Bull Days official partner of “Lamborghini – The Legend”, a film by Oscar winner Bobby Moresco

"BULL DAYS THE LEGEND" parades on the red carpet at the Rome Film Festival: it's already history

This year Bull Days has surpassed itself. Seven editions in a single year and more scheduled capable of going far beyond the roadshow concept. From the world champion ketch NZ Endeavour to the opening of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s Tractor Factory. Bull Days is increasingly a widely recognized international pop phenomenon. It is these latest milestones that made the launch of the special edition “Bull Days The Legend” possible. A selection of historic Lambo cars will parade on the stage of the 17th Rome Film Festival. Accompanying on the prestigious red carpet the world premiere of Bobby Moresco’s film entitled “Lamborghini – The Legend”, a biographical film based on the legendary epic of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Film pierces the screen: unique show that brings the Ferruccio Lamborghini myth to life

A wonderful story about a man obsessed with perfection. It goes back in time, to the fascination of an Italy that no longer exists. Starting with tractors, arriving at the birth of the ingenious cars that later became world famous. A film already ready for success directed by director Bobby Moresco, Oscar winner for the screenplay of “Crash.” Instead, the cast features Frank Grillo as Ferruccio, Mira Sorvino playing Annita, Gabriel Byrne as Enzo Ferrari, and many others. There is also Tony Renis, Lamborghini’s friend, who appears in a cameo, impersonating himself. Giovanni Antonacci, son of singer Biagio, plays the young Renis instead.
Frames from the first film about the founder of the “House of the Bull” will flow mirrored in front of the supercars of the Bull Days Community. A live, absolute show that will bring the legendary Ferruccio to life for one evening. In fact, the world premiere and the special edition signed Bull Days will be attended by many Hollywood stars, actors, celebrities and of course the cast accompanied by the Lamborghini family, the real one. A unique meeting that will see the stars in the spotlight boarding the precious bulls of our community.

Production gives Bull Days a key role

All this will be possible thanks to production, which has recognized Bull Days as an organizing team, tasked with managing the display and movement of the bull cars. Allowing us to participate firsthand in a true historic event, effectively recognizing our staff as the only ones capable of completing the mission to perfection. An important milestone, an obvious consequence of the quality of the work done and many years of experience in organizing Bull Days around the globe. A significant presence ours, during the World Premiere of the first biographical film on the legendary Ferruccio Lamborghini, as part of the “grand finale” of the Rome Film Festival. Not exactly an everyday context.

Synergy with TONY RENIS crucial: toward world premieres in Miami, Dubai and Tokyo

The spark that made this special edition blossom can be attributed first and foremost to Tony Renis, the singer and producer who gave Italian music songs like “Quando quando quando.” It was the maestro himself who chose me, firmly convinced of the impact that the Bull Days Community can make. Thus began in effect a working path with Tony Renis, stage name of the legendary maestro Elio Cesari. Working alongside him is a source of great pride for me.
For Sunday, October 23, the last day of the Rome festival, we are building a real event within the event. A super exclusive show that will further expand the network of Lamborghini collectors to stars and influencers in the entertainment industry. A total experience to touch and experience firsthand the Dolce Vita story and atmosphere filmed in the movie. So this is a relationship of considerable importance, and there is already a future projection on the table toward upcoming presentations in Miami, Dubai and Tokyo.

The Star Party after the film premiere

We conclude by returning to the upcoming Roman event, the screening of “Lamborghini – The Legend” will be followed by a super-restricted, closed-door party. A grand finale with invited top personalities of the star system and of course Tonino Lamborghini with his family. Bull Days is ready to parade in the iconic monumental setting of the Eternal City to leave an indelible mark. STAY TUNED Stefano Cigana

Chiara Ferragni: on the table the offer of the billionaire dog Gunther

Gunther calls Chiara Ferragni: I explain why I proposed to the $1,000,000,000 trust to aim for this destination

The hype around the shocking news of the dog Gunther selling Madonna’s villa in Miami for over 30 million dollars was cooling down. From the super-plus-value cashed by the billionaire German shepherd, to the social reaction of the “Material Girl” herself. News that has made the rounds in the biggest newspapers in the world: from the New York Times to the Washington Post. It all seemed to be over… nothing could be more wrong.

When I saw that Chiara Ferragni was actually putting 66% of her company Fenice Srl up for sale, I didn’t think twice about it. Back down? Never. In just a few moments, I saw a well-defined design materialize in front of me. It would be a perfect partnership, I thought, I must immediately call Maurizio.

As was to be expected, he backed me up. I can therefore announce that the Gunther Group, with its capital that is close to one billion dollars, is strongly interested in taking over the majority of Fenice, becoming the “growth capital” that Chiara Ferragni is looking for. The offer will arrive soon on the table of the Italian entrepreneur.

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Influencer? No, Gunther.

As pointed out by Il Sole 24 Ore and other newspapers, Fenice Srl (formerly Serendipity) despite a turnover of 1.19 million, records losses for about 3.4 million. The influencer’s company is, therefore, more like a start-up, a reality that, at this moment, actually needs a serious and far-sighted financier.

Who better than the Gunther Group? An ultra-capitalized international trust that has all the characteristics for Phoenix to be reborn from its ashes. The immense economic-financial availability of the richest dog in the world, in addition to his important role capable of truly shifting the balance in the circles that count, are elements that would interest everyone.

Moreover, Chiara Ferragni would find an ally with a solid know-how in the world of luxury-oriented licenses. The entrepreneur has already amply demonstrated her perfect understanding of the potential of licenses. It’s not by chance that many of her revenues come from royalties.

The entrance of the Gunther Group with a new corporate structure would also mean opening the doors to potential licensing operations with prestigious realities such as the Principality of Monaco, from where I’m writing to you.

The trust is, in fact, established in big cities that are undisputed icons of lifestyle such as Miami, Dubai, Monte Carlo and the paradisiacal Bahamas.

Beyond the concept of marketing

In this case I would like to remind you that Gunther is unique, there are no VIPs, celebrities or influencers who care. He is a decidedly unconventional star, his mere presence at exclusive appointments becomes a crazy media magnet.

Communication with Gunther is thus orchestrated on an emotional seismograph where the peaks reach staggering results. We are on another level. And Venetia Communication is the only communication company that can boast a close bond with the richest dog in the world.

Now can you imagine him alongside Italy’s most famous influencer?

Stefano Cigana


Pop star Madonna on Gunther: “When you find out a dog is selling your old house for 3 times the amount you sold it for!”

The world is buzzing with the news that Gunther VI, the richest dog in the world, is selling the former villa of pop star Madonna for 32 million dollars! All the spotlights are focused on the incredible story of the German shepherd who sleeps in the same room that was of the ” Material Girl “.

The American star shared the news in her Instagram stories… irony certainly doesn’t lack!

The marvelous 1.2 acre estate, overlooking the enchanting Biscayne Bay, in the most exclusive Miami, has been for the last 20 years the kingdom of the Gunther dynasty. A 6-generation dog lineage that inherited the million-dollar fortune of German Countess Karlotta Liebenstein. A patrimony that gave birth to the Gunther Group, an international trust that pampers the four-legged heir in super-luxury and invests its assets.

These events are involving me personally!

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Here instead is the first 6 months of co-working with Maurizio Mian, the whole story of the Happiness project and the German shepherd Gunther.

Seeing that a project in which we actively participate is shared by a pop music icon like Madonna is confirmation that we are on the right track of contemporary communication.

A real media bombshell

Stefano Cigana

The millionaire dog Gunther, Maurizio Mian and Madonna’s former villa: shockwave in Miami

The millionaire dog Gunther, Maurizio Mian and Madonna's ex villa in Miami

The world’s richest dog, Gunther VI, is selling his Miami mansion for $32 million. A stunning location, former property of pop star Madonna. No it’s not a bluff, it’s all true!

The pharmacologist friend Maurizio Mian and his Gunther Group, an international trust that takes care of the dog’s assets of about 500 million, have triggered a real media boom with the news of the real estate sale. The news, reported by Forbes, the Washington Post and other major publications, once again puts the spotlight on Gunther and what he represents: the scientific model of happiness.

[Find out here what the Gunther project is along with the first 6 months of co-working with Dr. Mian].

Living these events firsthand, actively developing communication is for me a source of enormous pride, gratitude and determination. An authentic full immersion in the world of Gunther.

Gunther VI sells his Miami mansion for $32 million

The enchanting and majestic Miami estate, previously purchased by star Madonna for $7.5 million, is now for sale for a whopping $32 million by its current owner: German shepherd Gunther VI.

The mansion, acquired by our four-legged friend in 2000, overlooks Biscayne Bay and is just a few miles from Miami Beach and Brickell. A unique 1.2 acre (0.5 hectare) property. Built in 1928, it is located in an ultra-luxury neighborhood, just think that it is located on the same street where Sylvester Stallone lived.

The private residence, with its obvious Mediterranean style, boasts luxurious interiors of an impressive 8,400 square feet with nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It is also the only home in the exclusive enclave to feature a dock. An iconic home from which to admire a stunning landscape.

Artfully designed gardens, water features, palm trees, stone pathways and a swimming pool with a deck with Italian charm. A Made in Italy atmosphere that continues even in the majestic rooms inside.

Gunther: a half-billion-dollar German shepherd

A real kingdom for Gunther VI. As evidenced by the portrait in the living room of his ancestor Gunther IV. A lineage of six generations that now goes back 40 years. As I have already had the opportunity to describe in detail in the dedicated article, Gunther is the richest dog in the world, today worth half a billion dollars.

In 1992 he inherited the fortune of the German countess Karlotta Liebenstein. The noble and wealthy owner had no children but loved her animals very much, thus leaving her enormous patrimony to her dog, Gunther III.  A trust that has since grown further through real estate investments and strategic ventures.

The Gunther Group team, in addition to taking the utmost care of the heir dog, decides how to commit his trust. A wealth invested in real estate, publishing, sports teams, discos, scientific research, strategic communications and much more.

Full immersion in the happiness project

Living these moments from the inside, contributing to the creation of strategic communication to make the model known on a global scale. This is one of the main objectives of the project “Total Happiness” that concern me directly, a real scientific formula to achieve happiness understood as the purpose of life. A theoretical and experimental model devoted to psycho-physical well-being, based on the main principles developed by Professor Mian.

The very recent clamor caused by the news of the Villa in Miami is a clear example of the great potential and media-social impact that the project has.

It is a privilege for me to be able to dialogue, study and work alongside Maurizio. I would also like to thank Forbes, The Washington Post and all the newspapers that have given space to the news.

Want to know more? Write me on WhatsApp.

Stefano Cigana

Road ‘n’ Leather: Matchless London dresses me in the Bull Jacket

Official tester for the historic London brand adored by Kate Moss, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Daniel Craig, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham

Matchless, Britain’s oldest motorcycle brand, ridden by legends such as Marlon Brando and James Dean. Since the 1950s it has been a legendary style icon. In fact, the Matchless London clothing line is an irresistible magnet for celebrities such as: Kate Moss, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Daniel Craig, Dwayne Johnson, Gerald Butler, Tom Hardy.

A tradition celebrated over the years by winning pilots, pioneers, revolutionaries, inventors, daring industrialists, all figures who knew how to fight, resist and win.

Appointed official tester of a unique product, made with experimental and futuristic materials, I will wear the high design garment during the upcoming Bull Days Serenissima. A new “wild & on the road” spirit. In perfect biker style, but this time aboard a Lamborghini.

MATCHLESS: road & leather attitude since 1899

An iconic brand, symbol of an authentic and divergent lifestyle, one of the few 19th century brands still intact. It is in fact since 1899 that the legendary motorcycles of the British company enrapture the hearts and souls of an increasingly wide audience.

A company born from a pure passion for the road and all that it represents. Freedom, directness, speed and the pleasure of discovery. An inner fire, an innate nature for non-conformism, innovation, a bold and ardent look that goes beyond rules and limits.

It all began with the attention to the safety of motorcyclists, leading the English company to put into production the first clothing designed specifically for real bikers. A line born on the road and for the road. It was the beginning of another successful company branch.

This is where Matchless’ exceptional know-how in leather processing originates. An intuition that also made it the first motorcycle manufacturer to work on rider safety. A pioneering perspective to design safe, high-performance, technical clothing, as well as capable of reflecting the link between two wheels and elegance.

Leather jackets, outdoor clothing and accessories for men and women soon joined the company’s core business on a global scale.

The balance between grit, strength and grunge effect, the perfect fit and the huge company heritage are among the main elements of the appeal that made the brand collect followers all over the world.

matchless kate moss

ICONIC UNIVERSE: between cult movies and VIPs

An irresistible magnetism that has made many celebrities fall in love. Today Matchless’ iconic pieces are worn by public figures such as His Holiness Pope Francis, Bill Clinton, and movie stars like Dwayne Johnson, Gerald Butler, Tom Hardy and Daniel Craig.

Featuring Kate Moss, Cara Delevigne, Mark Wahlberg, Jason Momoa, Jason Statham, James McAvoy, Bella Thorne, Bradley Cooper, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford, Michelle Rodriguez.

Domino effect of this appeal: Matchless produces limited editions for the world of cinema and entertainment. In fact, it collaborates with Hollywood productions and has made numerous jackets for major films, such as: James Bond Spectre, Star Wars, The Expendables 3, Avengers 2, Batman vs Superman, Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk, Spiderman Homecoming, Transformers The Last Knight, Fast & Furious 8, Terminator Genisys, just to name a few.

“Where There’s A Road, There’s A Matchless”

Founded in London by Henry Collier, it is now an absolute icon of ultra-elegant clothing for motorcycle enthusiasts. Between 2012 and 2013, the company was acquired by Michele and Manuele Malenotti, the two Italian brothers former owners of Belstaff, another famous brand in the industry.

Inaugurating an important advertising campaign that saw Kate Moss enter the scene as testimonial of the women’s line and Andre Van Noord in the men’s one. Luxurious leathers, exclusive and with a vintage touch. Antiqued leather biker jackets, waxed cotton garments, boots and sneakers with used effect leathers.

All immortalized by the lens of Terry Richardson, a true institution in fashion photography.

The Malenotti family is leading the legendary Matchless brand on the road to technical and high-performance fabrics. For outwear that is increasingly off-road and oriented towards the fusion of motorcycling and design.

A relaunch plan of the brand aimed at combining the classic and the tradition of Matchless with the innovation and the quality of Made in Italy.

Official Tester for Matchless: following a tradition of stars and self-made men

When you put your heart and mind into what you do, when you perfect yourself day after day to push your limits, that’s when victory becomes a simple consequence. This philosophy, espoused 100% by Matchless London, is the same one I personally cultivate.

This very important and prestigious synergy, which will enter the track for the first time at the Bull Days Serenissima on September 24-25-26, is the confirmation that my person is becoming a recognized brand.

I believe that being front-man of the Bull Days Luxury Experience has certainly played a key role in the birth of this bond. The passion for speed and for the universe of motorsport are the essential common point with the ideology of the historic British brand.

The shared creed is the active and on-the-road lifestyle. To have the courage to dare, to rebel and to reach one’s goals. This is the common essence between the brands Matchless and Stefano Cigana.


The Matchless R&D department, for the occasion, has created a garment specifically designed with mobility-related performance and technological features. The jacket is in fact made of a brand new sustainable nappa leather, strictly made in Italy.

The garment has the name of Bull Jacket. Inside it has a brand new lining that allows great breathability and can be used when driving Supercars and Hypercars. The garment will be available on matchlesslondon.com at Bull Days Dubai.

In addition Matchless, for the Bull Days Serenissima event, has created a brand new backpack, with the name Reflex Backpack, with details designed for mobility and reflective at night lights. It is already available online at matchlesslondon.com.

Stefano Cigana

hotel excelsior venice lido

HOTEL EXCELSIOR: luxury between the history of cinema and the romanticism of Venice

The Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort is the Myth of Venice Lido that will also host the Bull Days Serenissima

Hotel Excelsior is an oasis of peace and relaxation that comes to life in a fairy-tale five-star luxury palace. A luxurious and iconic resort, always loved and frequented by the international jet-set. Every year the Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica, transforms the rooms of the Excelsior into a film set. A legendary hotel that will also host the Bull Days Serenissima.

The red carpet destination of the Excelsior will bring Bull Days crews to immerse themselves in the multifaceted atmosphere of the Venice Lido. An oasis of tranquility and absolute glamour, an island with the flavor of Belle Époque.

A strip of land that divides the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. An idyllic place adored by poets and writers such as Thomas Mann and Lord Byron. The supercars of the Bull Days will cross landscapes with breathtaking views, among elegant Art Nouveau villas, long golden beaches and the changing colors of a rich and exciting ecosystem.

hotel excelsior venice lido

THE EXCELSIOR: quintessence of the 7th Art

To host the luxury experience dedicated to the luxury brands, the prestigious Hotel Excelsior. A structure of great charm and Moorish architectural charm. Here contemporary luxuries sit harmoniously alongside the well-preserved splendor, with an awareness of its historical-artistic and touristic-social value.

The Venice Film Festival was based here during the first edition in 1932, which together with the opening of the summer venue of the Venice Casino, expanded the audience of the beautiful world orbiting in its halls already at the beginning of ‘900. The first edition of the festival was staged on the Tropicana terrace of the Excelsior.

A kermis entered in the chapters of the history of cinema, to which participated numerous Hollywood stars including Greta Garbo, Boris Karloff and Clark Gable.


Since then, movie stars, intellectuals, royalty, politicians and influential figures have stayed in the now famous resort on the Venetian Lido. Among them: Winston Churchill, the Duke of Windsor, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, Ingrid Bergman, Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Claudia Cardinale…

A hotel that is also a film set. In the spectacular Sala Stucchi you can still breathe in the magical atmosphere of Sergio Leone and the music of Ennio Morricone. In fact, scenes from the cult movie “Once Upon a Time in America” with Robert de Niro were filmed here.

The contemporary editions still see the traditional catwalk, at the arrival of the international stars, in the setting par excellence of the luxury Hotel Excelsior. Wonderful five-star accommodation that offers itself as a guest of the highest level for those who, getting off the boats, go towards the celebration of the cinematographic art.

hotel excelsior al lido di venezia

Among the Best International Hotels

The Excelsior, recognized as Best Beach Hotel at the Tatler Travel Awards 2021, offers a unique and exclusive luxury experience. The private beach equipped with elegant Cabanas, modern and striking cabanas with veranda. The sea view suites with ad hoc services such as the Suite Ambassador: a personal assistant completely dedicated to the guest.

The indoor and outdoor spaces are designed to ensure unforgettable emotions: the Elimar Beach Bar and Restaurant, the Tropicana Restaurant, the legendary Blue Bar, are the perfect places to enjoy fine food and wine experiences.

The relaxing heated swimming pool, the fitness center, the possibility of organizing unforgettable events, of practicing water sports, private helicopter flights, exclusive visits and excursions among the art and nature of the lagoon, make the Excelsior a point of reference for international hospitality.

A location of rare beauty, just minutes from Piazza San Marco.

Stefano Cigana

elettra lamborghini stefano cigana

ELETTRA LAMBORGHINI: el resto es nada

I went out with the most beautiful Lamborghini of all. Will we also see it at the Bull Days Luxury Experience?

Now I can say that I have dated the most beautiful Lamborghini of all! A pleasant evening in Monte-Carlo with Elettra Miura Lamborghini. The idol of the Millennials is a genuine girl who has been able to establish herself as a star in the world of music and entertainment. Without ever feeling the “weight” of the famous surname she bears.

Elettra was born under the sign of Taurus: May 17, 1994 in Bologna. Granddaughter of the legendary Ferruccio Lamborghini, founder of the famous car manufacturer, she grew up in luxury and always surrounded by iconic supercars.

elettra lamborghini

Initially, the heiress became known for some sexy shots posted on social. Later, she was talked about for her participation in several reality shows: Super Shore, Mtv Riccanza, Big Brother, Geordie Shore… 2018 is the year of the turning point. He launches “Pem Pem”, a summer hit that immediately gets a great success. The Reggaeton song comes close to 100 million views on YouTube. From that moment on, her artistic career explodes.

She is currently employed by an important record label. Boasting collaborations with top singers such as Myss Keta, Giusy Ferreri and Gué Pequeno. In 2019, she was a judge on The Voice of Italy, experiencing a great media impact. He also participated as a contestant in the 70th edition of the Sanremo Festival.

“Pistolero”, her tormentone inflames the summer of 2021 unleashing young people with a very fresh lash of pop on a Latin beat base.


A viral star with 6.8 million followers

Elettra Lamborghini is certainly an influential figure, always able to win the hearts of new fans. Suffice it to say that in 2020 she was the most searched female character on Google in Italy. With an average of almost 900 thousand searches per month on the browser.

In addition to the unquestionable charm and talent, the main ingredient of her success in the world of entertainment is her character: genuine, friendly and frank. The showgirl from Romagna who likes to call herself “the queen of twerking” is always tuned in to the trends of the moment. Innate glamour, explosive video clips, exaggerated outfits, unmistakable style and sharp statements.

Elettra Lamborghini. All this and more.

Stefano Cigana

elettra lamborghini stefano cigana