Mosella Suite Hotel: a dream that unfolds its sails in Sottomarina di Chioggia

The Mosella Suite Hotel, Sottomarina, Chioggia: the story of an experience that follows the symphony of wind, waves and desires

The Mosella Suite Hotel is a unique place that emerges like the prow of a dreamy ship from the Venetian Lagoon. I had the pleasure of spending a truly regenerating weekend here, in the first Suite Hotel in Sottomarina di Chioggia. An experience in symbiosis with the Venetian atmosphere, among sea, lagoon, fishing and wind. A total immersion in the natural, historical and enogastronomic beauties of a territory capable of preserving its purity and authenticity.

Mosella, the first Suite Hotel in Sottomarina di Chioggia

The Mosella takes shape in a modern structure, able to evoke and reflect perfectly the charm of the surrounding environment. It is like a shell from which to hear the music of the waves and the wind. A shell capable of preserving the fragrances of an unparalleled atmosphere.

The large spaces of the Mosella Suite Hotel are an ideal port, the base from which to enjoy the sea breeze and the view of the dock. The hotel offers exclusive services to always give the maximum comfort to its guests.

The Mosella Beauty is the beauty center where you can be pampered, a break of relaxation and wellness. The structure also has a fitness room and the “InDiga” beach, with bar and panoramic terrace. A magical space where you can sip a cocktail while admiring the natural beauty of the dam of Chioggia. Just like I did!

InDiga has the merit of being the only Pet Friendly bathing establishment in Sottomarina, being equipped for our four-legged friends.

The Mosella Suite is also accessible by boat and you can book a berth in the Darsena. The hotel, which has bicycles and scooters, is the ideal starting point for zero-impact tours through the history and nature of the South Lagoon. It’s a trip I’ve taken myself, pedaling through vegetable gardens, canals, bridges, barbells, ports and docks.

The Mosella location is also perfect for corporate events, meetings, receptions and weddings. Thus configuring itself as an enchanting and original Bleisure destination.

“Wind is what happens when the air falls in love with itself”

As soon as I arrived in Sottomarina di Chioggia I was stunned by the huge number of windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. An “army” rushed to the beach to take advantage of the bora that raged everywhere.

The golden sand of Sottomarina transformed into a mosaic of boards, sails and waves full of energy. The horizon dotted with the colored sails of hundreds of surfers. It was like being on the coasts of Australia and the United States. For a moment it seemed to me that mankind had rediscovered a lost harmony with the natural elements.

I felt and touched the strength and delicacy of the wind. The air we breathe, the vital breath that sows the crops, the messenger of sounds, voices and scents of ancient times.

Chioggia: a city daughter of the sea

On Sunday morning I visited the historic center of Chioggia and the Fish Market. A real fish institution. An ancient place, a treasure trove of traditions handed down over the centuries, from generation to generation. A colorful location, where fishmongers offer a quality catch with incomparable flavors.

Also impressed in my mind is the considerable number of fishing boats of all types. In fact, Chioggia boasts one of the largest fishing boat fleets in Europe. A community that has been able to maintain the independence and values of its fathers.

A great potential for green tourism

A town that has its roots in the most ancient history, an inextricable intertwining with the sea and fishing. A country shaped like a “herringbone”, with great potential for tourism.

It is the destination for those who love an active lifestyle: windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing courses, kayaking, boat trips, scuba diving, sport fishing, horseback riding and cycling along the Via degli Orti, the Via del Sale or the Isola Verde.

Breathtaking itineraries in an area that embraces the sea and the lagoon. A few miles from the shoreline you can dive to discover the largest and most spectacular “tegnùe” of the Adriatic Sea. A unique coral reef, a true oasis of biodiversity.

Stefano Cigana

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