The City of Florence reopens Forte Belvedere for Bull Days

The historic Medici fortress will host the Gala Dinner of Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded

The second day of Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded will culminate with the Gala Dinner in the wonderful Forte di Belvedere. An important moment not only for the luxury-oriented event, but also for the City of Florence, patron of Bull Days.

Forte di Belvedere is one of the panoramic points of excellence of the Tuscan capital. A fortress at the same time imposing and elegant, which tries to dominate, from its elevated position, the immense beauty of Florence. It is an architectural work of great historical value. It was built at the behest of Ferdinando I dei Medici, by Bernardo Buontalenti, at the end of the sixteenth century. Today it is an indelible image of an era that has become legend.

Some historical notes on a “Terrace” unique in the world

The fortress was built following Grand Duke Ferdinando I’s decision to move the court from Palazzo Vecchio to Palazzo Pitti. In fact, the complex was built close to the walls surrounding the Boboli Gardens, adjacent to the Pitti.

In this way, the Prince and the Court, in case of emergency, would have been able to reach the fortified refuge quickly and in total safety. The Fort of Belvedere is therefore the last stage of the famous Vasari Corridor. The series of secret passages, corridors, bridges and gardens that connect Palazzo Vecchio to Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens.

The structure is characterized by a typical star-shaped plan, outlined by five bastions, two of which facing the city. At the center emerges a triangular buttress called “Diamantina”, while the remaining three are called “La Pace”, “Casin Interno” and “San Giorgio”.

The iconic building, pre-existing to the construction of the fortress that encompasses it, is a wonderful terrace for the benefit of the grand ducal court. A true command center, which over the centuries has been able to fulfill its military function.


Gala Dinner at Belvedere

Today the Fort of Belvedere is a monumental, historical, artistic and landscape landmark of immeasurable importance. An evocative and fascinating place, a bulwark where you can hear the sounds lost in the wind and imagine the splendor of the past.

A watershed between the Arno river, the beauties of Florence and the bucolic landscapes shaped over the centuries by man. A terrace guarding the city, the privileged point where you can remain stunned in front of the ecstatic vision of the Italian Renaissance.

The fortress now hosts events and exhibitions of the highest level, since ’72 it is in fact a prestigious venue for international contemporary art exhibitions. On July 3, 2021, the day of the Tuscany Roadshow between the territories of Florence, Val d’Elsa and Chianti, between Certaldo and Fiano, will host the Gala Dinner of the Bull Days.

The claim of the Tuscany Reloaded edition “Man and woman as the measure of all things”, becomes a concrete reality. The show goes on stage. The rooms of the Belvedere will be the magnificent theater of a memorable event.

A particularly inspiring social & bleisure meeting. Collectors of Supercar & Hypercar will be able to immerse themselves in a sublime atmosphere of yesteryear, admire works of art and live the most authentic Tuscan luxury experience.

Stefano Cigana

Fonti Toscana Country Resort


The Tenuta del Gruppo Fonti Toscana Country Resort is an enchanting place set between Florence, Siena and San Gimignano: the perfect setting for luxury-oriented forms of tourism.

Fonti Toscana Country Resort is an enchanting rural oasis set in the heart of the Tuscan countryside between Florence, Siena and San Gimignano: an area rich in history, art and tradition. Located in the wonderful Chianti area, the Estate is immersed in timeless landscapes, full of beauty and harmony. Unique landscapes designed with love and wisdom by vineyards, olive groves, rows of cypresses, lush forests, pastures, truffle grounds, orchards and farms.

A corner of the world where the infinite voice of poetry echoes

The Fonti Group, which also includes the ancient Tenuta di Sticciano, wishes to translate the magic of Tuscany into real dream experiences. The fulcrum of these emotions is the delightful resort in the municipality of Certaldo, the ideal place for those in search of the Italian sense of beauty: culture, relaxation, food and wine, fashion, sunshine.


The estate is the union of various medieval farms, which in turn were built on ancient Etruscan-Roman settlements. The structure we see today dates back to the beginning of the 15th century. The manor house was restored in 1700 by the historical Medici Tornaquinci family, undisputed symbol of the Florentine Renaissance.

As I write to you from this marvelous place, like an idyllic mirage, I glimpse remote eras lost in the passage of time among the silky hills and the sounds of nature. Living on the estate means finding time for yourself and for the important people in your life. Being lulled by the music of nature, getting lost in the sunsets. Taste a unique territory, through its food and wine products and discover it in all its facets.


Living the Dolce Vita in the Fonti Resort

The privileged geographical position of Tenuta Fonti is the perfect starting point to visit the main Tuscan cities of art such as: Florence, Siena, Pisa, San Gimignano, Volterra… and for interesting excursions in the Chianti region.

Visit Florence is a must! The Tuscan capital is the cradle of the Renaissance and the Italian language. Unique city in the world that has maintained unaltered the charm and splendor of the past. A true open-air museum that houses works of inestimable value.


Fonti Toscana Country Resort Firenze

In the Fonti Estate, along more than 10km of evocative paths, lovers of cycling, fitness and horse riding can visit the area in a slow mood, through paths and cycle paths, riding horses or modern and luxurious e-bikes.

The Food & Beverage section of the company boutique offers selections of the best wines, olive oils, truffles, grappas, chocolate, jams, pasta, cheeses, cold cuts, cosmetics and many other typical products. A synaesthetic experience that combines body care with fitness maintenance, to enjoy the flavors and scents of Tuscany.

Regional cooking lessons, wine tasting experiences & taste moments, mushroom picking, truffle hunting, wellness, yoga and special events complete a range of high quality services.

Exclusive Rooms and Suites

The ancient Medici Villa has 8 double rooms and a luxury panoramic suite. The rooms, named after the great masters of the Renaissance, are furnished with antique furniture, quality materials and details that evoke the unmistakable Tuscan style.

Bright, refined and elegant rooms, capable of offering spectacular views. The highlight is the Giotto Suite in the loggia of the villa. A privileged location overlooking the entire estate, from where you can admire the infinite beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Developing Luxury experiences with a unique flavor

Tenuta Fonti, in the magical Val D’Elsa, represents the perfect hub for rethinking the routes of international luxury tourism. These days it has become the operational center of the upcoming Tuscany Reloaded edition of Bull Days.

I am proud to announce that the Fonti Toscana Country Resort group, through the strategic communications company Venetia Communication, has entrusted me with the development of the Estate’s international activities.

The resort will be the pivotal point of a set of luxury-oriented services: tours on board luxury yachts, helicopter transfers and test drives at the wheel of supercars and hypercars.

New avenues of luxury tourism in Tuscany will be designed. They will also make known the synergy with prestigious international realities.


Stefano Cigana