Giuseppe Cau, the meeting with the Vespa rider

I had the privilege of meeting Giuseppe Cau, symbol of the Vespa icon of Italian design in the world.

Last week the Vespa turned 75 years old! In the same days the made in Italy icon has also exceeded 19 million units produced since ’46. Two important milestones that confirm what the brand from Pontedera represents in the collective imagination: a symbol of freedom and Italian design. I have had the opportunity to discover and experience the most authentic values of the Vespa from very close up. That’s why I want to tell you about my meeting with Giuseppe Cau, champion and symbol of the most famous scooter in the world.

Who is Giuseppe Cau

One man in particular has had the merit of being able to represent the soul of the Vespa to perfection. This man is Giuseppe Cau, born in 1928, Roman by birth but Pontedera by adoption.

“Giuseppe, your ideal vehicle is the Piaggio Vespa. As small as you are, who’s going to stop you on that one?”. These were the words of Luciano Moroni when the then 18-year-old Giuseppe was working in his mechanical workshop.

As soon as a Vespa arrived to be repaired, the boy didn’t wait long to ask permission to pilot it for the race at Lido di Ostia. Driving a simple touring Vespa, he managed to place second in front of real pilots on racing models.

From that first competition onwards nothing will be the same as before. From 47′ on board the iconic Vespa he brought home one victory after another. Nobody could stop him. That’s how he got noticed by Enrico Piaggio in person, who in 1948 brought him to Pontedera to entrust him with the development of the Vespa.

Symbol of the Piaggio Racing Department, gold medal at the Six Days of 1951 and true icon of the most famous scooter ever. Pilot, mechanic, tester and precious advisor for new ideas.

He was also the protagonist of the first Vespa acrobatic team and always came up with new improvements, such as the anti-fog visor.


My meeting with Cau

Giuseppe Cau, in addition to perfectly embodying the spirit of the Pontedera brand, is also a beautiful person. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Cau at the Piaggio Museum during the 2019 Tuscan edition of Bull Days.

A special moment to share not only the passion for speed and to learn the stories of the legendary Vespa “jockey”, but also to forge a genuine friendship. On that occasion I discovered together with him and his epic tales a collection unique in the world.

The Museum was founded in 2000 in the premises of the former workshop to enhance the historical heritage of one of the oldest Italian companies. Today the Piaggio Museum is the largest Italian museum dedicated to two wheels and periodically organizes temporary exhibitions in the field of modern and contemporary art.

But in addition to the museum visit, the Vespa champion invited me to his home to admire the many memorabilia collected throughout his life. Every award, every painting and historical photo, every object told of his successes and the 75 years of Vespa’s glorious history.

He explained to me the tricks he had up his sleeve on the track, but also when he was young and frail as he was when he started working for Piaggio. His first successes, the victories at the Salita della Merluzza, the Sassi Superga, the Coppa di Perugia, the Six Days of International Motorcycling and all the other great victories.

At the end he also wanted to show me and let me ride some of the legendary Vespas of his private collection full of special series and unique museum pieces. Among these stands out the “Super Cau” a commemorative model and limited edition of 99 copies completely designed and built by Cavalier Cau.

This two-wheeler in fact wants to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the birth of the Vespa and at the same time one of its most important “interpreters”. Not at home appears on the shield the 94, which was the racing number of Giuseppe Cau. I thank him again for having hosted me and for having shared with me his story and his passion.

The most loved scooter in the world

This meeting, with all the exciting events connected, is certainly emblematic of how Vespa is a historic yet always contemporary brand. When a product or an object of design goes beyond its simple function, it becomes a legend.

It is no longer something material, it becomes a symbol of dreams and ideals. This is the case of Vespa, not just a simple scooter, but a true worldwide cultural phenomenon.

Protagonist of the post-war boom, it soon became an emblem of freedom and emancipation for young people all over the world. The joy of living, light-heartedness and the desire to look to the future without fear are the intrinsic values of the iconic two-wheeler.

A unique scooter capable of inspiring creative people all over the world with its lively spirit and genuine simplicity. Proof of this are the numerous partnerships with prestigious brands such as Dior, (RED) and Sean Wotherspoon.

So much so that the Pontedera-based brand doesn’t feel the 75 candles recently blown out at all. Marketed in 83 countries on all continents, long a protagonist in mass culture, the Vespa is a timeless style icon.

Stefano Cigana

hotel santa maria novella

Hotel Santa Maria Novella, a jewel in the city of the Renaissance

The hotel in the heart of Florence will be the ideal place to plan luxury-oriented appointments.

I had the pleasure of being invited to the reopening of the Hotel Santa Maria Novella, a 4-star full of charm and classicism located in one of the most iconic squares in the world. The reopening of the luxurious Florentine hotel was a significant moment for the whole city of Florence. An auspicious sign, hoping for a better future for the entire tourism and hospitality sector.

The Florentine style of a charming hotel

A unique hotel in an ancient palace full of history and art, in front of the splendid Basilica, whose facade was made immortal by Leon Battista Alberti. A world-famous architectural work and a symbol of the Renaissance age, a portrait of the ideal proportions of the human body and the fusion of philosophy, mathematics and nature.

I had the distinct feeling that the imposing and at the same time slight presence of the Basilica echoed and reflected suggestions and inspirations on the building. A unique atmosphere capable of elevating a stay to a truly significant and evolutionary moment.

An unparalleled place a few steps from the Florence Cathedral, Palazzo Vecchio, the Uffizi and all the most famous attractions of the city. Hotel Santa Maria Novella is the harmonious result of a balanced mix of classic style, refined details and a breathtaking panoramic view of the square and the Florentine hills.

Lacquered wood paneling, French furniture, historic antiques and precious marbles make the Santa Maria Novella a luxurious hotel, emblem of the Florentine style and the art of Tuscan hospitality. The magical Hall of Mirrors transformed into the breakfast area, the impeccable service, the fitness center, the sauna, the Valet Parking complete a luxurious experience that is hard to forget.


Hotel Santa Maria Novella: the Honeymoon Suite

In the days of stay the Suite proved to be the ideal place for meetings and reunions with one of the most beautiful backgrounds in the world. It was in fact the first strategic base where I received all the actors involved in organizing the Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded. With Giulio Fratini and with the other protagonists of the next edition of the Luxury Experience I had the pleasure of working in a stimulating context of unparalleled beauty.

A great shared strategy with a strong impact on the Tuscan capital

After this pleasant stay, I am sure that the Hotel Santa Maria Novella has all the characteristics to be a point of reference for projects oriented towards the luxury world. I thank the Fratini family for their welcome, with whom I have the pleasure of working closely to create the Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded.

Redesigning the routes of the new luxury-oriented tourism and organizing international events is the mission of Venetia Communication in the city of the Renaissance.

Develop new strategies and luxury experiences between luxury brands and magical locations. This is the fundamental constant for designing innovative projects and synergies that aim to outline a new concept of luxury and well-being.

Stefano Cigana

Almar, the ideal oasis for new luxury experiences

I chose Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa to design new experiences oriented to the world of luxury

Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa pleasantly surprised me. I had the pleasure of experiencing the comforts of the exclusive suite and visiting the entire splendid and modern structure. A unique 5-star beachfront Resort, an earthly paradise capable of harmoniously blending the elegance of Italian design with the most exclusive services. Almar is a true luxury experience oasis.


Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa is located in front of the golden beach of Lido di Jesolo, a short distance from one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Venice. The Resort is an oasis of peace and relaxation much appreciated by the international jet set. It is a magical place where you can relax and discover a new type of well-being, lulled by the sounds and colors of the sea waves and always admiring the simple beauty of the horizon. A treasure chest open to inspiration and serenity.

Such an evocative and relaxing context is possible thanks also to the high-level services. The long experience in the world of hospitality combined with numerous activities always supported by innovative technologies is one of the many secrets of Almar Jesolo. The structure, which I had the pleasure of visiting, has a lot to offer to a refined clientele. It is in fact equipped with one of the largest outdoor swimming pools on the entire Adriatic coast, a luxurious private beach, areas dedicated to children and various fit & spa programs.

Inside the Resort I discovered the world of the Almablu Spa, a 2,000 m2 wellness oasis overlooking the sea. Not a simple spa but a temple where you can recover your own rhythms and find a new harmony with your being. Body and mind discover here the true meaning of the word relaxation. A vast wellness menu with countless treatments completes a unique experience.

Almar Jesolo is the perfect place not to experience a simple journey, but much more. Precisely for this reason the Resort is also pet-friendly, for those who cannot give up the company of their four-legged friends.


It is no coincidence that the excellence of Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa has been widely recognized internationally. World Luxury Spa Awards (2017, 2018 and 2019), World Luxury Hotel Awards (2017, 2018 and 2019), Condé Nast Johanssens (2018), PRIME Traveler Awards (2019), Haute Grandeur Spa Awards (2019, 2020), Haute Grandeur Hotel Awards (2019, 2020), MUSE Hotel Awards (2020) and Eventex Award (2019) for the MICE sector. These are just some of the prestigious international awards won by the Jesolo Resort.

Almar oasi luxury experience to design new experiences

After immersing myself in Almar’s philosophy and atmosphere, I had no doubts. The award-winning Resort will in fact be at the center of various projects oriented towards the luxury world. A sanctuary of relaxation overlooking the Adriatic, the perfect place to develop synergies, relationships and innovative ideas to generate new forms of tourism and business.

In this vision Venetia Communication will be the protagonist to continue to create unparalleled luxury experiences. We are writing today the beginning of a very important collaboration, oriented towards luxury tourism. The common goal is always the same: happiness and well-being to give life to a new concept of luxury.

Stefano Cigana

maurizio mian modello gunther

Maurizio Mian, the pursuit of happiness and the 400 million euros of the dog Gunther. My first six months at work, in top secret mode, alongside the famous pharmacologist from Pisa.

Owner of one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in the world, for thirty years he has dedicated his life to the elaboration of a winning social model. And time is proving him right.

Can one choose to dedicate one’s life to the social elaboration of a winning model? Absolutely yes, as Maurizio Mian, a brilliant pharmacologist and scion of the Gentili family, has demonstrated over the last twenty-seven years. One day he decided to leave the world of the pharmaceutical industry, to which he seemed genetically destined, in order to carry out a large-scale project that sees wellbeing as its ultimate goal. All starting from an assumption as ambitious as it is interesting: knowing how to achieve true well-being would help the whole world to live better.

The scientific approach of his personal training has meant that he applied the same methodological rigor in the development of the entire project, designed to unravel over a long period of time and going to verify the validity of the theoretical assumption in the field.

Taking into account one element. If the ideology of achieving well-being is the fixed point of the model, without an adequate media visibility it risks to remain ineffective, regardless of the validity of the results obtained in the field through the proposed experimental models.

It is no coincidence that Maurizio Mian often uses to cite, as a media example of success linked to an ideology, the Beatles. The same comparison, used a few years ago, by Steve Jobs, who in an interview available on YouTube said: “my model in Business is the Beatles.”

maurizio mian modello gunther

“Dear Stefano, don’t take me too seriously.”

I met Maurizio Mian for the first time in the summer, in Pisa. He brought us together with our mutual friend Alessandro Trolese, whom I knew from the Lamborghini event organized together in 2019. I was just back from the Bull Days in Monte Carlo and obviously at dinner I didn’t talk about anything else.

The best part started when the professor started telling me about his project. About the German Shepherd Billionaire Gunther, about Pisa Calcio, about Happiness. About the villa purchased by Madonna and that of Stallone. I didn’t understand anything anymore, I was thrilled. Inside I was thinking, “I finally found someone more out of his mind than me, fucking professor, I adore you!”

“I’m sending you all the projects and files,” he said, “give us a look but, dear Stefano, don’t take me too seriously.”

He couldn’t have said anything worse to me, because of course I did exactly the opposite. And Maurizio had probably already understood that.

maurizio mian modello gunther

I studied the model day and night, trying to understand all its facets.

To study and elaborate the theoretical model of a new ethics of well-being, going to create, according to strict scientific criteria, even the characters destined to put its principles into everyday life. The simplest alternative, or the shortcut, if you will, could provide for the recruitment of a person already famous, with a following, who would become promoter of the model. But how can we separate the data related to the fame of the character from the one more intimately connected to the ideology?

Therefore, in order to avoid that a person became only the “manifesto” of the idea, and not its embodiment, it was decided to start from scratch, creating the conditions, based on the theoretical model, to grow an entity (human, animal or object, single or multiple) that was in a “real state of well-being.”

Unveiling the theoretical framework after some practical demonstrations in the field, from which feedback was drawn not always completely satisfactory and exhaustive. But always through the search for media notoriety, which has as its lowest common denominator the birth of the “Gunther system”.

A system that provides for an innovative sexual dynamic between the components, which starts from the principle that pleasure produces greater pleasure. The latter is ideally located at the center of an equilateral triangle whose vertices are represented by sex, money and beauty.

Obviously, beauty alone is a pre-requisite, but it must be correctly inserted into a “rich” system, so that it can guarantee evolution, without being limited to survival. A beauty that can be put at the service of greater economic well-being, in a perspective of freedom of choice and total absence of family ties.

The group of five people, three females and two males, together with the dog Gunther, comes to the search in a voluntary and spontaneous way, has an economic base to start the search for success without pressure, but should not be confused. Strong stuff.

cane gunther


Having dug the foundations, the time has come to lay the first stone. We are in 1990, the year in which the Leaning Tower of Pisa (city of Maurizio Mian) is closed for security reasons, Nelson Mandela is freed after 28 years in prison, East and West Germany unite their economies, and Mikhail Gorbačëv is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

A year that, on a smaller scale, saw the birth of the Gunther Group; a group made up of personalities from the most diverse professional sectors, united by their love for animals and interest in all their problems. And in order to make the voice of the new group heard clearly, the first action chosen was symbolically the production of a record.

Released on the PolyGram record label, and produced by Maurizio Mian himself, “Wild Dog – Hymn to Joy”, a record dedicated to those who still have ideals, to those who love life and joy. And dedicated to Gunther, a splendid ten-year-old German shepherd who has a story to tell.

We read on the cover of the vinyl: “About six years ago Gunther was struck by pemphigus, a rare and terrible chronic disease that would lead him to death in a short time. His owner Antonella had him examined by the best veterinarians and dermatologists and Gunther was cured. Unfortunately, however, the prescribed therapy also includes the administration of high doses of cortisone and, as often happens in these cases, Gunther suffers the serious side effects and after a short time is struck by osteoporosis, a disease that little by little makes his bones more and more fragile.

Mian’s decisive intuition

Again for Gunther some veterinarians pronounce the death sentence. Gunther, however, is a dog with many friends. One of these is Maurizio Mian, a clinical pharmacologist by profession. Surely it is only thanks to his intervention that Gunther is alive today. In fact, the German shepherd met Maurizio Mian just when the latter had just returned to Italy after a period of study in England with Prof. J.A. Kanis, president of the European Osteoporosis Foundation.

During his stay abroad this young clinical pharmacologist had identified in a class of drugs (the diphosphonates) the elements capable of fighting osteoporosis. Maurizio then thought of trying to use these drugs to heal Gunther. Abroad, in fact, osteoporosis was already being successfully treated using diphosphonates. After just a few weeks, the treatment began to have its effect.

“So this record was born, dedicated not only to animals, but also to all young people who love freedom and joy. For this reason, a cheerful, catchy melody was chosen, which gives the listener an immediate feeling of lightness.

maurizio mian modello gunther

The dog Gunther and the heritage of 400 million Euros

While the last notes of “Wild dog” are still being sung (in February 1991 the group also performed on “Superclassifica Show” on Canale 5), the studies of behavioral biology by Maurizio Mian begin to give their first results and it is necessary to bring them on the first pages of the newspapers.

A story was born that still today, twenty-seven years later, is constantly cited in Italian and foreign media. The story tells of the dog Gunther who, healed from his dermatological disease, in 1992, inherited the entire fortune of the German countess Carlotta Von Liebenstein; a staggering figure, about 137 billion lire.

Not a dog of noble origins, but an animal adopted during the stay in Tuscany that attracts the attention of the German noblewoman by virtue of its name, the same as her son who recently died in a car accident. A son who loved soccer and played in Werder Bremen. Carlotta Von Liebenstein falls in love with the story of the dog narrated in the record “Wild dog” and, as soon as she has the chance to meet him in person, she decides to make him her heir.

The model studied by Professor Mian will make our group one of the most capitalized communications companies in the world

Mian: “Cigana, so what do you think?”

Me: “Penso che ti xè el scarpèr co e scarpe sbusàe”

(I think you are the shoemaker with the broken shoes, in Venetian language).


Since then I have never stopped working on the happiness project together with Dr. Mian. After this folkloric exclamation the understanding between the professor and I was born and we agreed on what was missing. The Gunther project is inherently communication and without it it cannot truly be realized. In these first six months, we began to lay the groundwork for renewing the image of the model and carefully studied its social application.

But this is only the beginning. The important task of the group will be to produce content and coordinate from a real control room the scientific model of happiness in the capitals and most famous international locations in the world: Dubai, Miami, Monte-Carlo, Bahamas, Maldives, Bangkok, New York, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi…

Happy viewing to all!


To the next articles the development of the project.

Stefano Cigana

Arcaido by Stefano Cigana

ARCAIDO BY STEFANO CIGANA: Timekeeper fusion of Italian design and avant-garde Swiss mechanics

With the GMT Stefano Cigana, Arcaido officially opens the era of customizations

Arcaido creates high quality products resulting from 30 years of experience and passion in the world of watchmaking. The brand was born in the laboratories of the Balestra company, a family-owned goldsmith-crafts business founded in 1993. The long experience in the B2B segment and years of research focused on the latest trends, the best movements and the most innovative and performing materials have led to the birth of the brand Arcaido. With an entire department dedicated exclusively to customization: this is where Arcaido by Stefano Cigana comes to life.

The customer has in fact the possibility to completely customize the watch, from the leather strap to the details inside the dial. This custom made-to-order service allows you to modify every single component ad hoc and also to add your own signature on the dial. It does not provide a simple case but a real professional kit.


It is no longer enough to create products. In the society in which we live, the mass-produced object has become synonymous with homologation and sterility of mind. For this reason, co-branding, partnerships, licensing projects and other initiatives to create unique products that reflect the character and identity of the end customer are constantly increasing. Configuring custom manufactured goods and services is the new horizon to which you absolutely cannot turn your back.

It is thanks to this principle that the product transcends itself, becoming an individual and unique emotional experience. We are constantly told that each of us is unique and unrepeatable, so why shouldn’t it be the same for products? In particular for the most luxury and exclusive ones? In this panorama, it seems clear that industrial production must increasingly seek a symbiosis with artisan production. This is the way to success for a winning strategy capable of involving and becoming memorable.


The Arcaido model called Stefano Cigana 1977 is a watch equipped with a Swiss movement that bears my signature. It features a GMT movement, bronze case material and hands, shaded blue dial and pale blue bronze Kudu strap.

The fact that this prestigious company has dedicated a model to me is a source of great pride for me.


I think that the birth of this custom model is not accidental. I’m not the one to say it, it’s now become a widely shared and recognized fact at different latitudes: the constant and increasingly appreciated growth of the group’s communication activities is also affecting my personal branding. Creating synergies, events and prestigious and exclusive partnerships always focusing on the uniqueness of the experience, this is my signature. Authentic values oriented to the achievement of psycho-physical well-being and happiness.

Stefano Cigana

vela experience: Swan


My meeting with Leonardo Ferragamo, president of Nautor's Swan, creator of the event and of the Marina di Scarlino

From 13 to 17 October, the Swan One Design Worlds took place at the Marina di Scarlino, or the one-design World Championship of the  Nautor’s Swan shipyard, fulcrum of the vela experience. This prestigious event is much more than a simple regatta. It is a real world parade of Swans as all the best of the Finnish shipyard’s production is concentrated in the Tuscan port.

The Swan One Design Worlds are the first world championships dedicated to the One Design classes. With around 26 boats from 10 nations, divided into the ClubSwan 50, Swan 45 and ClubSwan 36 categories. This luxury regatta is one of the two events that gave birth to the Swan Experience; which in fact also included a one-yard Boat Show where the splendid Swan 78, Swan 65, Swan 54 and Swan 48 were exhibited.

Vela experience: Swan

Participating in a regatta of this level was a unique experience. I had the privilege of being able to live up close and to get on board one of the most beautiful and elegant boats for navigation in the Mediterranean Sea, the Swan 115 “Solleone”, a majestic dream sailing yacht of 115 feet.

Describing the feelings experienced in words is not at all easy. At the same time I felt like a small dot in the middle of the sea but also a member of a crew capable of mastering the delicate power of the Solleone. I immersed myself with my body and mind in the silent blue to fully listen to the sweet and thunderous sound of the wind that gave life to the Nautor swan sail. Gliding elegantly among the waves and experiencing the comfort and high performance of the Finnish shipyard’s models helped me to truly understand what triggers the love for sailing.

Find out more about the Swan vela experience >

The Marina di Scarlino: a vela paradise

The epicenter of this vela experience signed by Swan was the Marina di Scarlino, one of the safest and most protected tourist ports in the Mediterranean. It’s located between the fabulous Maremma area and the Tuscan archipelago, just a few miles from the beautiful Elba Island. There are 580 berths from 10 to 36 meters, up to 4 meters of draft and another 380 for boats up to 12 meters located along the adjacent canal harbor.

This location, surrounded by numerous scenic, cultural, artistic and eno-gastronomic beauties, is a sailors’ paradise. The nearby hills of the natural parks create a mild microclimate and sea and wind conditions that are perfect in every season.

Leonardo Ferragamo

I sincerely thank Leonardo Ferragamo, the Italian entrepreneur in love with sailing at the head of Nautor’s Swan and the entire Boat Show for the great hospitality. The Finnish shipyard, which he acquired together with other investors in 1998, boasts more than half a century of history and experience in building high performance sailing yachts. The Finnish brand is admired and recognized around the globe for the perfect combination of style, quality, performance and great reliability.

Swan Experience partners

Among the partners of the Swan Experience there is also Automobili Lamborghini, present throughout the event with the possibility of carrying out test drives. Other important partners were present: Aon, Banor, Sease, Ferrari Trento, Disaronno, North Sails, Quantum Sails, Garmin, Slow Food Presidium, Michela Nicoli, Bottega Conticelli, Uyn, Rigoni d’Asiago.


Stefano Cigana

Bull Days in a track version


My dream: to realize the Bull Days also during the Super Trofeo races.

A Bull Days in a track version? On Sunday 11 October I concluded my first experience during the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europa races at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit. The emotions I experienced from the starting grid to the pits and all my life around the paddock have already left their mark, further strengthening my sense of belonging to the Sant’Agata brand.

The Squadra Corse department of Automobili Lamborghini is the branch of the Sant’Agata Bolognese company dedicated to motorsport, which was created with the aim of giving maximum support to Automobili Lamborghini sporting customers. This famous and exciting company division, with which I had the pleasure of working, designs and manufactures the cars that compete in the most prestigious GT championships around the world.

Passion, performance and innovation come together perfectly in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, the fastest single-make championship in the world, organized by the Squadra Corse.

A Bull Days in a track version?

Experiencing such a prestigious competition up close gave me a new awareness. Touch the adrenaline rising from the ground, the euphoria that became almost solid, the noise of the engines turn into symphony. All trampling on the same asphalt as the Formula 1 and Moto GP champions convinced me of one thing. Making those who drive a Lamborghini only on the street feel the same sensations could become my new dream.

Since its foundation in 2017, Bull Days, an event dedicated to Lamborghini owners, has always been an exclusive roadshow that has crossed unique and prestigious locations between historic cities and unspoiled landscapes. Crossing and stationing in the shadow of the tower of Pisa, the Piazza del Campo in Siena, the Casino of Montecarlo and other symbolic lifestyle scenarios.

What I’m wondering now is whether a track version of Bull Days can be born, an event capable of taking the Lamborghini brand experience to another level. Drive your Lamborghini along the same track as the most iconic car races, from 24 Hours to Formula 1, hear the echo of motorsport legends and rediscover the passion for speed. All this can be a new and never seen type of Bull Days.

This dream is not so far away, in fact I will continue to follow the Racing Team in the next stage of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, which will be at the Belgian circuit of Spa-Francorchamps at the end of October.

My special thanks go to Mauro Casadei (Squadra Corse – Automobili Lamborghini) for perceiving my attitude to create synergies like this.

We’ll see.



Stefano Cigana