The spotlight on the Principality of Monaco moves to Caorle, Jesolo and the Venetian coast to create business synergies and give life to a new luxury tourism.

The OFF formula of Bull Days, an event created by the Lamborghini Club to extend today to luxury brands, is ready to reach the Adriatic coast, between Caorle, Jesolo and Venice. The Monte Carlo – Côte d’Azur 2020 edition was an official event approved by the Monegasque government, which brought together important names from the world jet set. The latter proved to be the driving force for the 2021 editions of what has now become an unmissable event for Lamborghini owners and luxury brands from all over the world. This is how the Bull Days OFF Serenissima was born.


On 23-24-25 April 2021, the 2nd edition of Bull Days OFF, this year’s preview of the Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded, will cross some of the most famous and visited locations on the splendid Venetian coast. Caorle, called the little Venice, where the signs of two thousand years of history are condensed in the historic center full of streets and squares up to the surrounding lagoon.

Jesolo, a famous seaside resort with over 5 million tourists per year. Here nature and fun take shape along the streets, squares and 15 km of golden beach. Arriving as far as the queen of the Adriatic, Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Bull Days Off Serenissima


Bull Days is the result of a business model that is now internationally recognized. Authentic emotions and a sense of belonging are the keys to developing important synergies and relationships, overcoming any single-company vision. Creating a horizontal network oriented to the world of luxury in all its facets is therefore the ultimate goal.

The Bull Days OFF Serenissima will follow the Monegasque example to involve prestigious brands and companies. Create partnerships and business synergies capable of promoting the economy and a new type of tourism for the area.

The spotlight on the Principality of Monaco moves to Caorle, Jesolo and the Venetian coast. Yachts, helicopters and many other unique and exclusive experiences will come to life on the coast of the Serenissima.


The epicenter of this experience will be Caorle. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Upper Adriatic, rich in art, culture and unspoiled nature. A short walk in the heart of the town is enough to understand the origin of the claim “Small Venice”.

From the beautiful Piazza Vescovado of Venetian tradition to the bright colors of the fishermen’s houses. The timeless charm of Caorle, which in ancient times was a small archipelago connected by bridges, is the same that animates Venice.

But this city certainly does not live in the past, it is in fact implementing a real master plan to differentiate and renew its tourist offer. These important investments are aimed not only at the promotion of cycle tourism and other activities, but above all at the creation of luxury centers for a demanding and sought-after public.

It is within these strategies that the Bull Days Off Serenissima fits. A common vision was therefore the fundamental prerequisite for starting to create something unique.

I sincerely thank the city and its representatives who are making this possible. Especially in a difficult period like this it is important to have the strength and the courage not to stop and keep looking ahead.


Stefano Cigana

Bull Days Off Serenissima Caorle small Venice
All you can stay

A new format for tourism: “All you can stay”

The idea of a resort in the Maldives to fight the world crisis that has also hit the tourism sector

In this difficult moment, devising new marketing strategies and innovative offers has become even more essential. It is precisely in moments of crisis that the best ideas are born. Numerous new formats for tourism are emerging in this period to limit the damage of the pandemic to the travel sector. Examples are the “flights to nowhere” promoted by various airlines, or the aimless cruises proposed by the Singapore Tourism Board. The latest model was named “All you can stay”.

“ALL YOU CAN STAY”: how does the formula work?

Anantara Veli Maldives Resort has launched the exclusive “Unlimited Stays in Paradise” package. Throughout 2021 it will be possible to have unlimited access to the splendid structures at a fixed cost of 30 thousand dollars. This idea was immediately equated by the media with the well-known “all you can eat” formula of restaurants.

The resort writes on its official website: “Make this paradise island your refuge for 2021”.

The “all you can stay” special offer is valid for two people and includes an extended stay from January 1, 2021 to December 23, 2021. Including and without limitation, the speedboat transfers. The fabulous bungalow on the crystal clear waters of the Maldives will be the ideal place to unwind and enjoy a unique experience full of activities. All without isolating yourself from the world. The initiative, a consequence of this particular historical moment, is in fact also aligned with the growing needs of smart working.

Smart Working and new tourism models

The world of tourism and beyond are increasingly orienting themselves to remote working methods. Redevelopment of ancient uninhabited villages, reduction of pollution, but also new impetus for innovative, exclusive and luxury tourism models.

Are you ready to go?


Stefano Cigana

Monaco Daily News

Monaco Daily News: “Lamborghini rally descends on Casino Square”

Monaco Daily News also talked about Bull Days Monte-Carlo, the first event in the new world. In the article all the details and images of this fantastic tour on the French Riviera.

Here you can read the entire Munich Daily News article.

Stefano Cigana

Cover photo by Jack Brodie – Monaco Daily News

Lamborghini rally descends on Casino Square


Nice-Matin: “Parade of 60 Lamborghinis on the French Riviera from this Friday evening”

From this Friday evening until Sunday, the Bull Days is organizing an important car route: from Monaco to Cannes via Nice, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Lamborghini Diablo.

Nice-Matin spoke of the Bull Days Montecarlo – Costa Azzurra Edition. The article anticipates the arrival of more than 60 Lamborghinis who will cross the Principality of Monaco and then travel the breathtaking views of the French Riviera.

Here you can read the whole article by Nice-Matin.

Stefano Cigana

Cover photo by Lydia Maachi

Parade of 60 Lamborghinis on the French Riviera


Monaco-Matin: “There are only dream cars”

On Sunday the Place du Casino in Monte-Carlo was the scene of a parade and an exhibition of exceptional vehicles.

Monaco-Matin spoke about the arrival of the Lamborghinis in the new Place du Casino during the Bull Days Monte-Carlo edition.

A unique event that marked the recent history of the Principality and represented the culmination of the edition on the French Riviera.

Here you can read the entire Munich-Matin article.


Stefano Cigana

Cover photo by Cyril Dodergny

Monaco-Matin: "There are only dream cars"

Bull Days Luxury Experience

BULL DAYS LUXURY EXPERIENCE: The event dedicated to Lamborghini owners is ready to change skin.

Bull Days will increasingly be the ideal business model to develop synergies in the world of luxury.

Bull Days was born in 2017 as the Lamborghini Club Italia event par excellence. Since then, a lot of “road” has been covered, in just three years it has become one of the most important events not only for Lamborghini owners all over the world, but also for various luxury brands. This year’s edition, from Monte Carlo to Cannes, locations famously loved by the world jet set, marked an important step in the growth of an elevation process that began already in 2019. [FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE AXIS OF LUXURY GENERATED BY BULL DAYS MONTECARLO].

Bull Days has been, will continue to be and will forever be the perfect representation of everything I have held in my heart since childhood. Lamborghini first of all and the passion for my work. It is indisputable and now affirmed in the eyes of the world that Bull Days can no longer be identified only as an important moment for those who own a Lambo.

Of course, this will be an essential condition, but it is inevitable that there is a mutation of the soul of the event, increasingly attractive towards luxury brands of every sector and type. The business model on which it is based, therefore, is no longer just a theory, but an unequivocal proof that the vision was the right one.

The business model

The roadshow is only one element, albeit an important one, of a broader format which, by involving important economic players, is able to establish innovative synergies. Every single-company point of view is outdated, one of the keys to success of this model is precisely that of starting from a “mother” brand, Bull Days, to open a vast horizontal network increasingly oriented towards luxury [FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE INTERVIEW IN GAZZETTINO]. Generating interactions between major brands through a formula capable of transmitting a strong sense of belonging.

It is precisely this feeling that is one of the winning ingredients of the event. Bull Days is not just an event but above all a group of people who share the same passions, ambitions and lifestyle. Owning a Lamborghini specimen is not the mere achievement of a status symbol, it is rather a deep desire generated by a specific way of being. The supercars of the Casa del Toro are not just luxury cars, they are the reflection of a self-made personality that knows what it wants from life. Being a Lamborghini owner has more to do with being than with having.

Luxury experience & International format

The luxury experience will be the characteristic aspect capable of elevating the Bull Days. Not an after sales event like those normally organized by parent companies, but a meeting aimed directly at the emotions and personality of those who drive a Lamborghini. Emotional involvement and the sharing of common passions are the ideal thread to create an unforgettable experience.

The constant interaction with an international audience will make the BULL DAYS LUXURY EXPERIENCE a format that can be replicated all over the world, becoming the perfect tool to build new economic, tourist and commercial assets.

A change of skin is therefore underway, for the project where to participate it is mandatory to own a Toro di Sant’Agata.

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Stefano Cigana