The business models I have created are based on the pursuit of happiness and the power of emotional involvement. I believe in the most authentic and overwhelming emotions as the first input, the driving force behind great inventions, behind discoveries, behind ideas capable of changing the world. The formats and business strategies I develop are happiness-based. Because happiness is everyone’s desire and achieving it determines the success of a brand.

Mood capable of elevating a project or an event to storytelling, an experience that multiplies synergies, relationships and interconnections. The single-company perspective is overcome through the creation of cross-sector visions. These interdisciplinary perspectives consolidate real communities, based on a tangible and growing recognition of belonging. The starting ingredient for authentic and emblematic success stories.

Successful Partnerships and Co-branding

For over twenty years I have been active in the development of effective and innovative business scenarios, seeing public relations as the basic ingredient for the start-up and relaunch of brands and company awareness. My experiences, testimonials, entrepreneurial synergistic connections, are translated into strategies of authentic, as much as concrete, co-branding, declined up to Licensing. These are the perfect devices to penetrate new territories and markets.

By co-branding I refer to co-designing between companies/brands in terms of fusion of intent and philosophy of values, transferred into online & offline content.

As part of Licensing actions I promote and impersonate different brands, with proven effectiveness data.

It is a powerful marketing tool: it improves the diffusion of brands, services and events. Increasing their authority and prestige in the eyes of their target audience.

It translates concretely into the marketing of licenses between the rights holder and the licensee. The licensee obtains the right to use a certain patent, trademark, know-how and other elements that are indispensable for producing or marketing a product or service. The granting of the right to use a given license may earn a royalty, based on the amount of sales obtained or supplies used.

The licensing agreement thus creates brand partnerships. Joint marketing aims to increase awareness, engagement and product value.

Promoting and sharing multiple brands synergistically leads to increased sales and market share by offering more benefits. In essence, you achieve higher demand satisfaction, higher loyalty rates, attraction of potential leads and new customers. This co-branding model is highly strategic for “market rebranding”, restyling, product repositioning and target audience expansion.