Gunther, the world’s richest dog, buys Nicolas Cage’s private island in the Bahamas

Following the worldwide success of Gunther’s Millions on Netflix, the Gunther Trust’s projects and investments continue: in fact, the webseries concludes with a coming soon by Prof. Mian and Carla to one of Gunther’s formerly owned properties in the Bahamas. The island called Leaf Cay, a private island owned by Nicolas Cage, in addition to diversifying Gunther’s resources, will become an animal welfare center. What does this have to do with me? Obviously I will be in charge of all communication activities. See you on Netflix.

An incredible story broadcast on Netflix

Netflix’s new series, Gunther’s Millions, is unlike any other. Its singular subject matter keeps viewers glued to the screen as they wonder, “Can it get any crazier than this?” And it does.

Images of crowds of fans, world press, celebrity relationships, mega-yachts, supercars, “free love” nightclubs, cult bands, soccer teams, pop star Madonna’s Miami mansion, and, most intriguingly, a 30-year research project on happiness flow by.

Surprisingly, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because Gunther’s story is by no means over.

Gunther’s Millions: sequel kicks off with island in the Bahamas

With the purchase of Nicolas Cage’s paradisiacal island, Mian and the Gunther Trust intend to continue scientific research on happiness, social experiments, and initiatives for the welfare of people and animals, as well as to contribute to the diversification of Gunther’s estate.

What many people don’t know is that as the Gunther Group’s communications consultant, I was the one who presented the island’s strategic plan directly to the professor two years ago. The one that is now turning into reality.

As the custodian of Gunther and his legacy, Dr. Mian in addition to the island in the Bahamas, has now thrown himself headlong into the development of an unprecedented NFT collection that follows the wave of the series, titling it precisely “Gunther’s Rich Dog Collection.”

But the new projects do not end there. In fact, I have received the green light for investments in sports. Motta di Livenza right now would have many opportunities in this regard. I have also recently had proposals to take over sports clubs in the Livenza area. But I honestly think that local management is not yet ready for the entry of big capital.


Stefano Cigana

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