Bull Days official partner of “Lamborghini – The Legend”, a film by Oscar winner Bobby Moresco

"BULL DAYS THE LEGEND" parades on the red carpet at the Rome Film Festival: it's already history

This year Bull Days has surpassed itself. Seven editions in a single year and more scheduled capable of going far beyond the roadshow concept. From the world champion ketch NZ Endeavour to the opening of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s Tractor Factory. Bull Days is increasingly a widely recognized international pop phenomenon. It is these latest milestones that made the launch of the special edition “Bull Days The Legend” possible. A selection of historic Lambo cars will parade on the stage of the 17th Rome Film Festival. Accompanying on the prestigious red carpet the world premiere of Bobby Moresco’s film entitled “Lamborghini – The Legend”, a biographical film based on the legendary epic of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Film pierces the screen: unique show that brings the Ferruccio Lamborghini myth to life

A wonderful story about a man obsessed with perfection. It goes back in time, to the fascination of an Italy that no longer exists. Starting with tractors, arriving at the birth of the ingenious cars that later became world famous. A film already ready for success directed by director Bobby Moresco, Oscar winner for the screenplay of “Crash.” Instead, the cast features Frank Grillo as Ferruccio, Mira Sorvino playing Annita, Gabriel Byrne as Enzo Ferrari, and many others. There is also Tony Renis, Lamborghini’s friend, who appears in a cameo, impersonating himself. Giovanni Antonacci, son of singer Biagio, plays the young Renis instead.
Frames from the first film about the founder of the “House of the Bull” will flow mirrored in front of the supercars of the Bull Days Community. A live, absolute show that will bring the legendary Ferruccio to life for one evening. In fact, the world premiere and the special edition signed Bull Days will be attended by many Hollywood stars, actors, celebrities and of course the cast accompanied by the Lamborghini family, the real one. A unique meeting that will see the stars in the spotlight boarding the precious bulls of our community.

Production gives Bull Days a key role

All this will be possible thanks to production, which has recognized Bull Days as an organizing team, tasked with managing the display and movement of the bull cars. Allowing us to participate firsthand in a true historic event, effectively recognizing our staff as the only ones capable of completing the mission to perfection. An important milestone, an obvious consequence of the quality of the work done and many years of experience in organizing Bull Days around the globe. A significant presence ours, during the World Premiere of the first biographical film on the legendary Ferruccio Lamborghini, as part of the “grand finale” of the Rome Film Festival. Not exactly an everyday context.

Synergy with TONY RENIS crucial: toward world premieres in Miami, Dubai and Tokyo

The spark that made this special edition blossom can be attributed first and foremost to Tony Renis, the singer and producer who gave Italian music songs like “Quando quando quando.” It was the maestro himself who chose me, firmly convinced of the impact that the Bull Days Community can make. Thus began in effect a working path with Tony Renis, stage name of the legendary maestro Elio Cesari. Working alongside him is a source of great pride for me.
For Sunday, October 23, the last day of the Rome festival, we are building a real event within the event. A super exclusive show that will further expand the network of Lamborghini collectors to stars and influencers in the entertainment industry. A total experience to touch and experience firsthand the Dolce Vita story and atmosphere filmed in the movie. So this is a relationship of considerable importance, and there is already a future projection on the table toward upcoming presentations in Miami, Dubai and Tokyo.

The Star Party after the film premiere

We conclude by returning to the upcoming Roman event, the screening of “Lamborghini – The Legend” will be followed by a super-restricted, closed-door party. A grand finale with invited top personalities of the star system and of course Tonino Lamborghini with his family. Bull Days is ready to parade in the iconic monumental setting of the Eternal City to leave an indelible mark. STAY TUNED Stefano Cigana