THE LAMBO BOSS: They told me I couldn’t do it.

The book being released exclusively on AMAZON

This is not a book celebrating Lamborghini, it is a cross-section of contemporary, typically Italian society, where enterprising people are fought by any means.

Through this autobiographical narrative I will tell about the dreams, obstacles and triumphs that made me become “the Boss of the Lambo.” It all stemmed from my genuine and visceral passion for the cars of the bull and for the story of Ferruccio Lamborghini. A tenacious passion that had to come to terms with the lights and shadows of the world of supercars and beyond.

I will unveil backstories and uncomfortable truths shedding light on the broader hidden mechanisms that govern the “bel Paese”. Drawing a single conclusion: fighting the bad apples of obstructionism and envy is the only viable road to ensure the real freedom of individuals. Road I decided to take in lambo.

The book, translated into 20 languages, will be available exclusively on Amazon from January 31, 2024.

Copertina libro A4 def - ENG


After the book also ready series on digital terrestrial in 2024.

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