I LOVE PETS: Stefano Cigana becomes Kpet Brand Ambassador

The partnership with KPET & KMED was born from the unlimited love for our animal friends.

“Stefano Cigana” has become a brand that reflects my values and my personality. The unconditional love for four-legged friends, and animals in general, has always been an essential element of my being. A natural feeling, definitely pet-friendly, which has become a real philosophy of life. The new partnership with the start-up that is revolutionizing pet care is based on this common vision and pet-oriented attitude. In fact, I am proud to announce that I have been appointed Brand Ambassador of Kpet.

“The noblest sentiment in the world is selfless love for all living creatures”

We are mammals, we are animal creatures too. Unfortunately, we often forget that. Probably being a species devoted to the domain of reason and artificiality is not a great fortune. For centuries we thought we were the center of the universe. Believing that our language and our rationality were the main ways, the keystone to open all locks. Now we discover that this is not the case at all! On the contrary, this naive anthropocentric arrogance is directing us towards a worrying future, for us and for the entire planet Earth.

The other living beings are also endowed with their own specific form of language and pluriform intelligence. Unable to translate all their verses and behaviors, they who do not speak our language, understand our heart. It is as if we are connected to an infinite and invisible score, a diffuse energy, the breath of life. A gentle voice that everyone should listen to.

stefano cigana & kpet

Animals tiptoe into our busy lives. They don’t take long to sit faithfully by our side. They gently manage to win our hearts. When we stop for a moment to reflect, we realize, quite simply, that they fill our lives.

For this reason, I firmly believe that spending the time at our disposal without ever having loved an animal is a big mistake. An unjustified renunciation, a tremendous deprivation of light for our soul.

The four-legged friends give us happiness, carefree. They accompany us, like brothers, in the challenges of life. They always make us feel, in their own way, to be present and close. Having a pet is a daily give and take. It is living a unique friendship, rare elsewhere. Truly.

Taking care of a pet is something that changes your life. Able to create emotions forever in our memories. For me, loving animals is not a slogan, it is a way of life, a natural feeling, an innate attitude and a moral duty.

I have always denounced and fought against violence towards animals. Against real horrible and mean gestures, dictated by idiocy, boredom and inner emptiness. Beastly” actions of which only humans can be guilty.

stefano cigana & kpet

Co-branding Stefano Cigana & Kpet

I immediately shared the philosophy of the Kpet brand. With whom I have the pleasure of collaborating to make the luxury experiences I develop all over the world increasingly pet-friendly. The pet specialist company wants to embody the essence of the revolution. The brand mission is to digitize the process of searching, booking and paying for any Petcare service, providing an easy key to access the web, within an environment entirely dedicated to Pets. KPET develops high-tech tools with which to take care of your animal friends.

We therefore join forces with the aim of creating a solid and fruitful co-branding. The presence of the start-up, as a partner at Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded, is just the first step of a long journey. A great way to get to know each other and provide innovative services, tools, devices and products for the four-legged friends of luxury car owners.

As Brand Ambassador of Kpet I will continue to raise awareness and support the passion for animals through interdisciplinary and future-oriented projects and initiatives. These include the Stefano Cigana & Kpet capsule, which we are developing to raise the level of innovation in the Petcare world even higher.

I will also be the testimonial for KMED, a blanket that is the first biophysical painkiller certified by the Ministry of Health in class 1. The product signed Kpet is a revolutionary medical device, effective on all mammals and able to reduce pain and inflammation up to 70%.

Available in different sizes, both in Human and Pet version, it is the result of years of scientific research and perfectly in line with the philosophy of well-being that KPET promotes in all its activities.

Stefano Cigana