FENICE: Monaco’s leader in major events and luxury

FENICE Principality of Monaco: business intelligence company confirms and consolidates its international asset

FENICE Principality of Monaco has become one of the leading companies in business intelligence, particularly in the field of events and luxury. Founded in Italy in 1998, FENICE is now in the heart of the world’s most famous principality, a strategic flywheel from Monaco to the entire globe. The company has extensive experience in providing high-quality information and business solutions to its clients, ranging from luxury companies to major international events.

The company has developed a strong reputation for its ability to provide clients with accurate and timely information, thanks to its extensive network of contacts around the world. This has enabled FENICE to become a cross-sector leader in the international event and luxury industry.

In recent years, FENICE has attracted the attention of investors for its ability to consolidate the international luxury network. The company has been able to provide information on emerging trends in the luxury world and help its clients capitalize on these trends.

In addition, FENICE has been able to adapt quickly to changes in the market, offering customized business solutions to its clients. This has enabled the company to remain competitive and maintain its leading position in the industry.

With its extensive network of contacts around the world, FENICE is able to generate unique synergies, helping its partners capitalize on emerging trends in the luxury world. The company’s ability to adapt quickly to market changes makes it a forward-looking company of great value to its clients.


The achievements and growing worldwide appeal around the FENICE company is also thanks to its philosophy and credo. “The ability to make things happen” is the key to the success that the FENICE team is achieving.

Making things happen means knowing how to activate highly emotional communication strategies capable, thanks to high-profile networking activities, of amplifying brand awareness by giving great visibility in new product launches in the market.

Knowing how to cultivate and nurture a profitable ecosystem is key to establishing valuable synergies capable of shaping any project. Elevating it on a global scale through existing major media and business devices.

FENICE Principality of Monaco thus covers a strategic role in an operational domain with few competitors that can match its experience and vision.


Stefano Cigana

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