In Sticciano with Gunther, the richest dog in the world

I invited Gunther, the half-billion-dollar dog, to the Sticciano Estate

It was an intense and very special weekend: I shook hands with Gunther, the richest dog in the world. But not only that, I invited him to Venetia Communication‘s new innovative hub in the heart of Tuscany: the marvelous Tenuta di Sticciano. An exclusive oasis in Certaldo, in the province of Florence, owned by Singapore tycoon Ching Chiat Kwong.

Here we were the protagonists of a very important advertising production. A further demonstration of the global appeal surrounding the phenomenal story of the dog Gunther.

The German shepherd Gunther is in fact the heir to the million-dollar estate of Countess Karlotta Liebenstein. As the owner of over a thousand dream real estate assets, he travels on private jets and obviously lives in unbridled luxury.

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It’s a unique story that recently came back into the spotlight. The merit is the media wave triggered by the sale of Madonna’s former villa in Miami, by the trust that takes care of the dog and manages its millionaire heritage.

An operation to which I contributed directly, amplifying the impact on a planetary scale, leaving even the “material girl” Madonna speechless.

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I’ve also been asked, “How does it feel to hold a half a billion dollars on a leash?”

In Gunther I have never limited myself to seeing only his wealth, as others have! I see in the richest dog in the world the representation of an ideology that I myself embrace and that is my mantra, a true potential!

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Spotlight on the Sticciano Estate and the 4-legged Star

A show that was staged in the territory of Sticciano, between beautiful walks and pleasant moments of relaxation in the Tuscan nature. Moments that will be the frames of a prestigious top secret production.

The Tenuta di Sticciano has been transformed in these days in a real set. Not a starting point and not even a point of arrival. Rather, it is a further step towards an evolution of the village as an authentic base for fashion & luxury-oriented projects. The potential is enormous.

“Meetings will be held here that will allow to give resonance to these lands, bringing together international and local realities”.

Events that confirm and underline the trends of the Real Estate market in the area. The beautiful Valdelsa is in fact under the magnifying glass of several wealthy investors. From this point of view, the arrival in Tuscany of dogstar Gunther is an event in its own right.

The curiosity and the news that the millionaire German shepherd is capable of stirring up are the perfect demonstration of this. Surpassing, in fact, the media hype of any “canonical” influencer.

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I remain available for any doubts or concerns and for those who can see beyond, like me.

Stefano Cigana

ph. Ginevra Photo