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ELETTRA LAMBORGHINI: el resto es nada

I went out with the most beautiful Lamborghini of all. Will we also see it at the Bull Days Luxury Experience?

Now I can say that I have dated the most beautiful Lamborghini of all! A pleasant evening in Monte-Carlo with Elettra Miura Lamborghini. The idol of the Millennials is a genuine girl who has been able to establish herself as a star in the world of music and entertainment. Without ever feeling the “weight” of the famous surname she bears.

Elettra was born under the sign of Taurus: May 17, 1994 in Bologna. Granddaughter of the legendary Ferruccio Lamborghini, founder of the famous car manufacturer, she grew up in luxury and always surrounded by iconic supercars.

elettra lamborghini

Initially, the heiress became known for some sexy shots posted on social. Later, she was talked about for her participation in several reality shows: Super Shore, Mtv Riccanza, Big Brother, Geordie Shore… 2018 is the year of the turning point. He launches “Pem Pem”, a summer hit that immediately gets a great success. The Reggaeton song comes close to 100 million views on YouTube. From that moment on, her artistic career explodes.

She is currently employed by an important record label. Boasting collaborations with top singers such as Myss Keta, Giusy Ferreri and Gué Pequeno. In 2019, she was a judge on The Voice of Italy, experiencing a great media impact. He also participated as a contestant in the 70th edition of the Sanremo Festival.

“Pistolero”, her tormentone inflames the summer of 2021 unleashing young people with a very fresh lash of pop on a Latin beat base.


A viral star with 6.8 million followers

Elettra Lamborghini is certainly an influential figure, always able to win the hearts of new fans. Suffice it to say that in 2020 she was the most searched female character on Google in Italy. With an average of almost 900 thousand searches per month on the browser.

In addition to the unquestionable charm and talent, the main ingredient of her success in the world of entertainment is her character: genuine, friendly and frank. The showgirl from Romagna who likes to call herself “the queen of twerking” is always tuned in to the trends of the moment. Innate glamour, explosive video clips, exaggerated outfits, unmistakable style and sharp statements.

Elettra Lamborghini. All this and more.

Stefano Cigana

elettra lamborghini stefano cigana