Road ‘n’ Leather: Matchless London dresses me in the Bull Jacket

Official tester for the historic London brand adored by Kate Moss, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Daniel Craig, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham

Matchless, Britain’s oldest motorcycle brand, ridden by legends such as Marlon Brando and James Dean. Since the 1950s it has been a legendary style icon. In fact, the Matchless London clothing line is an irresistible magnet for celebrities such as: Kate Moss, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Daniel Craig, Dwayne Johnson, Gerald Butler, Tom Hardy.

A tradition celebrated over the years by winning pilots, pioneers, revolutionaries, inventors, daring industrialists, all figures who knew how to fight, resist and win.

Appointed official tester of a unique product, made with experimental and futuristic materials, I will wear the high design garment during the upcoming Bull Days Serenissima. A new “wild & on the road” spirit. In perfect biker style, but this time aboard a Lamborghini.

MATCHLESS: road & leather attitude since 1899

An iconic brand, symbol of an authentic and divergent lifestyle, one of the few 19th century brands still intact. It is in fact since 1899 that the legendary motorcycles of the British company enrapture the hearts and souls of an increasingly wide audience.

A company born from a pure passion for the road and all that it represents. Freedom, directness, speed and the pleasure of discovery. An inner fire, an innate nature for non-conformism, innovation, a bold and ardent look that goes beyond rules and limits.

It all began with the attention to the safety of motorcyclists, leading the English company to put into production the first clothing designed specifically for real bikers. A line born on the road and for the road. It was the beginning of another successful company branch.

This is where Matchless’ exceptional know-how in leather processing originates. An intuition that also made it the first motorcycle manufacturer to work on rider safety. A pioneering perspective to design safe, high-performance, technical clothing, as well as capable of reflecting the link between two wheels and elegance.

Leather jackets, outdoor clothing and accessories for men and women soon joined the company’s core business on a global scale.

The balance between grit, strength and grunge effect, the perfect fit and the huge company heritage are among the main elements of the appeal that made the brand collect followers all over the world.

matchless kate moss

ICONIC UNIVERSE: between cult movies and VIPs

An irresistible magnetism that has made many celebrities fall in love. Today Matchless’ iconic pieces are worn by public figures such as His Holiness Pope Francis, Bill Clinton, and movie stars like Dwayne Johnson, Gerald Butler, Tom Hardy and Daniel Craig.

Featuring Kate Moss, Cara Delevigne, Mark Wahlberg, Jason Momoa, Jason Statham, James McAvoy, Bella Thorne, Bradley Cooper, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford, Michelle Rodriguez.

Domino effect of this appeal: Matchless produces limited editions for the world of cinema and entertainment. In fact, it collaborates with Hollywood productions and has made numerous jackets for major films, such as: James Bond Spectre, Star Wars, The Expendables 3, Avengers 2, Batman vs Superman, Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk, Spiderman Homecoming, Transformers The Last Knight, Fast & Furious 8, Terminator Genisys, just to name a few.

“Where There’s A Road, There’s A Matchless”

Founded in London by Henry Collier, it is now an absolute icon of ultra-elegant clothing for motorcycle enthusiasts. Between 2012 and 2013, the company was acquired by Michele and Manuele Malenotti, the two Italian brothers former owners of Belstaff, another famous brand in the industry.

Inaugurating an important advertising campaign that saw Kate Moss enter the scene as testimonial of the women’s line and Andre Van Noord in the men’s one. Luxurious leathers, exclusive and with a vintage touch. Antiqued leather biker jackets, waxed cotton garments, boots and sneakers with used effect leathers.

All immortalized by the lens of Terry Richardson, a true institution in fashion photography.

The Malenotti family is leading the legendary Matchless brand on the road to technical and high-performance fabrics. For outwear that is increasingly off-road and oriented towards the fusion of motorcycling and design.

A relaunch plan of the brand aimed at combining the classic and the tradition of Matchless with the innovation and the quality of Made in Italy.

Official Tester for Matchless: following a tradition of stars and self-made men

When you put your heart and mind into what you do, when you perfect yourself day after day to push your limits, that’s when victory becomes a simple consequence. This philosophy, espoused 100% by Matchless London, is the same one I personally cultivate.

This very important and prestigious synergy, which will enter the track for the first time at the Bull Days Serenissima on September 24-25-26, is the confirmation that my person is becoming a recognized brand.

I believe that being front-man of the Bull Days Luxury Experience has certainly played a key role in the birth of this bond. The passion for speed and for the universe of motorsport are the essential common point with the ideology of the historic British brand.

The shared creed is the active and on-the-road lifestyle. To have the courage to dare, to rebel and to reach one’s goals. This is the common essence between the brands Matchless and Stefano Cigana.


The Matchless R&D department, for the occasion, has created a garment specifically designed with mobility-related performance and technological features. The jacket is in fact made of a brand new sustainable nappa leather, strictly made in Italy.

The garment has the name of Bull Jacket. Inside it has a brand new lining that allows great breathability and can be used when driving Supercars and Hypercars. The garment will be available on at Bull Days Dubai.

In addition Matchless, for the Bull Days Serenissima event, has created a brand new backpack, with the name Reflex Backpack, with details designed for mobility and reflective at night lights. It is already available online at

Stefano Cigana

hotel excelsior venice lido

HOTEL EXCELSIOR: luxury between the history of cinema and the romanticism of Venice

The Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort is the Myth of Venice Lido that will also host the Bull Days Serenissima

Hotel Excelsior is an oasis of peace and relaxation that comes to life in a fairy-tale five-star luxury palace. A luxurious and iconic resort, always loved and frequented by the international jet-set. Every year the Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica, transforms the rooms of the Excelsior into a film set. A legendary hotel that will also host the Bull Days Serenissima.

The red carpet destination of the Excelsior will bring Bull Days crews to immerse themselves in the multifaceted atmosphere of the Venice Lido. An oasis of tranquility and absolute glamour, an island with the flavor of Belle Époque.

A strip of land that divides the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. An idyllic place adored by poets and writers such as Thomas Mann and Lord Byron. The supercars of the Bull Days will cross landscapes with breathtaking views, among elegant Art Nouveau villas, long golden beaches and the changing colors of a rich and exciting ecosystem.

hotel excelsior venice lido

THE EXCELSIOR: quintessence of the 7th Art

To host the luxury experience dedicated to the luxury brands, the prestigious Hotel Excelsior. A structure of great charm and Moorish architectural charm. Here contemporary luxuries sit harmoniously alongside the well-preserved splendor, with an awareness of its historical-artistic and touristic-social value.

The Venice Film Festival was based here during the first edition in 1932, which together with the opening of the summer venue of the Venice Casino, expanded the audience of the beautiful world orbiting in its halls already at the beginning of ‘900. The first edition of the festival was staged on the Tropicana terrace of the Excelsior.

A kermis entered in the chapters of the history of cinema, to which participated numerous Hollywood stars including Greta Garbo, Boris Karloff and Clark Gable.


Since then, movie stars, intellectuals, royalty, politicians and influential figures have stayed in the now famous resort on the Venetian Lido. Among them: Winston Churchill, the Duke of Windsor, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, Ingrid Bergman, Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Claudia Cardinale…

A hotel that is also a film set. In the spectacular Sala Stucchi you can still breathe in the magical atmosphere of Sergio Leone and the music of Ennio Morricone. In fact, scenes from the cult movie “Once Upon a Time in America” with Robert de Niro were filmed here.

The contemporary editions still see the traditional catwalk, at the arrival of the international stars, in the setting par excellence of the luxury Hotel Excelsior. Wonderful five-star accommodation that offers itself as a guest of the highest level for those who, getting off the boats, go towards the celebration of the cinematographic art.

hotel excelsior al lido di venezia

Among the Best International Hotels

The Excelsior, recognized as Best Beach Hotel at the Tatler Travel Awards 2021, offers a unique and exclusive luxury experience. The private beach equipped with elegant Cabanas, modern and striking cabanas with veranda. The sea view suites with ad hoc services such as the Suite Ambassador: a personal assistant completely dedicated to the guest.

The indoor and outdoor spaces are designed to ensure unforgettable emotions: the Elimar Beach Bar and Restaurant, the Tropicana Restaurant, the legendary Blue Bar, are the perfect places to enjoy fine food and wine experiences.

The relaxing heated swimming pool, the fitness center, the possibility of organizing unforgettable events, of practicing water sports, private helicopter flights, exclusive visits and excursions among the art and nature of the lagoon, make the Excelsior a point of reference for international hospitality.

A location of rare beauty, just minutes from Piazza San Marco.

Stefano Cigana

emanuele capozza

I’ll tell you the artist who gifted me the painting of the bull, symbol of Bull Days

Painted in oil by Florentine painter Emanuele Capozza, the "bull" is now in the Venetia Communication digital hub of Motta di Livenza.

After being among the partner artists at Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded, Florentine painter and architect Emanuele Capozza paid me a tribute by donating his work. From Florence to Motta di Livenza, this is the journey of Capozza’s “bull”, up to the headquarters of Venetia Communication. A symbolic act for the events and activities I develop in Italy and abroad.


The painter Emanuele Capozza

Emanuele Capozza was born on March 15, 1977 in Florence, where he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture. Passionate and lover of drawing since childhood, he decided in 2006 to pursue a career in art. Since then his painting technique explores the value of matter, through the use of plaster, plaster and stucco on wooden board.

For the artist, the wall is not just any surface, it is instead a window wide open to the soul of the painter and the viewer. The imperfections of the materials, as if they were alchemical elements, change their condition. They rise to aesthetic preciousness and become a distinctive character, a real physiognomy of inner landscapes. Unconscious landscapes of great beauty.

Capozza also uses the fresco technique, learned and matured since 2012. In recent years, the Florentine artist has been focusing on perfecting life drawing. Thus following the ancient and prestigious Renaissance tradition of his hometown.

“Because one thing there is that is noble, which is el his foundation: and this is el disegno, and all how many other reasons are weak compared to this. See that whoever has this does the one and the other well” cit.

emanuele capozza

Art strategy in my business models

It is not rational thought, it is art that sets us apart from other earthly creatures. It is the unique language, the distinctiveness of Being Human. Art does not end around the physical and object boundaries of a work. It is not something we can simply enclose in a frame, a trunk, or a room.

As the twentieth-century Avant-gardes pointed out, if art is life, then life can also be is art. This unique form of creativity thus becomes a lifestyle devoted to beauty, originality and happiness.

For this reason, in the luxury experiences I develop around the world, I always want to give the right space to art and artists. Creating cross-sector events with a strong emotional impact is the strength of the business models that I activate in the most beautiful dream locations on the planet.

Stefano Cigana

Discover the artist Emanuele Capozza >

Visit Bull Days, the luxury experience I created in 2017 >

Visit the website of Venetia, the communication & public relations company of which I am CEO >

THE ONE CAORLE: luxury is the scene in Small Venice

The One Caorle Hotel will be the theater of Luxury Experiences in front of the sea, among air, water and light.

I had the pleasure to be hosted in the new luxury resort of Small Venice. The One Caorle Hotel & Suite Family Apartments concretely represents a new vision of luxury. Located in Piazza Sant’Antonio in Caorle, just 50 meters from the beautiful Adriatic Sea. A luxurious oasis of relaxation facing the sea. The One is the new Star of Hospitality on the Venetian coast.

Confirming the trend of the Veneto Region as the most attractive destination in the world of tourism, with +39% already attested (source CNR June 2021).

A 4 Stars Superior Hotel suspended between sky and sea

The Hotel has 74 rooms and 18 suite-family apartments, tailored to every need. Elegant rooms, with a modern design, light and bright spaces, in perfect harmony with the colors and sounds of the sea waves. They look out through large windows, offering an enchanting sea view.

A range of top-level services

An enchanting and sumptuous Rooftop on the eighth floor of 850 square meters. A true Eden with a Mediterranean atmosphere, where to enjoy rich breakfasts, exquisite lunches and gourmet dinners under the stars.

The highlight of The One is the Infinity Pool. A spectacular sea-view pool on the top floor, made of glass, with hydromassage and heated to 30° C. A paradise suspended in the sky, kissed by the pristine blue. A metaphysical, ethereal place where you can lose yourself and find yourself in the perfect symbiosis of air, water and light. The regenerating breeze, the sublime line of the horizon and the soothing depth of the sky are the frame.

A magical space where you can relax on the daybeds of the vast solarium. Sip the best bubbles at the Sky Bar 360° by Pommery. A luxurious lounge with spectacular views on the eighth and top floor. In the exclusive bar where you can admire romantic sunsets and enjoy glamorous evenings.

In the Stelù Restaurant, a refined and modern location, gastronomic experiences of excellence are staged. Enjoying delicacies of Italian cuisine revisited in a modern perspective, accompanied by a selection of wines and champagnes. This is the ideal recipe to create unique and unforgettable luxury experiences.

The wellness area, fully equipped gym and bike service complete a stay dedicated to relaxation and active lifestyle.

The ideal location for new luxury routes

A unique resort that conquered me immediately! Among the beauties and hues of the sea, a new concept of luxury takes shape.

A sense of authenticity, well-being and wonder in front of the infinite blue. These are the fundamental ingredients to redesign the routes of luxury-oriented tourism. New emotions at zero meters above sea level. Projected towards sublime landscapes, seaside villages and lagoons, now ready to welcome new tourist formats.

Stefano Cigana

elettra lamborghini stefano cigana

ELETTRA LAMBORGHINI: el resto es nada

I went out with the most beautiful Lamborghini of all. Will we also see it at the Bull Days Luxury Experience?

Now I can say that I have dated the most beautiful Lamborghini of all! A pleasant evening in Monte-Carlo with Elettra Miura Lamborghini. The idol of the Millennials is a genuine girl who has been able to establish herself as a star in the world of music and entertainment. Without ever feeling the “weight” of the famous surname she bears.

Elettra was born under the sign of Taurus: May 17, 1994 in Bologna. Granddaughter of the legendary Ferruccio Lamborghini, founder of the famous car manufacturer, she grew up in luxury and always surrounded by iconic supercars.

elettra lamborghini

Initially, the heiress became known for some sexy shots posted on social. Later, she was talked about for her participation in several reality shows: Super Shore, Mtv Riccanza, Big Brother, Geordie Shore… 2018 is the year of the turning point. He launches “Pem Pem”, a summer hit that immediately gets a great success. The Reggaeton song comes close to 100 million views on YouTube. From that moment on, her artistic career explodes.

She is currently employed by an important record label. Boasting collaborations with top singers such as Myss Keta, Giusy Ferreri and Gué Pequeno. In 2019, she was a judge on The Voice of Italy, experiencing a great media impact. He also participated as a contestant in the 70th edition of the Sanremo Festival.

“Pistolero”, her tormentone inflames the summer of 2021 unleashing young people with a very fresh lash of pop on a Latin beat base.


A viral star with 6.8 million followers

Elettra Lamborghini is certainly an influential figure, always able to win the hearts of new fans. Suffice it to say that in 2020 she was the most searched female character on Google in Italy. With an average of almost 900 thousand searches per month on the browser.

In addition to the unquestionable charm and talent, the main ingredient of her success in the world of entertainment is her character: genuine, friendly and frank. The showgirl from Romagna who likes to call herself “the queen of twerking” is always tuned in to the trends of the moment. Innate glamour, explosive video clips, exaggerated outfits, unmistakable style and sharp statements.

Elettra Lamborghini. All this and more.

Stefano Cigana

elettra lamborghini stefano cigana
luxury car rental maranello ferrari

Crisis of the rentals in Maranello VS formula “Bull Days” for the revival

Rentals & Services Bull Days: the new horizon of the Luxury Car Rental sector

The crisis that began in 2020 is not sparing even the historic companies in Maranello that deal with luxury cars. Some of them risk closing down for good. It is in fact the entire car rental sector that is sounding a worrying alarm. I believe that changing and evolving the Luxury Car Rental format becomes even more urgent today.

The effects of the crisis: no one is renting the Reds

The alarm comes directly from Push Sart, one of the leading companies at national level in the rental of luxury and sports cars. The company, founded in 2009 in Maranello, provides exciting test drives on road and track. From the beginning, providing unique and unforgettable experiences in the iconic “Land of Motors” has been Push Start’s mission.

“We work with tourism and we still can’t see the light,” manager Stefano Giuliani revealed to journalists from the Gazzetta di Modena. Convinced that the cause is the declining trend of foreign tourists, ready to come to Maranello for test drives. The reduction in international travel is upsetting the balance of the sector.

“We were always open, seven days a week. Now, the situation has changed,” explains the company manager.

I think it’s a very serious situation, which is leaving many other companies in the lurch. Is the insistence on adopting the same strategies over and over again an accessory to this crisis?

luxury car rental

Bull Days Rental: between Luxury Experience Pack and Test drive in dream locations

I started from this open question, analyzing the world of luxury car rental, to identify alternative solutions. Even in this case, being dynamic and having an overview is not only important, but even fundamental.

That’s why I decided to evolve the rental formula of Bull Days, the luxury experience I created in 2017. How? By expanding the offer, redesigning the services signed Bull Days and, above all, devising real tour packages.

Building on the consolidated heritage, the new “Luxury Experience Pack” gives fans the chance to relive the exciting and spectacular roadshows of the Bull Days editions. A dream tour through breathtaking routes and locations: the beauty of Tuscany, the charm of Monte-Carlo and the French Riviera or the multifaceted charm of the North-East. In the same places, with the same tastes, among the same luxuries.

We are also organizing test drives on the basis of the three-year program of the next editions. Driving Experiences with important partners in international stages, equally exciting. The perspective is to be able to develop more and more moments of this type, dedicated to the Bull Days Community and beyond.

Click and discover the Rentals & Services section of Bull Days >

Stefano Cigana

luxury car rental bull days