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In this moment of economic difficulty, “Stefano Versace Gelato” goes against the trend. Venetia Communication will redesign the Miami brand.

STEFANO VERSACE GELATO is the largest Italian gelato chain in America with about twenty points of sale opened in 5 years, including the Flagship Gelateria, considered the most beautiful in the United States.

Behind this success story is Stefano Versace, now considered the king of Miami gelato. But more than a master gelato maker he is first of all an entrepreneur and broker expert in finance applied to the real economy.

The decision to emigrate and make his dream come true was born from a careful market analysis to understand which country was with the most margin of success. It is here that he chose the States. The Americans are in fact the second consumers of ice cream in the world but the gelato in the USA are only 900 against the 36,000 in Italy.

The undisputed superior quality of artisan gelato and Made in Italy on the ice cream did the rest. Gelato is not a simple product to be consumed, but a real all-round experience, entrepreneurial, artisanal, sensorial, social and emotional.

Although Stefano Versace Gelato is becoming an increasingly strong Group, also demonstrated by the acquisition in 2018 of the competitor Bertoni Gelato, it certainly cannot escape the consequences of the current global economic crisis. However, SVG has chosen not to stop, but to invest in strategic communication. And to do this, he chose the Italian Venetia Communication.

Stefano Versace and Venetia Communication: a common vision

Venetia’s business model has proven itself to the international public for what it is: the perfect tool for the success of a brand. This is undoubtedly the main reason for the decision of the Versace ice cream shops. But also the constant collaboration with well-known and prestigious brands such as, just to name a few, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Monaco Brands, SBM and Northrop & Johnson, has certainly played its part.

As always, the union of intentions is fundamental. Stefano Versace and I in fact share a common vision: the pursuit of happiness is the indispensable element that determines the fate of a brand. The creative strategy of Venetia Communication will be built around this thought. Which will be conceived in Veneto to reach the United States and spread worldwide.


Stefano Cigana

Stefano Versace Gelato
Tik Tok

Attention is a battleground where Tik Tok has surpassed everyone

Why does Tik Tok work better than other social networks?

The attention market is now a real battlefield. Because? Attention is an immaterial asset of enormous importance but increasingly rare. In this panorama TikTok has surpassed the other social networks.

Do you know why it works best?
First of all, the posts are at 100% of the screen, while the content in the other social networks is only at 50%, thus leaving us time to distract ourselves with the next image. This process also happens in the stories for that we are more inclined to look at those rather than the Instagram feed or the Facebook Home.

We can therefore say that TikTok is the first and only social network created with the aim of keeping and channeling your attention, a bit like a drug. Obviously, the target audience is 13 to 16 years old because they do not have the emotional strength to respond to the stimuli of novelty, fear, envy. All this because at that age you have not yet developed an emotional wisdom that allows you to dissociate yourself from these stimuli.

Tik Tok is considered by experts to be a real drug, worse than heroin because its algorithm will increasingly be able to influence the masses of young people who will then grow under the influence of great world powers such as China.

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Stefano Cigana

Lamborghini Aventador records sold


Another record for Automobili Lamborghini, 10,000 Aventador sold

Aventador records Lamborghini sold. The well-known Italian car manufacturer signs another milestone in its already legendary history between great successes and marvelous futuristic cars. The 10,000th Aventador is a gray SVJ Roadster with red and black details. The culmination of nine years of automotive design and engineering.

Lamborghini Aventador: since 2011 a reference point for super sports cars

The Lamborghini Aventador, in production since 2011, immediately became the reference point for the supersport sector, managing to anticipate the supercars of the future.

This model of the Casa del Toro immediately stood out for its remarkable structural rigidity thanks to the carbon fiber monocoque, as for the 12-cylinder engine with a power of 700 horsepower and the ISR robotic transmission for ultra-fast gear changes capable of making them reach the 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds and push it to a top speed of 350 km/h.

It was in 2018 that the Sant’Agata Bolognese company launched one of the most important Aventadors, the SVJ, a real racing supercar capable of covering the lap of the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 6 minutes and 44 seconds.

Lamborghini Aventador records sold

The fastest and most exciting Lamborghini

Designed to go beyond the concept of performance itself, the Aventador has been able to redefine the concept of sports supercar. To create the fastest and most exciting Lamborghini of all time, each element was developed following a simple rule: lower weight and maximum performance, combined with quality, luxury and aerodynamic design.

Even after 10,000 units have been sold, the charm of the Lamborghini brand not only remains steadfast, but steadily increases.

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Stefano Cigana

Stefano Cigana

IL GAZZETTINO: Stefano Cigana, the founder of a new business model

The Bull Days event and Venetia Communication's strategic communication are the perfect tools to create synergies

I had the pleasure of telling the Gazzettino what Bull Days is and what is the business model on which it is based.

It is precisely this format that is the keystone on which I built not only the Bull Days, but also the strategic plan of Venetia Communication.


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Stefano Cigana

Stefano Cigana: the founder of a new business model