Motta Sport 2023: Spot and Dossier for the European title race

On Tuesday evening the dossier for the candidacy of “Motta di Livenza European Municipality of Sport 2023” was presented at a press conference. The Official Spot was also unveiled and immediately received the approval and enthusiasm of the Municipal Council. For Motta Sport 2023, in addition to the Spot and the Dossier, docufilms dedicated to the various sports associations of the Mottense pole will also be produced in the coming months.

Sport, tourism and culture will be the cornerstones for reaching the prestigious European title at the Aces headquarters in Brussels. The association that since 2001 has delivered the prizes for European Capital, City, Community and Sports Municipalities.

The official spot: over 12,000 views in less than 24h

Two minutes capable of recounting the emotions, commitment and the most authentic values that animate Mottense athletes. The official video has the merit of having brought a new optimism, great energy and energy for participation in the title of European Municipality of Sport.

Motta di Livenza can in fact count on numerous important sports clubs, which have also established themselves at national and international level. The goal is, however, to give the right space to all sports associations by elevating the very concept of Sport to an inalienable good that belongs to everyone.


Sport is increasingly becoming an indispensable element both for the social and psycho-physical development of each individual.

Social integration, improvement of the quality of life and health, a sense of real well-being, all ingredients for achieving happiness.

These are the values that Venetia Communication has decided to follow in the three-year development plan on a global scale.

A great synergy to enhance the territory and develop innovative projects

Motta Sport: Spot and Dossier but also important synergies. In addition to the Mottense area, the Veneto Region and the Province of Treviso also joined together to support the ambitious European project.

Sports, landscape and historical heritage come together in a perfect mix. This is the strong point to make the potential of the area known also at an international level.

The characteristics of Motta di Livenza, between eco-sustainable tourism and historical assets to be enhanced, combined with the birth of the Motta Sport program, is attracting the interest of numerous entrepreneurs and companies.

The Liventine town fascinates not only for its atmosphere and strategic position, but also for the possibility of becoming a new hub for innovative business forms.

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Stefano Cigana