The dream of signing a series of artworks dedicated to the Principality of Monaco

"80 Grande Vitesse": the debut of a replicated collection on officially licensed Monte Carlo High-end products.

I’m pleased to present the first in a series of works, officially dedicated to the Principality of Monaco and bearing my signature, entitled “80 Grande Vitesse.” The original is located in Monaco, and was created to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Grand Prix.

The “80 Grande Vitesse” is more than just a licensing operation. It is a sensory experience that blends tradition, innovation and art in a single numbered, certified and signed bottle. The original was created to interpret the emotional legacy and prestige of the Grand Prix, embodying the very essence of the Principality of Monaco, which has always been able to influence the collective imagination.

The multiples will be replicated on a very select series of collectibles that we have been working on for more than two years with the FENICE team. The first company that married this project from the beginning are DISTILLERIE TOSOLINI, securing worldwide exclusivity by celebrating their 80th anniversary (like the grand prix) with a limited series of 300 pieces that have gone down a storm among collectors.

Monte Carlo is synonymous with excellence, elegance and prestige. Its representation in this work of art gives the distillate an aura of authenticity and a direct connection to a world of luxury and glamour. This is not only a fine distillate, but a symbol of a sophisticated and fascinating lifestyle.

Finally, I would like to emphasize how this collaboration is a shining example of how art can merge with business to create something truly extraordinary. In addition to being a high-quality product, the “80 Grande Vitesse” is a tribute to history, culture and the very essence of luxury, celebrated through an authentic liquid work of art.

Moreover, it is important to highlight that this operation stands out as a perfect example of art licensing. An innovative project capable of rising above all standards thanks to the exclusive charm and history of the Principality. The combination of the art inherent in the “80 Grande Vitesse” and the prestige of Monegasque licensing creates a unique and fascinating experience that captures the imagination.


Prova d'autore
Prova d'autore

Veneto Creative District: the epicenter that projects young talent from Veneto into the world

FENICE's Italian division focuses on creativity and talent increasingly in demand in Middle Eastern markets, where it is already established

Over the years, FENICE, a strategic communications firm headquartered in Monte Carlo with branches in Dubai, Panama and Italy, has been constantly redefining the boundaries of innovation in the field of business & branding strategies and beyond.

In 2023, FENICE made an important and transformative decision: it decided to renovate its original department established in Italy in 1998 in Motta di Livenza, province of Treviso. This metamorphosis led to the transformation of “Venetia Communication” into “Fenice Italia“, integrating the Italian office as the sole production hub for the international Fenice brand.

This choice is not accidental: Italian creativity, but particularly that of the Veneto region, totally shifts the needle of the scales for this aspect throughout the FENICE group.

From Venetia Communication to Fenice Italy

The rebranding is a sign of profound transformation. Fenice Italia is now positioned as a true creative district, a talent hub where Italian and international creativity converge to give life to strategic communication projects destined to shine in global markets.

The evolution from a local entity to a global creative district is fueled by the desire to export and preserve Italian and Veneto’s creative wealth outside the geographic boundaries of the peninsula to key international destinations. The Middle East emerges as one of the areas of greatest interest for FENICE, a region in constant economic and cultural growth that enthusiastically welcomes innovation and creativity

The decision to integrate the original Italian location is therefore part of a broader strategy to export Italian creativity and talent to global locations where they are best valued and understood. The goal is to create a lasting impact by amplifying the skills and experience accumulated over the years to the highest levels.

A Creative District oriented to the Middle East market

The shift in perspective is a clear response to the growing demand for creativity and strategic communication services in the Middle East. FENICE’s “Veneto Creative District” has already become a key player in this region, where the fusion of tradition and modernity creates fertile ground for creative expression.

A creative business model that has already gathered important results, in real estate and beyond, with realities such as: Binghatti Developers, Bugatti, Jacob & Co, Trillionaire Residences.

FENICE has thus consolidated itself not only as a provider of strategic communication services, but as a catalyst of ideas and innovations, actively contributing to the growth and diversification of the markets in which it operates.

VENETO CREATIVE DISTRICT: a bridge between nations and leading markets

FENICE’s creative district is not just a place of production, but a true bridge between territories and cultures. The group is thus fostering synergy between local and international talents, creating an environment that celebrates constant innovation and stimulates the creation of unique and relevant content for the Middle East and Monaco markets.

Never forgetting that creativity is the true engine of human progress. While ambition and talent are the indispensable ingredients to power it.

emanuele capozza

I’ll tell you the artist who gifted me the painting of the bull, symbol of Bull Days

Painted in oil by Florentine painter Emanuele Capozza, the "bull" is now in the Venetia Communication digital hub of Motta di Livenza.

After being among the partner artists at Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded, Florentine painter and architect Emanuele Capozza paid me a tribute by donating his work. From Florence to Motta di Livenza, this is the journey of Capozza’s “bull”, up to the headquarters of Venetia Communication. A symbolic act for the events and activities I develop in Italy and abroad.


The painter Emanuele Capozza

Emanuele Capozza was born on March 15, 1977 in Florence, where he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture. Passionate and lover of drawing since childhood, he decided in 2006 to pursue a career in art. Since then his painting technique explores the value of matter, through the use of plaster, plaster and stucco on wooden board.

For the artist, the wall is not just any surface, it is instead a window wide open to the soul of the painter and the viewer. The imperfections of the materials, as if they were alchemical elements, change their condition. They rise to aesthetic preciousness and become a distinctive character, a real physiognomy of inner landscapes. Unconscious landscapes of great beauty.

Capozza also uses the fresco technique, learned and matured since 2012. In recent years, the Florentine artist has been focusing on perfecting life drawing. Thus following the ancient and prestigious Renaissance tradition of his hometown.

“Because one thing there is that is noble, which is el his foundation: and this is el disegno, and all how many other reasons are weak compared to this. See that whoever has this does the one and the other well” cit.

emanuele capozza

Art strategy in my business models

It is not rational thought, it is art that sets us apart from other earthly creatures. It is the unique language, the distinctiveness of Being Human. Art does not end around the physical and object boundaries of a work. It is not something we can simply enclose in a frame, a trunk, or a room.

As the twentieth-century Avant-gardes pointed out, if art is life, then life can also be is art. This unique form of creativity thus becomes a lifestyle devoted to beauty, originality and happiness.

For this reason, in the luxury experiences I develop around the world, I always want to give the right space to art and artists. Creating cross-sector events with a strong emotional impact is the strength of the business models that I activate in the most beautiful dream locations on the planet.

Stefano Cigana

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Brand Art: the international artist Teddy Delaroque arrives in Motta di Livenza

Monte-Carlo, Florence and Motta di Livenza. The third stage of Armchair BULLDAYS is in the town in province of Treviso.

From Forte Belvedere in Florence to the operative headquarters of Venetia Communication in Motta di Livenza, to the various points of reference of the town of Livenza. This is the route taken by artist friend Teddy Delaroque to install one of his famous fauteuil (armchair), the Armchair “BULLDAYS”, on display on Saturday, July 3, 2021 at Forte Belvedere in Florence, during the gala dinner of Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded. The artwork, as well as the first produced, made for the Bull Days, was presented together last year at Montecarlo Bay.

The artwork is a design armchair with 360° rotation, with the car’s ball bearing system, colored with the “green mantis” of my Huracán Perfomante. A unique and exclusive object that bears the iconic signature of the Bull Days Montecarlo brand.

A work capable of summarizing the sinuous lines and the aggressive character of a super sports car. An author’s piece that cradles and encloses, as in an exclusive microcosm, the soul of the MotorSport universe. An object of design born to be static, but that boldly refuses its destiny. It demands more, it yearns for the thirst of speed.

Synergy with Teddy Delaroque

Teddy Delaroque is an internationally acclaimed French artist, designer, painter and sculptor. I met him thanks to my friend Fabio Lamborghini in 2018 and since then we have formed a solid bond.

We installed his sculptures in the food court of the Bocelli family during Bull Days 2019. In summer 2020 at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, we presented the “BULLDAYS” armchair during the Bull Days Monte-Carlo Gala Dinner. The same work, which on July 3 was exhibited at the prestigious Forte di Belvedere in Florence, in the emblematic evening of Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded.

These relationships and synergies with important artists make Bull Days the luxury-oriented event of reference that is gradually being confirmed. An innovative format able to bring together the different souls of the luxury sector in an informal context.

Art as a branding tool

The armchair “BULLDAYS” is the perfect example of partnership between luxury brand and contemporary artist. In fact, this is an increasingly current trend. Artists, recognized designers now realize their vision through brands in various sectors, from Haute Couture to the Automotive world.

A practice already in vogue in 1937, when the designer Elsa Schiaparelli collaborated with Salvador Dalì. In recent years, brand-art has recorded a great exploit. Just think that only in the two-year period 2016-2018, Louis Vuitton collaborated with Jeff Koons, Stella McCartney with Ed Ruscha, Dior with Seven Young Artist, Calvin Klein with Andy Warhol’s foundation and Coach with Keith Haring.

Art is no longer something to be admired and contemplated at arm’s length. Instead, it has turned into a branding strategy that allows you to stand out and elevate your product to collectible status. Every form of consumerism is transcended. The focus shifts to values, ideas and concepts. The real lifeblood, capable of triggering an escalation of authentic emotions, the starting point for the wonder of being in the world.

Read here the interview to Teddy Delaroque >

Stefano Cigana