Savini Tartufi

Savini Tartufi: since 1920 discovering the diamond of the woods

The Tuscan brand Savini Tartufi is a Made in Italy excellence in the world of truffles

The history of the Tuscan brand Savini Tartufi, today a reference point in the world of truffles, begins with a passion that goes back a long way in time. We are in 1920, over a century ago, the young and talented hunter Zelindo, decided to embrace the life of a full-time truffle hunter. Since then, the lives of 4 generations have followed one another and intertwined around that precious fruit of the earth.

From the woods to the table. Experience, like an innate sense of smell honed over the years, is the inimitable ingredient that allows Savini to create products of the highest quality. In addition to being the main element that has allowed the brand to establish itself as an excellence of Made in Italy.

The secrets of truffles, since 1920

A modern company able to make the magic of ancient values coexist with the eyes of those who know the way of innovation. The strong point is a valuable product, the fruit of a land that is home to food and wine excellence.

Tuscany. One of the most important Italian regions for the production of truffles.

They are hidden here, in Forcoli (Pisa) near San Miniato, where Nature is still uncontaminated and luxuriant, as in an idyllic golden age. White Truffle, March truffle, Summer truffle, Tuber uncinatum, Prized truffle, Winter Truffle. The precious underground treasures of Savini Tartufi. Found by about 3500 trufflehunters and preserved following recipes and secrets handed down from generation to generation.

The high and leafy woods of Savini guard the delicious truffles, rare tuber-shaped gems. The magic happens among the roots and at the feet of ancient oaks, hazelnuts, poplars and other secular plants. Able, thanks to the energy infused by the rhythms of nature, to make unique products blossom in all seasons.

A primordial mixture, skilfully mixed by Mother Earth, then accepted and wisely perfected by the Tuscan company.


Truffle Experience: the magic from the wood to the table

Savini Tartufi also organizes many exclusive Truffle Experiences for lovers of wine and food tours. Magical experiences that include: epic truffle hunts, cooking classes, lunches and dinners based on fresh truffles, tastings of delicacies and selected local wines. As well as a visit to the Savini Museum.

Discovering the truffle, like a journey of exploration towards new frontiers or treasures of ancient civilizations. Immersed in the rarefied lights and iridescent colors of the forest, in the shade of natural roofs composed of multiform leaves. Experience the pleasure of discovery and the irresistible fascination triggered by wonder. The true sap that makes your eyes sparkle and your heart beat.

A symphony of scents, emotions and sensations. A journey of yesteryear built on the relationship that is generated between the quarryman and his faithful four-legged companion. An experience that finds its climax in the unveiling of this exceptional pearl of the woods.

Experiencing these exclusive and enchanting experiences at first hand also becomes an important tourism business tool. Being able to integrate Truffle Experiences into cross-sector projects and leisure initiatives is now a growing strategy with great appeal.

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