L'Orangerie liqueur from Monaco

L’Orangerie: a piece of Monaco in a glass

L'Orangerie & "Monaco Spritz" confirm the charm of the Monegasque Principality and the great potential of the Monaco & Monte-Carlo brands

I had the pleasure of receiving, from my friend Karin Nordstrom, Business Development Manager of “Monte Carlo Société des Bains de Mer”, an unexpected gift. It arrived carefully sealed, the precious liqueur L’Orangerie, an invitation to taste the true Monegasque style. A drink symbol of Monaco, capable of merging the most ancient soul of the Principality with the most modern and avant-garde one. A product fruit of the local agricultural traditions, capable however of perfectly reflecting the contemporary and always fashionable charm of a unique territory.

L’Orangerie: Liqueur from Monaco

L’Orangerie is “the first premium orange liqueur from Monaco”. Handcrafted from the oranges that grow in this spectacular Principality, rare, unique and exclusive. The fruits are hand-picked and carefully selected in an area kissed by the sun and painted with the colors of the Côte d’Azur. Washed and peeled in the atelier, the oranges are then infused, according to a secretly guarded recipe to create the exclusive Monegasque liqueur.

L’Orangerie represents the authentic taste of Monaco. The glass bottles bottle and guard the international charm of the Principality. Ready to give itself only to those who know how to truly appreciate it. A true élixir, capable of encapsulating the essence of a dream location, celebrated throughout the world.

The prestigious Monegasque liqueur is made with the native and fragrant citrus aurantium, the bitter oranges that grow along the luxurious views of Monte-Carlo. Precious and natural fruits, untreated with pesticides and capable of elevating the picturesque into the delicious.

The best way to enjoy the Orangerie, as an aperitif, digestif, cocktail, is to enjoy it in Monaco! Hotel de Paris, Metropole Hotel, Yacht Club de Monaco, Wine Palace Monaco, Georges V Paris are the perfect places to enjoy it. Some of the locations of a long and prestigious list of excellent and princely establishments.




The Orangerie is at its best when it comes to cocktails. Hence the unmistakable taste experience of the “Monaco Spritz”. The symbolic drink of the Principality, created by Monaco’s best mixologists. This delicious drink is a signature cocktail, a jewel of the French Riviera, refreshing and easy to prepare.

The art de vivre the “French Riviera” in an unmistakable way. The luxury lifestyle dissolved and sealed in a precious casket, the scene of unique emotions lulled by the rhythm of the Mediterranean waves and palaces that challenge the sky. Postcard landscapes that have inspired great painters, writers and directors. The history of the Principality of Monaco told in a sip.


12cl Prosecco

3cl L’Orangerie

One orange peel

Ice cubes

Mix & Enjoy

An example to follow: signature drinks as a marketing strategy

The Monaco Spritz concept demonstrates the evocative power that a name can bring with it. Generating suggestions, visions, colors, shapes, scents and desires. This signature drink joins the top brands that hold high the prestige of the Principality and Monte-Carlo.

Real brands that are emblems of the cult of sport and exceptional luxury. An incomparable image that needs no introduction. Enormous media power. Names linked to events followed with passion and famous all over the world. A reference point for luxury and eco-sustainability, Monaco is one of the most popular destinations for the international jet-set.

All these values are inevitably reflected in the products that have the privilege of bearing their name and livery. Developing licensing strategies towards the Principality is the ideal way to reach high-profile targets and sectors.

The creation of an original cocktail can also become the winning choice to convey the vision of several brands in a single sip. Creating signature drinks is not just an activity for mixologists and bartenders, but a real marketing strategy with high engagement.

Thinking of contacting one’s network with a gift capable of involving knowledge, curiosity and senses means taking oneself into an authentic offline experience, one that is particularly rewarding.

Stefano Cigana

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