bull days inclusive sailing cup new zealand endeavour

Bull Days Inclusive Sailing Cup: the return of the legend that will circumnavigate Italy touching 3 states

The awakening of the Myth NEW ZEALAND ENDEAVOUR: from the Olympus of Sailing to the inclusive Cup signed Bull Days

The first time I stepped aboard the New Zealand Endeavour, the legendary 1992 class ketch, I knew immediately that something unique was about to happen. An exciting visit to the heart of an absolute icon in the history of sailing. Impossible not to fall in love. We are now developing NZ Endeavour’s next adventure in synergy with the entire Venetia Communication staff and nautical team, to create an unprecedented experience. The name of this adventure is BULL DAYS INCLUSIVE SAILING CUP.

A brand new format that combines the spirit of the typical Lamborghini car owner with that of the sailor. A historic event by sea and land that will bring Bull Days to a real Upgrade level.

1400 miles, 45 days, 7 event-ports, 15 Paralympic athletes, 150 Lamborghinis, endless emotions

Sailing Italy from the Central European city of Trieste to the elegant splendor of the Principality of Monaco, from May 15 to June 24. A journey that is a meeting of cultures, emotions, colors, aromas and flavors. Crossing the Adriatic coast, experiencing the Salento coast of Porto Cesareo, the maritime Sicily of Palermo, the Neapolitan warmth of Naples, the charm of Pisa and Genoa. A unicum full of wonders aligned along the route of social inclusiveness.


bull days inclusive sailing cup new zealand endeavour

The return of a legend

Designed by New Zealand designer Bruce Farr, NZ Endeavour represented the state of the art of offshore sailing. A true concentration of technology.

Built by Marten Marine NZ Shipyard in Auckland, New Zealand, she was officially launched in a grandiose event in Wellington Harbor in November 1992. A true historic event, staged in front of over 30,000 people on the docks, as well as in prime time on the main TV network.

gran dalton new zealand endeavour

A myth entered in the annals by winning the sixth edition (1993/1994) of the Whitbread Round The World Race. A lightning bolt on the surface of the water capable of sailing around the world for 32,000 miles in crewed stages, crossing the finish line in the Maxi Yacht category.

A great victory to which is added a long collection of prestigious successes, from the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race, to the UAP Round Europe and the Fastnet Regatta.

The next chapter of history will be written with the sailing signed Bull Days.


bull days inclusive sailing cup

A Big Event that attracts top partners and puts everyone on the same course

The quality, the social and innovative character of the Bull Days Inclusive Sailing Cup initiative are the main reasons for the great interest and the official validations that are arriving from all over the world.

A wave of enthusiasm confirmed by the numbers. We have obtained the patronage of 9 municipalities and 9 regions, for a “regatta” that will touch 3 states. The appeal is extremely high. In fact, the board is examining requests for partnerships received from numerous companies, organizations and prestigious realities.

The media impact will be sensational, the circumnavigation will be staged on land, at sea and especially online. In fact, the launch of a streaming platform, “Live Sailing”, where it will be possible to follow the Cup in its entirety, is planned. A sporting and emotional spectacle that will be broadcast worldwide and that will join the news spread by all major news channels.



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