FENICE Principality of Monaco

FENICE PRINCIPALITY OF MONACO: the new monegasque business intelligence

"Fire up your business," the new strategic business hub is operative: from the Principality to all over the world

The result of quality work, passionate dedication, imagination seeded by every vision and valuable relationships built over the years is not harvested immediately. Like a good wine it needs time, the only true and absolute yardstick of our lives. Perhaps that is why today is the right time to give birth to a new creature.

FENICE Principality of Monaco is the gateway into Monaco’s business. The strategic point of reference from Monaco to the whole world. An absolute unicum in the economic and social structure of the most globally famous principality.

FENICE is the energy that makes things happen, that connects puzzle pieces, that connects people, that translates bold ideas into reality. It is not a new lifestyle brand, it is a 360-degree universe of activities to develop innovative business strategies and synergies.


A company founded on a very important network of global relationships with Monegasque and international realities, entities, institutions, managers, and entrepreneurs.

This is precisely the core, the beating heart that allows FENICE to soar into the skies of the Côte d’Azur today. Further confirmation that the vision was the right one. Since 2015 we have truly come a long way. Things have to be done well when no one is watching: that is the quality of the work. The determining ingredient that has allowed, along with creative input, a gradual insertion into the socio-economic fabric of Monaco.

FENICE is thus based on a strong network of global relationships. It is in fact also active in civil society, constituting itself as an hub and flywheel among Boards, organizations, associations, committees, trusts, economic boards, international federations, assets, tangible-immaterial assets and territories.


Another strength of FENICE Principality of Monaco is certainly its uniqueness in such a singular landscape as that of the Principality. Indeed, we can see FENICE as a place that knows no concept of limits.

Its very nature is to centralize under one name all disciplines, techniques, departments and sectors to develop 360° business solutions. Making use of an established heritage made up not only of know-how but also of numerous related brands and active partnerships.

Thus configuring itself as a privileged entry point to start or elevate one’s business between Monte Carlo, Monaco-Ville and the other iconic districts.

FENICE Principality of Monaco

Monaco & Monte Carlo: a stage of absolute prestige

Activating business synergies, new companies or presenting your product in the unique setting of the Principality of Monaco constitutes a winning, inimitable surplus.

The result is to directly enjoy the appeal, princely heritage and world-famous values that Monaco represents. Paradise in miniature, coveted and beloved location of the international jet-set.

Exceptional place celebrated by artists, writers, directors, stars and iconic figures of all ages. Elegant and exclusive luxury, haute couture, cinema, star system, yachting, real estate, art, sports cult and green sensibilities.

FENICE embodies the great responsibility of shaping the future of the Principality of Monaco, opening a new strand of opportunities for even the most demanding investors.

FENICE’s next project will carry its legendary prestige in its DNA.