Veneto Creative District: the epicenter that projects young talent from Veneto into the world

FENICE's Italian division focuses on creativity and talent increasingly in demand in Middle Eastern markets, where it is already established

Over the years, FENICE, a strategic communications firm headquartered in Monte Carlo with branches in Dubai, Panama and Italy, has been constantly redefining the boundaries of innovation in the field of business & branding strategies and beyond.

In 2023, FENICE made an important and transformative decision: it decided to renovate its original department established in Italy in 1998 in Motta di Livenza, province of Treviso. This metamorphosis led to the transformation of “Venetia Communication” into “Fenice Italia“, integrating the Italian office as the sole production hub for the international Fenice brand.

This choice is not accidental: Italian creativity, but particularly that of the Veneto region, totally shifts the needle of the scales for this aspect throughout the FENICE group.

From Venetia Communication to Fenice Italy

The rebranding is a sign of profound transformation. Fenice Italia is now positioned as a true creative district, a talent hub where Italian and international creativity converge to give life to strategic communication projects destined to shine in global markets.

The evolution from a local entity to a global creative district is fueled by the desire to export and preserve Italian and Veneto’s creative wealth outside the geographic boundaries of the peninsula to key international destinations. The Middle East emerges as one of the areas of greatest interest for FENICE, a region in constant economic and cultural growth that enthusiastically welcomes innovation and creativity

The decision to integrate the original Italian location is therefore part of a broader strategy to export Italian creativity and talent to global locations where they are best valued and understood. The goal is to create a lasting impact by amplifying the skills and experience accumulated over the years to the highest levels.

A Creative District oriented to the Middle East market

The shift in perspective is a clear response to the growing demand for creativity and strategic communication services in the Middle East. FENICE’s “Veneto Creative District” has already become a key player in this region, where the fusion of tradition and modernity creates fertile ground for creative expression.

A creative business model that has already gathered important results, in real estate and beyond, with realities such as: Binghatti Developers, Bugatti, Jacob & Co, Trillionaire Residences.

FENICE has thus consolidated itself not only as a provider of strategic communication services, but as a catalyst of ideas and innovations, actively contributing to the growth and diversification of the markets in which it operates.

VENETO CREATIVE DISTRICT: a bridge between nations and leading markets

FENICE’s creative district is not just a place of production, but a true bridge between territories and cultures. The group is thus fostering synergy between local and international talents, creating an environment that celebrates constant innovation and stimulates the creation of unique and relevant content for the Middle East and Monaco markets.

Never forgetting that creativity is the true engine of human progress. While ambition and talent are the indispensable ingredients to power it.