Scarpa spa stefano cigana

SCARPA SpA is technical sponsor of Stefano Cigana & Bull Days for an active lifestyle around the world

The partnership with the Venetian company confirms the trend of online sales of shoes: a boom that continues to rise

SCARPA S.p.A. walks with me, becoming my personal technical sponsor and footwear that will be worn during the organization of the Bull Days Luxury Experience. The company located in the Veneto region, which proves to be an emblem of freedom and lifestyle in the outdoors, has identified me as the protagonist of new adventures to be lived at the forefront. The pleasure of wearing its trekking and running shoes will see me immersed in my daily workouts, everywhere, in the most particular and suggestive locations. The products of the Scarpa brand will also be able to fully experience the authentic way of life of the owners and collectors of the bull’s dream cars, standing at the foot of the Bull Days crew.

SCARPA: authentic emotions since 1938

Sustainability, Care, Air, Respect, Performance, Authenticity. These are the words that make up the acronym, the unmistakable value mark of Scarpa S.p.A.. The company was founded back in 1938 and has always been projected into the future: walking, running and climbing are the cardinal points of a true philosophy of life.

Extreme comfort, high performance, maximum durability and burning passion are the main features of the Asolo brand’s products, dedicated to all sportsmen and enthusiasts. The entire work team moves in sync with the research and development department. Studying and shaping the most effective forms, perfecting excellence day after day are the common goal.

Scarpa S.p.A. is a company that has the environment and the outdoors in its DNA. An eco-sustainable lifestyle, sporty and active, but at the same time able to slow down the pace to enjoy the pleasure of walking and contemplating the landscape.


Having Scarpa as my technical sponsor goes beyond a mere commercial operation, becoming instead the perfect opportunity to unite the intentions in front of a challenge shared by all free spirits.

Wearing Scarpa during the organization and surveys of the Bull Days Tuscany Reloaded will be just the startpoint for extreme adventures and daily training in some of the most captivating natural and urban places on the planet.

I will be equipped with a sports line that will support me as a true partner, ally and cornerstone in every effort as in every goal. Dedication and determination are the levers that I have always used along the path I have decided to follow and from today I will do so wearing Scarpa.

This partnership, a source of pride for me, is also conducive to increasing my personal branding. But why did the Asolo brand, whose Ambassadors include many professional runners, athletes and mountaineers, choose me?


When you put your heart and mind into what you do, when you perfect yourself day after day to push your limits, that’s when victory becomes a simple consequence. This belief, fully espoused by the Scarpa brand, is the same one I personally cultivate. The shared belief was definitely a key point in the development of this synergy, but not the only one.

My person is increasingly becoming a recognized brand.

Why? What do I represent?

The image and action of the typical self-made man, a person on the borderline between the standard roles of manager and creative person who makes the desire to go beyond an unavoidable dogma. I consider the coexistence in me of passion, sport attitude and luxury lifestyle as the element that distinguishes me. Capable of capturing Scarpa’s attention, to the point of giving new perspectives to the brand and the renewal of the company’s values.



Being aware on both fronts that adopting a creative strategy, capable of increasing the perceived value of the brand and converting it into sales, is the fundamental action to be taken alongside the opening of an e-commerce site.

We know how the value of a product goes beyond mere materiality and functionality, since it is a condensation of values, stories and experiences. A SCARPA product is much more than just a shoe. Telling these stories and emotions is the task of storytelling, an essential tool to trigger the mechanism of identification with the product that anticipates the final purchase. Today, these strategies travel on the web and it is impossible to ignore them.


We’re talking here about dynamics that are taking shape at this very moment in history when all companies are pursuing a frantic race towards online commerce and digitalization.

The recent +82% in online sales of the giant Nike is irrefutable proof of this. A figure emblematic of how consumer trends are significantly moving in this direction.

Online sales, combined with product quality and performance are also a feature of GP Store, a shop already present in Panama, Colombia and Guatemala. Now also available in an online marketplace version, dedicated to the motorsport world, for all of Latin America. In which, together with my partners, I started selling the collections of the top brands of Formula 1, Moto GP and the entire universe of engines.

Having an efficient e-commerce, based on an innovative communication strategy, goes beyond the concept of trend, becoming a fundamental necessity to survive and grow in the current and future market.

Stefano Cigana

Scarpa spa stefano cigana