition and its innovation. A reflection of their creator’s life, a life lived in a dream and with a strong “Fuoriserie” character.


“My origin in an agricultural context and my passion for wine lead me to create in 2018 my personal selection of Wines, made with the best Italian grapes and with the names of people, places and memories, which have been a fundamental part of my life”.

Fine wines, craft beers, fashion accessories are the main protagonists of the exclusive FL Fuoriserie selection.

Stefano Cigana

Mosella Suite Hotel: a dream that unfolds its sails in Sottomarina di Chioggia

The Mosella Suite Hotel, Sottomarina, Chioggia: the story of an experience that follows the symphony of wind, waves and desires

The Mosella Suite Hotel is a unique place that emerges like the prow of a dreamy ship from the Venetian Lagoon. I had the pleasure of spending a truly regenerating weekend here, in the first Suite Hotel in Sottomarina di Chioggia. An experience in symbiosis with the Venetian atmosphere, among sea, lagoon, fishing and wind. A total immersion in the natural, historical and enogastronomic beauties of a territory capable of preserving its purity and authenticity.

Mosella, the first Suite Hotel in Sottomarina di Chioggia

The Mosella takes shape in a modern structure, able to evoke and reflect perfectly the charm of the surrounding environment. It is like a shell from which to hear the music of the waves and the wind. A shell capable of preserving the fragrances of an unparalleled atmosphere.

The large spaces of the Mosella Suite Hotel are an ideal port, the base from which to enjoy the sea breeze and the view of the dock. The hotel offers exclusive services to always give the maximum comfort to its guests.

The Mosella Beauty is the beauty center where you can be pampered, a break of relaxation and wellness. The structure also has a fitness room and the “InDiga” beach, with bar and panoramic terrace. A magical space where you can sip a cocktail while admiring the natural beauty of the dam of Chioggia. Just like I did!

InDiga has the merit of being the only Pet Friendly bathing establishment in Sottomarina, being equipped for our four-legged friends.

The Mosella Suite is also accessible by boat and you can book a berth in the Darsena. The hotel, which has bicycles and scooters, is the ideal starting point for zero-impact tours through the history and nature of the South Lagoon. It’s a trip I’ve taken myself, pedaling through vegetable gardens, canals, bridges, barbells, ports and docks.

The Mosella location is also perfect for corporate events, meetings, receptions and weddings. Thus configuring itself as an enchanting and original Bleisure destination.

“Wind is what happens when the air falls in love with itself”

As soon as I arrived in Sottomarina di Chioggia I was stunned by the huge number of windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. An “army” rushed to the beach to take advantage of the bora that raged everywhere.

The golden sand of Sottomarina transformed into a mosaic of boards, sails and waves full of energy. The horizon dotted with the colored sails of hundreds of surfers. It was like being on the coasts of Australia and the United States. For a moment it seemed to me that mankind had rediscovered a lost harmony with the natural elements.

I felt and touched the strength and delicacy of the wind. The air we breathe, the vital breath that sows the crops, the messenger of sounds, voices and scents of ancient times.

Chioggia: a city daughter of the sea

On Sunday morning I visited the historic center of Chioggia and the Fish Market. A real fish institution. An ancient place, a treasure trove of traditions handed down over the centuries, from generation to generation. A colorful location, where fishmongers offer a quality catch with incomparable flavors.

Also impressed in my mind is the considerable number of fishing boats of all types. In fact, Chioggia boasts one of the largest fishing boat fleets in Europe. A community that has been able to maintain the independence and values of its fathers.

A great potential for green tourism

A town that has its roots in the most ancient history, an inextricable intertwining with the sea and fishing. A country shaped like a “herringbone”, with great potential for tourism.

It is the destination for those who love an active lifestyle: windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing courses, kayaking, boat trips, scuba diving, sport fishing, horseback riding and cycling along the Via degli Orti, the Via del Sale or the Isola Verde.

Breathtaking itineraries in an area that embraces the sea and the lagoon. A few miles from the shoreline you can dive to discover the largest and most spectacular “tegnùe” of the Adriatic Sea. A unique coral reef, a true oasis of biodiversity.

Stefano Cigana