Directing "Bull Days The Legend": the special technical partner edition of "LAMBORGHINI - The man behind the legend," already the 2nd movie on Apple TV USA

The biographical film titled “LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend” has already climbed the U.S. podium as the 2nd most viewed film on the Apple TV platform. A prestigious achievement also possible thanks to the show fueled by Bull Days on the most important day: the World Premiere at Alice nella Città, a section of the Rome Film Festival. Here we walked the Red Carpet alongside Hollywood stars. The special edition named for the occasion “Bull Days The Legend” was able to brand the world premiere of the film dedicated to Ferruccio Lamborghini with its unmistakable style. The iconic story was written and directed by Oscar winner Bobby Moresco, produced by Andrea Iervolino, Monika Bacardi and Lambo Film, in executive by ILBE and Notorious Pictures. Featuring an international cast: Frank Grillo, Mira Sorvino, Gabriel Byrne, Hannah Van Der Westhuy; as well as Italian actors and talent such as Romano Reggiani, Lorenzo Viganò, rapper Clementino, Giovanni Antonacci (son of Biagio Antonacci), Fortunato Cerlino, Francesca Tizzano and Matteo Leone.

The beginning of it all: meeting master Tony Renis

How did it all come about? The first contact I had was with Tony Renis. He immediately confessed to me how great it would be to have a vintage Lamborghini outside the Rome Film Festival for the world premiere of the film “Lamborghini – The man behind the legend.” Bring just one car? I thought, it’s Bull Days or nothing. That’s where the idea of catapulting the film off the screen and organizing the tour around Rome came from. In fact, when I made my proposal to bring the film to life on the streets, it was immediately endorsed by conveying great charge and enthusiasm to everyone.
Meeting Tony Renis was therefore instrumental [as I recounted in the article preceding the event]. Amazing to be in front of a milestone in music history. I would say that in various character aspects we are very similar, and he confirmed that as well. There was an empathy, an immediate chemistry. So much so that I told him, sympathetically, that if the path continues to be this at his age I will be maybe like him. When you are very similar, there is no middle ground. With Tony Renis it was immediately white smoke. It was also the same with the ILBE staff; there was great understanding right away, given past experiences in film production. Andrea Iervolino, Monika Bacardi and the cast, on the other hand, I had the privilege of getting to know them directly on premiere night, loading them one by one into the Bull Days community lambo.

Behind the scenes of a show that made history

Clearly the event was the emotional climax, but the real emotional whirlwind began the moment they said yes to me. This is where Bull Days The Legend began in effect. In just 15 fiery days we organized the unimaginable. The difficult part was that for this special edition we had to bring the historic cars that best represented Ferruccio’s era. After all, what would have been the point of bringing modern ones? But convincing a collector who displays the car practically in his living room, a real museum piece worth millions of euros, to load it onto a car transporter and run it on the sanpietrini of Rome was not easy at all.
Insomnia was a lot. The gathering process started from Udine crossing Italy to Rome. While all this was happening we planned press offices, communications, hospitality and the whole security part. Coordinating with the Rome Police Headquarters to develop the city roadshow in the middle of the city (and on Sunday night with the Roma-Napoli game going on). At that stage I was consumed with tension. I knew we had made it when the State Police Lamborghini drove off, acting as our convoy leader.

They passed the baton of directing to me

After that we arrived at the pickup point where we met the actors and producers. When the production team saw the Lamborghini lineup arrive, they were speechless. That’s when they passed the directing baton to me, Bobby Moresco said, “Great work!” The great strength of Bull Days is this, to be able to create unique things. Parading by seeing St. Peter’s with about 5,000 people waiting for us was indescribable. Like being an actor in the movie without having a part. It was all “good the first” and we didn’t miss a beat.

The film “LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend” takes to the streets

We managed to take the story off the screen, creating a real reality show of the film “LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend”. I felt a bit like Christof on Truman Show, doing the directing not from the moon but from planet Earth with all the issues involved. Like when at the end of the night a small battery drop wouldn’t restart a Miura. It was still a car from the 1960s-that’s how we all in tuxedos started pushing it until it started. It was quite a movie-like skit! The end credits of an absolutely memorable evening.
lamborghini-the-man-behind-the-legend-world-premiere-roma (8)

I like to imagine that Ferruccio Lamborghini guided me from above

To experience so closely and firsthand such a tribute to the legendary Ferruccio Lamborghini was for me the completion of a journey that began as a child. To find myself today being one of the pillars of this event has been something so full that it is difficult to define. In your opinion, what more can I ask for?
With this film was celebrated not only the founder of a brand that produced sports cars, but the man who changed my and Italy’s imagination. In fact, those expecting a film with cars and engines will be surprised. As the title suggests, the film is very introspective and personally helped me discover more about the impetus inside Ferruccio. Making me also discover the figure of Tonino. Really understanding so many things that in the perceivable normality of the news cannot be fully comprehended.

A new milestone for Bull Days

After seven years in the business, to see the brand I created and shaped recognized as the technical partner of the world premiere of this incredible cult-movie is something indescribable. We have written a new chapter, a new level. To walk the red carpet with Hollywood stars is not something that happens every day. Our community has truly passed an evolutionary step. Reaching a pivotal point that we will find in Bull Days between now and 2025.
Bull Days‘ contribution to the success of the film was that it succeeded in conveying the spirit and passion for the bull brand and the story of Ferruccio Lamborghini around the world. By succeeding in bringing it closer to the public, bringing it to all intents and purposes to the streets. Giving new light to an epic that perhaps the collective imagination had not fully understood. Stefano Cigana